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Learn How to Identify the Smart Genes

Some people have stated that there is no direct link between a student’s academic performance and the parenting upbringing style, while others tend to differ. In practice, we all know how the environment in...


On NLP: Need to Know?

I noted there were searches like “NLP, unzip code, Baby, Childbirth, May 8 1997, 8 May 1997, Obstacle ’5’ in Personal year, the lust, career” and many others, made recently. I’ll randomly select one...


On Jinx Number Again

Sometime back in June 2018, I posted an article “On Jinx Number” and highlighted the self-perceived, limiting beliefs of the trainer who concluded certain numbers on the weakness side of the birth chart, to...


4-8-3 in PY Chart

During the past few days, I noticed there were searches for “4-4-8, 4-4-8-3-3-6, 4-4, 448336, 448336 in PY Chart” on my website. Here’s a word of advice, especially those who’ve attended many numerology courses...



Sometime back, somebody asked me about DISC profiling method and whether we can incorporate that into the Elements of Numbers (EON) methodology. First, the DISC method is based on the four working styles or preferences...


Which is better, Bazi or EON?

Sam, a casual friend of mine, asked me the other day, “Which is better, Bazi or your EON?” He then sent a YouTube video link of a Bazi professional explaining what Bazi is, and...

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