Same Birth Chart, Different Birth Dates

There are times when the Birth Chart (numbers in locations I to R) is inadequate to provide extra details to distinguish unique traits among people born on the same day. Then again, a person with identical birth chart might not necessarily be born on the same day too. That makes it a challenge to profile as we need to factor in the seasonal influences of that period.

A person born on 11/8/1940 would have a similar birth chart as another person born on 2/8/1994 or 29/8/1967. In theory, they all have similar vibes, which sounds great and easier for profiling. However, in a practical sense, they’re not alike, which makes it even more confusing, profound, and complex.

We know the energies in 1967 are not the same as the one in 1994 or 1931 – these people are born in different generations, and are influenced by the ‘external happenings‘ around that period. In many ways, the periodic vibes coming from the Century and Year energies does play a crucial part in influencing a person, and including the economic, social, and financial status in a country. I’ll provide more insights in the FEN WORKSHOP class on how this Century vibes (like 18xx, 19xx, 20xx, 21xx) could influence the environment and people.

And for now, let’s say we have three charts of people with similar charts – Peter (29/8/1967), John (2/8/1994), and Henry (11/8/1940). I’ll share some general characteristics that might be inhibited or displayed by them.

The 1-5-6-2-7-9 could imply a prudent, thrifty, or stingy person, who will often weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to spend the money on others. Henry would be 77-years old this year, and at his age, he might be willing to spend money on others without hesitation since he knows that happiness, and health is more important than wealth. John, at 23 years old, is still at a young age and focused on building up his career. He would be more prudent and thrifty because he needs to save up the money for further study. On the other hand, he could be frugal with food, but willing to spend lavishly on gadgets or spending holidays abroad. Peter, at 50 years old, is more cautious of what he’s spending. His career is slightly over the peak, but with his vast experience, knowledge, and skill sets, he would be more confident of what he’s spending on. More often than not, he has the means to prioritise his spending and investments. He knows money well-spent can be earned back.

The 2-7-9 is about friendships, companions, and attractions. John might be willing to spend money with female friends, as an act of showing off, or to socialise as much as he could. Henry’s focus might be more on companionship instead. Peter might be willing to splurge the money on social networking, his Wife, female relatives, or at extreme cases, girl friends. All three of them, regardless of their age, has to think twice before spending on others, as there might be cases of being taken advantage of by others, or indulging on external affairs.

On health’s side, there is a high risk of getting diabetes. John feels he is still young, and needed not to worry over his health – he has the “cannot be bothered now”mindset. Peter is more conscious of his health and understands the impact and consequences – a “need to remind myself” feeling. Henry might be more relaxed and not too overly worried over his health – a “enjoy life to its fullest while you can” attitude. This year, there are strong sexual tendencies with multiple 3s in the PY2017 chart. Whether Peter, Henry, or John could still enjoy a “sextisfying” moments with others, mainly depends on their sexual abilities, libido strength, and who their companions are. Whatever it is, all three of them have to be mindful of the influencing and/or imposing energies coming in next year. John might feel tired and exhausted. Peter might feel some tension, ache, and chest pain. Henry, on the other hand, might suffer from worsening health and like having heart attack or cardiac arrest, or breathlessness or stroke-like symptoms, if he doesn’t take good care of his health now.

Career-wise, and with the “making money” opportunities in sight, Henry might job-hop around. Peter might see a better career growth, like promotions and getting bonuses. He needs to ensure he is financially wealthy when he retires. John, at his prime age, is not overly concerned about the career path. He might be pursuing social activities just to pass the time. All three have tough “fighting spirit,” intuitive, and have firm gut feelings. However, the perfectionist traits are present, and these could drive them crazy by becoming too workaholic and easily feeling stressed up unnecessary, especially for John and Peter.

All three of them have the numbers 2-8-1-4 present in locations, I-J-K-L of their birth charts. What I have described about Henry, Peter, and John, does not necessarily imply they would exhibit such traits as individually described as my focus is more about general comparison of three people with same birth chart.

Whatever it is, they have the luck to grow their wealth at a faster rate than others. Whether they eventually maintain or increase their financial wealth is entirely up to them, including their attitudes towards family responsibilities. Oh, they need to inculcate good moral principles due to higher sexual needs, especially this year.

Profiling can be fast and easy once you’ve built the right EON knowledge; be able to visualise how the interactions among the elements and numbers could evolve during its influencing stage; and know when to manifest the positive energies at an opportune time. You will learn these steps and more, in the coming FEN WORKSHOP session in two weeks’ time, on 28-29 October 2017.

Register now, and be on your way to become a better profiling and life coach professional.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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