Final Number?

Someone searched for “Final Number” some time back, and I don’t have any clue to its meaning or significance. That’s because in my Elements of Numbers (EON) method, there isn’t any “final number” at all.

I’m not sure if the ‘final number’ is shared at the UCMHP courses. I’ve known Dr Bernard personally around 2007 or so. While we share a common goal and discussed basic profiling observations, we eventually focused on our individual unique and enhanced method of profiling, based on our personal research findings and experiences. This means we have our extended methods. In my case, the Elements of Numbers (EON) are mainly based on my knowledge, understanding, and application use of various Chinese Metaphysics methods. Which is why I could easily analyse a chart that’s different from the way trainers conducting other methods, does – which is about basic numerology and number patterns. Furthermore, I do share examples of new discoveries and briefly explained the extended methods in many of my articles, and I don’t recall seeing Dr Bernard (and other trainers from LifeQuest, etc.) posting articles on their own extended methods publicly.

Presumably, if the “final number” is about the Y+Z location of a UCMHP Chart, then it’s best to seek more answers from Dr Bernard himself, since he’s the one who formulated the chart, and would be in a better position to advise correctly.

Unless the user who searched for “final number” could email me with more details, let’s put the speculations aside. Instead, let me share my views from a neutral, unbiased perspective. To define a location in the numerology chart as a “final number” is preposterous, especially if it’s about the last number that suggest end-of-life (EOL) meanings. We have heard about people with near-death experience (NDE); people certified dead by Doctors, but yet woke up after a while; people in a coma for years but yet woke up many years later – all these people have passed through periods of time, and by then, their annual or periodic charts could have changed. So how do we define the “final number” for this exceptional or isolated group of people? Now, how do we apply the ‘final number’ on a country (that existed for centuries) or a company (for stocks investment)?

Maybe the final number is not about death but something else. Maybe it’s about our last destination checkpoint, like what we might achieve or inhibit during the last stage or chapter of our life.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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