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At the recent 3rd EON Workshop on 26 Nov 2011, one lady participant asked if she could change job next year. I was then sharing the methods to identify the Career element to the class when she posted the question in class as case study. I then elaborated how I analyse her Career element and the tendency vibes.

Although her Career element was not present next year, it doesn’t necessary mean that her career would be stagnant, or there’d not be any impact on her career for next year. I plotted her PY2011 chart and noticed the Career element was present, including the tendency signs of her career vibes. True enough, she was already thinking of a career change. I also mentioned she could focus on overseas customers or possible online business as the vibes are present in her PY2012 chart.  According to her, she had similar intent in mind. She could be enjoying the manifestations of the positive vibes which are “in sync” with her positive thoughts.


In an earlier article, I mentioned Tiger Woods’ career may turn around from as early as late 2012 if he could focus on his golf swings. According to this Yahoo article, Woods could have ended a 2-year “drought that once would have seemed inconceivable.” Winning the game is a positive sign towards success in his golf career. He still has to persistently focus on his golf swings as the “glorious winning status has not arrived yet.” After all, it’s just one game.

The year 2011 has a “Double Effect” on him, causing the “Double Whammy” vibes to manifest early this year.  It’s good he could still feel some of the “Double Blessing” positive vibes now as the vibes in his PY2012 chart shows sign of “stressing” pressure from his supporters and sponsors. He could also face “stressing” challenges and stumbling blocks from his competitors in 2012.

He could have adopted the right approach now to focus on his game, but it’s just the start of a long journey to regain the success. He needs to focus and control his moody swings if he intend to win back the support of his fans and sponsors. There is also an “inner-self-battle” he needs to fight – the subconscious battle of his head (focus on his career) against his heart (restoring the sensual needs).

The signs of the numbers present in his PY2013 chart look promising for his career and wealth as long as he could persistently put aside the “sensual swinging” thoughts. The emotional swings could be high and it could affect his “financial pockets” once success rules his head, leading to greed. Putting in efforts to more humanitarian or charitable acts would benefits him too. On the health side, he needs to work on improving his immune and cardiovascular health conditions, including drinking enough water to minimise heat-related problems.

Once you know how to identify the Career element, and the method to identify the strength of its vibes, you can take charge to improve your current career development path.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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