4-8-3 in PY Chart

During the past few days, I noticed there were searches for “4-4-8, 4-4-8-3-3-6, 4-4, 448336, 448336 in PY Chart” on my website.

Here’s a word of advice, especially those who’ve attended many numerology courses elsewhere – stop becoming a “knowledge nomad” by attending different numerology classes from various trainers, as investing in obtaining such info is a never-ending quest. Instead, pursue knowledge to understand, practice, and master it, before moving on to another for distinctive insights. Otherwise, you’d ended up “moving around in circles” and still don’t know how to profile a chart confidently beyond numbers and number patterns.

We’re all different people, with unlike behaviours, thinking, creativity, passions, and life goal pursuits.  What works for me, may not entirely perform correctly for you; and besides, what works for you, may not lead to similar outcomes for me too.

I’m walking the talk honestly, and practiced the different techniques that I’ve shared with FEN students. I‘ve enjoyed the positive ‘flow’ energies in recent years, after making mindset shifts and reframing my focus. In retrospect, I’m glad I took actions earlier for a better today. I could now chase happiness more than material comforts. I could pursue “self-enrichment” projects, to become a BETTER me. I could embrace my sincerity, integrity, and honesty values, and act on quality “blue oceanstrategies. Hence, there’s little need for me to be in the “red ocean” as many trainers do – conduct classes at competitive premium rates, and promising over-hyped, massive purpose. Remember, you alone cannot change the world, but you alone can change yourself. Now, if I can improve my life, you can do it too, and better. Yes, I believe you can enjoy happier times ahead too – better than me – once you’ve learned and understood the right profiling techniques, rid the negative limiting beliefs, enhance your self-worth and core values, and apply the correct behavioural change on yourself.  Simply invest in yourself.

As explained in many of my past articles on 4-8-3 or 8-4-3, there is first, the stereotype stigma from other trainers, that having such a pattern in an individual’s birth chart, or their Personal Year (PY) charts, could definitely lead to divorce. Always remember, divorce is a decision, and an action made by the individual who was influenced by an emotional behaviours (also a temporary state of the mind) to resolve a relationship issue. If you just followed blindly what other trainers would have insisted that 4-8-3 or 8-4-3 will lead to divorce case, then the divorce would naturally have happened because you’d listened to others and threw up the hope to take charge of your own happiness. Stop blaming others when things don’t work out the way you like – you’re entirely responsible for the choice and action you made. Furthermore, you might have faced potential signs in previous PY charts, nine or eighteen years ago, and you’ve overcome them. OK, possibly because you’re consciously unaware of its effect then, and now you’re consciously aware because you attended a numerology course conducted by some trainer elsewhere who influenced the undesirable fears on you.

If you’ve the 4-8-3 or 8-4-3 pattern in your PY Chart, and found that your relationship is also on the verge of disaster, stop the “divorce” assumption and think rationally. You’ve choices to ‘unzip’ and change your thoughts and behaviours. Discover your identity blueprint and who you are meant to be, and not be the person how others would want you to be. In NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming), there are techniques like Anchoring, Swish, Socratic Questioning, and few others, that can be used to rid the negative beliefs. In the Transactional Analysis method that I’ve shared in my FEN classes, communicating in the Adult-Adult ego-state is key to amicable outcomes. In the DiSC model, you can adopt the enhanced DiSC-EON techniques to harmonise the elemental energies. Now, assuming you know nothing of these “Behavioural Change” ways, just ask yourself the following questions:

  • how do you and your spouse first met each other, then progresses as loving couples, and finally, married to start a life and/or family together?
  • Where have all the magical chemistry and lovable vibes gone to?

There has to be something that both of you could rekindle, or re-ignite the lovable pair of candles or lights – to give warm, joy, and hope – to talk truthfully and decide how best you both can adapt, trust, and communicate, as what you did when you first became loving couples. Oh, do not compare yourself with others, or influenced by what they said, as they have their own sets of troubles that you aren’t aware.

The 4-8-3 and 8-4-3 in a typical EON Chart, could be associated to communication issues. I’d usually associate them as a person with poor EQ problem, which often could lead to dispute, differences, argument, quarrels, bad relationship, bluntness, untactful, undiplomatic, and frustrations. Unless you change your mindsets, behaviours, and habits – you’ll continue to face the emotional pressure and tension, and finally, draw a hard line separating you and others. Yes, it could be like a breakup of some sort, like a quarrel. Sometimes, such separations could arise in terms of partnerships, boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, career, businesses, and anything else. However, it’s not automatically leading to divorce or break-up between you and your partner (if you’re married) because you have a choice to decide. Furthermore, the separation could be temporary, especially with amicable solutions.

When the 4-8-3 or 8-4-3 patterns are located in the V-W-X, it could depict a person who potentially tends to have poor EQ communication with others, similar in their social life, at work, with relatives and friends. What could then have led to such poor EQ behaviours and attitudes? I’ve shared in my FEN class on how to identify the potential causes leading to the V-W-X effect, when analysing a cause-effect issue.

The left screenshot shows the chart of Rosmah, wife of the former Malaysia PM Najib. She has the double crisscrossed 4-8-3 pattern in her PY2020 chart.

Could this imply possible heated quarrels, dispute, disagreements, and probable separations between her and others, like her friends and helpers? Could this also imply a temporary family separation between she and her husband sometime this year, or early next year? Could it be a separation leading to financial loss (3-3-6)? Could she feel emotionally distress and pressurised when her PY2021 comes along, creating challenges, stumbling blocks, opportunities, and risks between she and her husband?  Could she take the emotional stress, and confront the force of energies (positive and negative) influencing her? Or at very, very worst extreme cases, could the impact be too drastic that she couldn’t hold it anymore?

Anyway, Rosmah has to take charge of her health (and life) as there are tendency signs of cardiac arrest or heart-related symptoms, or worsening health conditions in her PY2021 chart. In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, energies presented in a PY2021 Chart could be felt in later half of Year2020 too. Hopefully, it’s just a benign sign…

Don’t worry too much unnecessarily, if you or someone you know, have the 4-4-8-3-3-6 pattern in the PY chart. As long as you’re aware of the issues, and potential detrimental emotional impact, a little action on your part, could improve your health and happiness. Having positive thinking might not be good enough – you need to confront and accept all your emotions, be they good or bad. And it could save your life and relationships as well. That said, having mindset shifts to eliminate the fear of the self-limiting beliefs about divorce, separation, and death… could open the window of opportunities for you. When you perceive the info as beneficial signs, you could create new beliefs to look forward to livelier outlook, positive hope, and brighter future. Stop and pause, listen attentively to what others have to say before you start commenting. Listen to understand, and not listen to reply. Having communication strains is normal when people have different opinions. Just agree to the disagreements you’d with others, do accept their views sincerely, and move on.

Whatever it is, whether you have the 4-8-3 or 8-4-3 pattern in your PY Chart or not, your health is paramount – do take precautions like ensuring you have medical or health insurance, etc. Having such a pattern in PY Chart is not as devastating than having a Double-Effect or worst, Multiple-Effect vibes imposing on you. Cool off the emotional thoughts, meditate to ease the fears, practise qigong or yoga, or other calming exercises; and have healthier diets – and learn to take charge of your own life meaningfully and purposefully.

Start taking positive action today to create a HAPPIER version of you tomorrow.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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