On Jasper’s Trapped Emotions

I met a friend, Jasper recently, who was really energetic and excited when he realised I’m the person behind the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.  Our conversation covers many topics, and finally it’s about profiling his birth chart.

Jasper was knowledgeable in Chinese Metaphysics systems like Feng Shui and Bazi, but knew little about my EON method. We started out by plotting his birth date using the BaziCalc+ (Android) software, which included the unique 5th pillar chart. I developed the BaziCalc+ (Android) in 2014 but stopped midway due to other priorities, which explained why the software was not released for retail. Jasper was excited when he saw the 5th pillar, and started to understand the situations around him, and why it happened. That’s because in the common Bazi chart, there are only four key pillars. I learned the 5th pillar method around 2005, and have included them in the BaziCalc (Palm), BaziGua (Palm), and other titles too. The 5th pillar is useful for several purposes. One of them is to identify new clues on a person’s  characteristics, including their subconscious and inner-self.

Many FengShui practitioners and students around the world, have been using my Chinese Almanac (Palm) and Hsia-Cal (Palm) between 2004- 2010 because of its unique features available, which also included the 5th pillar. These empower them to specify the best optimal time – within seconds – to perform Feng Shui remedies, based on a 10-minute period rather than the traditional 2-hour time frame. The weather can change drastically within a 2-hour range, and the energy levels and elemental interactions could change varying. That was why these practitioners have an added advantage when they used my software tools, since they could narrow down the ideal time to a shorter 10-minute time frame. I also told Jasper about my 6th pillar that got some Bazi practitioners excited some years back, after I showcased and plotted their charts. Maybe it might be timely for me to consider resuming my development work on BaziCalc+ (Android) software tool.

In any case, the purpose of today’s article is not to discuss on the relevance of the 5th pillar, but about Jasper’s trapped emotions, and how or why it happened.

Let’s look at Jasper’s EON Chart. With the number 5 exhibiting traits of its neighbouring numbers, the 3-5-8 in locations N-O-P could change into 3-3-8 or 3-8-8 – these are all of FIRE elements. That is one reason why Jasper is really energetic and excited, and creates a warmly presence whenever he’s around in a room. Like both the Yin Fire (3) and Yang Fire (8), Jasper can take in the lights (of knowledge and spiritual insights) quickly and understanding them. Like what he told me during our conversation, “Now I don’t know, but when I turned my back around, I’d know.”  That implies he is a quick-learner. And that got me to analyse his smart genes…

I told Jasper he had the book-smart genes, and the likelihood he could excel in his studies when young. On the contrary, Jasper said that he was weak and slow in his studies, and did not get good academic results. Like what I’ve always shared with my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, there have to be one or more contributing factors regarding a person’s inability to study, when their book-smart genes are strongly manifested when young.

How’s your relationship with your dad? Was it very emotional?” I inquired. Jasper hesitated, and then remarked he was always not on good terms with his dad. We could connect the number 4 in H2 location as emotional, nagging about making plans, mood swing, wavy and uncertainty. In the field of Transactional Analysis, good communication revolves around the adult-adult ego states. In Jasper’s case, it was a “Critical Parent – Rebellious Childego state situation. Jasper was defiant and always wanted things to be done, his manner. The 1-1-1 in locations I-J-K in his birth chart depicted an independent but strong rebellious leader, a strong-headed and easily distracted, but yet responsible person. I told Jasper one probable reason why he couldn’t study when young is not because he couldn’t study, but rather, he refused to study. It was an act of rebellion against his dad. Over time, this experience turned into a trapped emotion to him. Jasper could learn and understand new knowledge fast after he started working, and even until today. If he believes he is not smart, then he’d still not be able to learn new knowledge at a rapid, wild-fire speeds today. That means Jasper has the book-smart genes when young, and the street-smart genes elsewhere in his chart. The issue here is, Jasper refused to study as he believed he could anger his parents by being rebellious.

When a person has trapped emotions, it could stay hidden unknowingly all the time, until they release it. It could create emotional blockage that prevented a person from pursuing certain things due to past resentment or ‘fear and flight’ tendencies. Hence, it’s better for Jasper to learn to let go of past bitterness, to forgive and accept his dad, and to strengthen their relationship, if his dad is still around today. When the trapped emotions are released, the person would suddenly feel different, happier, and even more positive and focused.

There are so much I could profile and relate Jasper’s personality to his EON Chart. Like his relationship with his mom – perhaps another trapped emotion too. Or, why he was frequently having unclear and confused state of the intellect, besides the stubbornly nature. And why he was facing certain situations this year due to his Double-Effect Year vibes.

While Jasper readily acknowledged most of what I’d told about him, there was one thing that both of us have come to a conclusion – the Elements of Numbers (EON) method can be used alongside with Bazi profiling, as both enabled the reader to retrieve unique clues to a person’s characters and life-path tendencies. And learning the EON method is faster, easier, and less confusing than Bazi’s “clash and combine interactions” and other symbolic stars.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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