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What’s in 5-5-1?

According to this recent Yahoo online article, “Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a chronic condition once common in developed countries but fairly uncommon in Asia, has been growing in incidence in Singapore in the past...


Too many 5

What are the probable impact or tendency signs when a person has too many 5s in their chart? Today, I’m following up with my previous article, “Similar (almost) Charts, Varying Outcomes“. I noted someone...


Beyond Number Pairs

Just a quick update before I continue with the main topic for today’s article. Our FEN Level 1 (Basic) course is starting this coming Saturday (4th July) at new location. We have decided to...


About Melissa – Part II

In yesterday’s article “About Melissa – Part I,” I used the FEON+ software to analyse Melissa’s chart and identify the tendency signs suggesting various traits and characteristics she may inhibit. I also wrote about...


Torn Between Two Lovers

Yet another ‘song title inspired’ article this week on relationship matters. I’m having the feelings of becoming a metaphysical relationship adviser. In retrospect, it’s not a bad idea after all given the practical features...

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