Beyond Intuitions & the Third Eye

These days, it’s easy for us to check on the issues happening to celebrities and politicians at Wikipedia and other online sites. These people lived a different social lifestyle from the ordinary people. These people should take extra care of their health. Otherwise, the tendency signs on health symptoms are more “obvious and real”, a result of their public status and stressful social lifestyle.

What about the ordinary people who lives a different social lifestyle from the celebrities and politicians? It’s easier for the ordinary people to take charge of their health by adjusting and adapting their social lifestyle, without worrying about “public” face-saving reactions, and fearing of unfounded reports in the news and social media.

How can we help these ordinary people who have nothing to show off or named in social, technology, business, and public awards?


The first step is to gather the statistics for research. As ordinary people do not have their life histories chronologically stated in Wikipedia, it is even more challenging to identify tendency signs leading to specific issues. Few people responded to my request for sample birth dates of people they know who have special traits mentioned in Page 267 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

Thankfully one of these few people who took the initiative is Natalie (not her real name) who recently bought my book. According to her, she has a friend (let’s call her Cindy) who has strong “spiritual visual senses” and could “communicate” with the spiritual deities at a local temple.  Natalie asked if she could use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to explain Cindy’s traits and behaviours, and whether it’s possible to identify “spiritual senses” pattern in EON.

Natalie can always practise on the techniques I’ve described in my book to profile Cindy’s traits and behaviours. She can also check on the various articles I’ve posted here for more information to improve her profiling skills.

Although there are no definite answers, I’m able to identify patterns that pointed to some tendency signs of “spiritual senses” from my research findings. I made the accidental discovery at a social gathering after publishing my book. Some friends provided their birth dates, including their kids who could also see the spiritual beings. After doing more case studies and associating them to the elements and numbers, I noticed similar patterns. I did not continue to find out if the person could only hear, feel, or see; and have no current plans to do further research on this sensitive topic.

Anyway, I’ve also shared my discoveries, including revealing the number pattern, to all the participants who attended my EON workshop sessions. For the rest of you, I hope to have your kind understanding. I’m not comfortable to reveal the tendency pattern here as it’s a sensitive sign. It could create misinterpretations and implications, and could cause unnecessary “frightening” worries to others. Sharing the tendency pattern in a controlled-environment is more proper. You could make it a point to attend my next EON Workshop once I’ve confirmed the schedule. You’ll learn about the trait patterns on spiritual senses and other traits.

Let’s look at Cindy’s EON chart. Yes, the tendency signs of “spiritual senses” are present.

Cindy’s Personal Year (PY) 2010 chart shows she was experiencing a “Double Effect” year in 2010. This implied all vibes (positive and negative) could have manifested “stronger than usual” in that year. Her spiritual senses were strong too.

[Note to EON Workshop participants: Check the number pattern I’ve shared with you at the workshop. Identify her spiritual senses for 2011 as well from her Birth and PY2011 charts, using the multilayer techniques I’ve shared with you.]

If the tendency sign of spiritual senses are present, we cannot assume the person could sense or feel its presence, or have a close encounter of the “third eye” kind. The numbers are just signals and provide tendency signs. Eventually, it’s up to the person’s physical and mental health that control their senses.

It’s widely reported that when a person is down (low in morale, mood, health, etc), they’re easily exposed to such negative feelings. When a person is down, their immunities (body, mental, spirit) tend to be low. These could have affected their thoughts and moods, and in some ways, making them more receptive to negative vibes. Anyway, it’s still subjective and debatable observations.

If the spiritual signs are present at certain locations of the birth chart, the “inner senses” could be inborn. We can say the person is more receptive to the spiritual senses. Now, you can still sense or feel it if the signs are not present in your birth chart, but present in your Personal Year chart. Isn’t that scary, then?

Every one of us do have intuitive feelings and sixth sense. Occasionally, the intuitive feelings could be spiritual and uncomfortable. There could be past incidents when you stepped into a place, and just don’t feel right. For some of you, it’s a sign you should get out of the place quickly especially when you’d the goose bump on your hands. To others, it could just be the atmosphere, chillness, or sudden gust of wind that “influenced” your thoughts and manifested the negative “fearsome” feelings. Fortunately for some people, they could not feel any “spiritual senses” when they entered a place where spiritual experts would claimed as having “too much Yin negative energies”.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), improving the total wellness of a person is not just of the body, but of the mind and spirit as well. If your spiritual senses are high, work on improving your inner Chi (Qi) energies. There could be deficiency in certain body organs causing imbalanced energies in your body. Harmonising the energies would increase the wellness level. If your job requires paranormal involvement, it’s equally important to maintain total wellness.


Try to manifest on the positive thoughts. Learn Tai-Chi, QiGong, meditation, or similar exercises. Work on tasks that could improve your physical and mental wellness. All these could help you control your state of mind, and the spiritual senses. Even if you can feel it or aware of its presence, you can still control your thoughts and focus on other positive and happy areas.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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