Double-Effect vibes on Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng

I’ve mentioned about the implications and possible outcomes of the DOUBLE EFFECT vibes, a terminology that I’ve used in my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” This implies when the M-to-R location of a person’s chart is similar to the same location of their Periodic chart,  the person is said to have a Double Effect (DE) Year.

When a person is noted to face a DE year, both beneficial and unfavourable vibes are amplified and manifested. When a beneficial vibe becomes doubled, it might create stronger positive energies to increase a person’s luck. Still, in some cases, the stronger-than-usual vibes might have consequences when unneeded as it could otherwise create an unbearable or overwhelming effects on the person. Similarly, when unfavourable vibes becomes doubled, the negative effects are proportionately doubled. When the positive vibes is felt and needed, the person is in a better position to take charge, carry out their actions, and achieve what they hope for. When the negative vibes is felt instead, it could involve the person’s mental, emotion, physical, and body states. In many instances, the person’s health would be affected.

In my FEN WORKSHOP classes, I’ve shared with students on the expansion of the DE effect on charts besides the Personal Year (PY) Chart. We could also utilise it for two or more people included in the Relationship / Compatibility (R/C) Chart. Consider the case of Andy Hui and his wife Sammi Cheng’s R/C chart. If you noticed from the “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2019),” both Andy and Sammi are facing a Double-Effect Relationship Year.

According to this online article, Andy was filmed kissing another actor’s girlfriend in a car. Yet, in another separate article, the benevolent and strong-willed wife of Andy, Sammi was quoted to have said, “Marriage Also Encompasses Mistakes And Forgiveness Towards Each Other.

Let’s look at Andy and Sammi’s R/C chart again. We could interpret the 2-6-8-5-1-6 pattern in M-to-R location of the chart, as [Talk/Discuss – Money/Family/Love – Stress/Responsibility – obstacles/Challenges – individualism – Family Commitment]. What it means is that while both Andy and Sammi could have shared goals on their marriage, there could be challenges (and stressing moments) in their relationship in deciding how they’d commit themselves to maintain a happy marriage.

The number 8 is all about family commitment and responsibility, and facing stressing moments – like frequent disagreements and squabbles. And when the same 2-6-8-5-1-6 pattern also appears in their “Compatibility Year Chart ” (PY2019),” it brings about extra stressing signs for them. Andy’s transgressions create more tensions on their relationship.

Sammi is a strong-willed (with multiple number 1s), perfectionist, introvert-like, self-centric, and a disciplinary person in nature, unlike her public role as a “CantoPop” singer and artiste. It’d be beneficial for Sammi to exercise calmness and resolute, as otherwise, the emotional suicidal thoughts could be damaging to her mental state. Andy, on the other hand, is more of a social, extrovert, outgoing, and sexual (multiple 3s) person. If he truly loves Sammi and is sincere in his apologies towards his wife, he should take this as a “wake-up” call to stay within the non-transgression boundaries.

The R/C Code suggests the need for them to plan and talk over their differences – how they could face challenges and obstacles – and working on them as opportunities to achieve the success they need; as married couple; and to sustain interest from their fans and supporters. Individually, Andy’s Annual Code (PY2019) is suggesting the need to plan how he could confront the challenges and obstacles (his transgressions); discuss them with his wife in an amiably manner, and how they could focus on their passions and future plans together.

Sammi’s Annual Code (PY2019) is about the need to be humble and caring; to consider her family; to face the hurt and mistakes from Andy; and to strengthen the loving bonds and passions with him. In fact, that what’s Sammi is doing currently in forgiving Andy for his transgressions.

The EFV (R/C) flow is suggesting that both Andy and Sammi could focus on (again) having a common discussion about their marriage commitments, musical talents, and how they could create a formidable singing team for the benefits of their supporters, and their love bonds together. They should abstain from making too many plans, and seldom carrying them out due to dynamic changes in the music/acting media industries. Otherwise, it could produce more emotional tensions and quarrelsome vibes on them. The EFM Flow on their R/C chart is similar to their EFV Flow. That means, focusing on their talents (writing, singing, acting) and work as a team to bond their strengths as a formidable couple.

I’ve shared many other remedial methods in FEN WORKSHOP classes, that can be used to dilute the negative vibes in a person’s life path or during an annual year. These methods are as an upshot of years of research, knowledge, and experience gained. You can learn many applicable methods at my FEN Workshop classes.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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