Why the 2796 numbers?

 “I have recently completed reading your book and amazed by its accuracy. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.”

That’s what Douglas wrote. His email was among the many emails I’ve received on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, my book, the articles on this web-blog, and my EON workshops.

Douglas wrote, “I noticed your email has a 4-digit number: 2796. May I know what number is it?” Douglas was not the only person who noticed the “2796” numbers in my email account. Anyway, I told Douglas I might as well shared the meanings with everyone here.

I created the email account with the 2796 suffix when I first started learning the Power of Numbers (PON) method from Dr Oliver Tan. If you’ve read my book or attended the PON courses, the basic meaning for 2796 is [Talk-Supporter-Success-Money]. I thought that was inspiring as it would come handy as an “attractor factor” for me to manifest on the positive energies to complete my first self-published book project “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

Having a good-sounding set of numbers is not enough. Yes, the energies may be manifested but if you sit down, fold your arms, and do nothing about it, the energies would just flow away quickly. You need to take action. I’m glad I did. I started this web-blog by posting articles with useful tips and information, to complement my book. Some associates remarked it was foolish of me to post the useful articles on my site. The feeling of “To Teach is To Learn Twice” was just too strong for me to think about their comments. I’m glad the “foolish” remarks have not caused me to stray from my goals. Perhaps it was because of the “Sun Tzu” genes in me, since my family name in Chinese (in hanyu pinyin) is “Sun”.

Thankfully, my passion to share my discoveries on EON drives me ahead. My relentless effort paid off as more people knows about EON. It was worth the effort as I could see many people improving their lifestyle after learning EON. In turn, they could helped others to improve their lives too. What goes around comes around.


Soon, the numbers 2796 took on a different meaning for me. These included the [Communicate-Community-Success-Stability] meaning which implies the need for me to share my knowledge and experiences with the EON community; and to inspire successful life-changing goals among its members, based on the foundational principles and essence of the Five Elements Numerology method. In a mouthful, that’s my mission statement.

You may have some numbers in the prefix or suffix of your email account. It doesn’t matter what it means to others as long as you know its significance. Every set of numbers has its own meanings and interpretations. It’s up to you to manifest on its energies. Beyond that initial manifestation, most of the “you reap what you sow” vibes come from your knowledge, habits, perspectives, thoughts, and your actions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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