No Missing Number: Perfectionist?

Sometime back, one FEN student posted in the FEN COMMUNITY (FC) WhatsApp chat group, of Celine’s EON Birth Chart, and wrote, “Can I inquire if one person has missing numbers, what does it mean?

Two FC members commented:

  • Must improve on the positive energy of the missing numbers;
  • Is he/she considered as a perfectionist?

In theory, no missing numbers mean the person doesn’t have to work too hard to get things done. Even so, that’s only on the mindset and attitude of the person. In reality, the person might get complacent and reactive, and assumed things would get done or settled for them. It’s like driving along a long straight road (like a highway with light traffic) on cruise mode.

In today’s context, it’s like you are riding in an automated car – trusting the mechanics and effectiveness of the car, and expecting you’ll reach your destination safely without keeping an eye diligently on the road. As most drivers would know, driving on a long, straight road is unsafe as the chances of falling asleep while driving, or taking extended 40-winks might pose problems, including being accident-prone. Suppose there are potholes, stones, dead animals, and foreign objects on the road – you might not have time to divert. Or when you’re awoken by the sudden bumps, you swerved the car abruptly and hit the car on the next lane. I’m not sure automatic cars are planned to detect foreign objects, oil spills, and small dead animals (including kittens and birds) on the road, and would it stop and move to next lane safely. When an accident occurred, you dropped the opportunity to reach your destination safely and on time; you’re late for your meeting with a potential investor or customer; you’re late for your exams, and so on. And you require to service your car afterwards – extra money and time lost, because of your assumptions and complacency. In short, it’s all about “Slow Reactions and Missed Opportunities”

When there is one or more missing number, these imply there is an insufficiency or lack of energies in the areas related to the elements and numbers – the body, health, and mental. It means you need to take extra effortto harmonise the weak energies – for better and positive mind-set. This implies you have to be alert and attentive, and recognise opportunities when it comes along. Or to ensure you get to your destination safely, and early. It’s like driving on a curved road, a hilly road, a road with many cross junctions and traffic lights, an oil-spilled road, or a rocky road. You have to be alert at all times, watch out for the obstacles, and maneuvers your way safely. And your car is nonetheless, in good driving condition. In profiling context, you recognised situations early, and grabbed the opportunities faster, and you could gain greater success. In short, it’s all about “Proactive Responses and Creating Opportunities.”

Let’s look at Celine’s birth chart. There is no number displayed on the “Missing Number” section – this means Celine has no missing numbers.

If you’re new to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you might want to check out or purchase my EON book titled “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for details on plotting the chart, and identifying the missing numbers.

While Celine is still young, I hope her parents would inculcate positive family values and good upbringing, and guide her to manage her emotions, fears, tempers, isolations, stubborn, reckless, and greed. And communicate with her in an adult-adult ego state (as in Transactional Analysis) to allow her to share her thoughts and perspectives freely with her parents. Her parents should also inculcate in her on the habits of prioritisation, and taking proactive actions to carry out her plans. And of course, to prepare her to identify opportunities and the silver linings in very dark clouds and the obstacles that came along.

I noticed the 4-5-9-5-4-9 pattern in M-N-O-P-Q-R locations in her chart. You might want to click here to check out my articles posted previously on potential behaviours and characteristics of a person with similar 4-5-9-5-4-9 or 5-4-9-4-5-9 patterns. Celine is not a perfectionist by nature, but more of a risk-taker.

I’ve shared with my students at past FEN WORKSHOP classes on how to identify the Book-smart and Street-smart traits, which can be very handy for parents with schooling-kids. This is to allow them to see if their kids do have such smart genes at an early age, and in specific locations on the chart; and to take proactive actions to encourage their kid to perform well, to the best of the kid’s abilities. Celine has both the book-smart and street-smart traits. That is a good signal for her parents, and they should not force here to study hard to pass the exams with flying colours. They should not be a disciplinary parent, like a tiger-mum or lion-dad, so to speak, and demand Celine to focus to a greater extent on her academic studies than character building.

In Singapore, every young kid has to take the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) in Primary 6, usually at 12-years old. Besides sharing the book-smart and street-smart traits, it’s equally important to plot the kid’s Personal Year (PY) Chart, to determine if these smart-genes are present during that year when they take their PSLE – the PY2024 Chart, in Celine’s case. Irrespective of whether a kid has the street-smart and/or book-smart, or none at all at their early age; when such smart-genes are present in the PY chart of their exam year, they are said to have the favourable and beneficial smart-genes luck helping them. In Chinese Metaphysics like Bazi, we could relate them as “Heavenly Helper (guìrén)” or “Nobleman Luck.”

There are many more extended techniques shared at my FEN WORKSHOP classes. Some of these include the Pinnacles and Challenges (like actions needed to harmonise), Life Force Energies (like knowing the energetic levels), the EFV and EMF flows (like identifying behavioural trends), Qi Tapping (for maximising energies to create better wealth and opportunities). In addition to the FEON+ software (given free), students are also given a customised Excel worksheet file with various EON charts plotted, the 9-Year Luck Cycle table, the Life Force, and the Biorhythm charts of the person. While the FEON+ software is presently meant for Android-OS smartphones only, students can access the customised Excel file to plot the EON charts with extra charting views, as mentioned earlier, on their smartphones, PCs, and devices, (like iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets, PC/MAC) once they’ve the relevant Microsoft Excel software or mobile app installed.

You’ll receive the same FEON+ (Android) and the customised Excel worksheet file when you registered and attended the 8th FEN WORKSHOP class. And you’re automatically added to the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group where you can continue your profiling lessons, share case study observations and tips, and discuss other profiling techniques with fellow students, and me.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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