Mahathir and Anwar: Malaysia Boleh (Can)?

I noticed there were searches on “Malaysia” and “Mahathir” on this site early this week. “Hmm, do these people receive the sudden urge to find out about Malaysia and the current PM, from an EON perspective? Whatever the true intents are, perhaps I might as well share my profiling observations here,” I said to myself.

I believe there are many articles posted or shared by other trainers on Malaysia, Dr Mahathir, and even Anwar. And it doesn’t make sense for me to share my views on them from similar characteristic and personality’s point of thought, although you might find unique observations here.

That stated, I’d like to share my observations using one technique that I’ve taught in my FEN WORKSHOP class – the EFV Flow. Once you understood the basics behind the applications, it is relatively quicker to identify behavioural inclination tendencies that are present in a person‘s chart, or for this article, the country chart as well. As far as I know, I was the first to introduce the potential application use of the EFV FLOW technique to determine human behavioural inclinations. I introduced the EFV FLOW technique some years back, after observing similarities in the flow of Qi energy vibes with a person’s behavioural tendencies in the way they believe and act. If you’ve found out about the EFV FLOW theories, or similar steps, but with another name, from other trainers (except my FEN students), these external trainers are only copycat teachers who just incorporated my method into their syllabus and charging their students at premium fees.

Let’s take a look at Mahathir’s chart. Oh, before I forget… here’s a disclaimer. What you’re about to learn about the person’s and their traits, behaviours, thoughts, and actions, are just based on the elements and numbers present in the chart. I’ve only shared my views based on my Elements of Numbers (EON) method and research findings. The personality and characteristics of an individual, are determined by their family upbringing exposure, living and educational environment, and social influences from work and people.

For ease, I’ve used Mahathir’s 10 July 1925 birth date as reference, based on many websites and online media articles quoting him stating his birth month is July, and not December.

Mahathir’s Birth EFV FLOW shows the positive vibe number 5, and negative vibe number 8. In the EFV FLOW theories, a positive vibe number would simply show the positive characteristics and traits of the person, and the negative vibe number would be everything negative about them. When Mahathir thinks positively, he’d present the positive strengths of number 5 – like humble, acceptance, tolerance, magnanimity, flexible, adaptable, see challenges as opportunity, and caring. When he thinks negatively, he’d demonstrate the negative traits of number 8. We could connect the number 8 with traits like crazy busy, controlling and commanding, hurting, relentless pursuit, resentment, hot and furious, critical, blaming, denial, irresponsible, self-interest, and others.

From the same screenshot of the chart, the Relationship / Compatibility (RC) Chart of Mahathir and Malaysia shows the 2-3-5-8-7-6 pattern. The combined EFV FLOW (RC) shows positive vibe 1, and negative vibe 7. This suggests that Mahathir should focus on being a sincere, true, and visionary leader, and not be swayed by feelings, emotions, and past resentments. We could connect the positive traits of number 1 with leadership, team leader (caring, sharing, love), accept views, mutual respect, group discussion, farsighted, responsible, admitting mistakes, and non-defensive. We could associate the negative vibe 7 with forceful (like Tsunami), thought-invoking, manipulation, cover ups (like still water runs deep), toxic attitude, wishy-washy decisions, mood swinging actions, hyping on past resentments, and much more.

The EFV FLOW code is simply and yet has potential applications to help my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students to identify both positive and negative behavioural inclination trends. We can apply it to many other charts, including the Compatibility Year Chart (Py2019). When managed right, both Mahathir and Malaysia should focus on positive 7 – to restore confidence in their rakyat (citizens) and deliver (and fulfill) their election promises promptly. They should avoid the negative 4 – frequent changing of plans, scheming, “over promise, under deliver” outcomes, and so on. Many Malaysians would know the current situations in their country, and could easily correlate the signs of positive 7 and negative 4 in Mahathir and his PM role.

Although the recent searches did not include Anwar, I decided to include him in this article as well, just to highlight the potential application use of the EFV FLOW Code, a technique that took me many months of research time and effort. Anwar’s Birth EFV Code is suggesting the need for him to focus on positive (like stability, security, home, finances, contentment), and not on the negative (like success, greeds, goals, results, rewards). In short, it’s the journey and experience that weighed more than the attaining the success.

Furthermore, as there are many number 3 in his birth chart, he should take a step backwards and observe before making decisions. It means he needs to avoid taking hasty shortcuts or getting things done quickly without considering the consequences, probably like the way he behaved and acted hastily previously, many years ago.

The EFV (RC) Code of Anwar and Malaysia is focusing on the positive 2 and negative 5. That is to say, if assuming Anwar becomes the next PM of Malaysia, it’d be more beneficial for him to forge on the positive 2 – communicate, community-spirit, trust, loyalty, teamwork, and in Transactional Analysis’ viewpoints, on an adult-adult ego state between his team, and with the people. He should avoid stepping into the negative 5 – the self-principled mindset, stubborn, inflexible, denial, rigid, proud, “I know better” attitude, and taking all obstacles as stumbling blocks.

That’s briefly about the EFV FLOW Code techniques and use. You’ll discover how the EFV FLOW works, and its underlying reasons how the code was derived, in my FEN class. I’ll provide you with the fundamental knowledge to interpret the EFV Flow of any chart, in a more confident way through regular exercises. You’ll also learn another new method – the EMF Code. No, it has nothing to do with identifying the Electromagnetic Field generated by electrical devices. Rather, it is all about understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a person, and identifying potential “support and resistance” trend, regardless of whether they think positively or negatively. I’ve introduced the EMF Code in my last 7th FEN WORKSHOP, and will elaborate more on these findings at the coming 8th FEN WORKSHOP class.

The 8th FEN WORKSHOP class is scheduled to be held on two Saturdays, instead of a single Sat-Sun weekend class, due to classroom being block-booked by some trainers for every Sunday for next few months. Click here for more details on the FEN course. I apologised for any inconveniences caused, especially to those users staying outside Singapore, as attending a 2-Saturdays class might not be logistically practical and cost-effective.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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