Similar (almost) Charts, Varying Outcomes


Roy sent me the birth date of David Ong recently, hoping I could do a case study analysis to share with others. I was hesitant initially as David was the ruling party’s MP (Member of Parliament) for Bukit Batok constituency after winning the Singapore GE2015 election on 11 September 2015. Unfortunately, he had to resign subsequently in March this year due to personal indiscretion according to this Straits Times online article. Roy, a long-time friend whom I’ve known since the 90s, just wanted to learn how to find out indiscretion acts from a person’s chart using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

CaseStudy_DavidOng_2015_2016When I plotted David’s EON chart, I noted the numbers in locations MNOPQR looked familiar, and recalled I’d analysed another former politician’s chart in a previous FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class. It was Liu Tuck Yew’s chart, and I was sharing the method to identify the career elements and its influencing vibes that might have happened to him. Liu was the Ministry of Transport prior to his sudden retirement from politics on 11 August 2015 according to this Wikipedia page.

That made the case for further learning from an EON research standpoint, and nothing about political influences and alike in this article. The intent in this article is to highlight that even though a person may have same birth date or almost similar chart (numbers in locations MNOPQR), his or her life journeys might be different as it depends on one major factor – their controlling mindset. It is these conscious thoughts and perspectives with cumulative influences from family upbringing, social and environment influences, experiences and beliefs, and attitudes and habits that made a person apart from someone else.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyLet’s look at David’s chart first. He was experiencing the “Double Effects” (DE) Year energies last year. In a DE year, the numbers appearing in locations MNOPQR of their Personal Year chart is identical with the numbers in the same location of their birth chart. This mean the influences (positive and negative energies) are manifested doubly. In a DE year, the person might have ended up with “Double Blessing” outcomes in general, or at worst, be affected by the “Double Whammies” situations. Some people experienced pOort health conditions during their DE years; some of them had accidents or assassinated; and for some others, they faced the imminent deadly health signs. This “Double Whammies” vibes could strike a person when they are unaware of the yearly periodic energies influencing them. On the other hand, many people, especially who consciously took care of their health while chasing their goals, had experienced positive and beneficial outcomes. Some of them became political leaders or got promoted; some struck lotteries or gained monetary windfall; and some got married or won achievement awards. They’d enjoyed the “Double Blessing” vibes. Do check out the section “Yearly Forecast – Double Effects Year” on page 228 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more details. If you’re staying in Singapore, you can buy the book at Kinokuniya and Times book stores. You can check this link on how to buy the book online (if you’re staying outside Singapore), or direct from me if you’re staying at neighbouring S-E Asian countries (like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand)

CaseStudy_LiuTuckYew_2015_2016On Page 57 of my book, I mentioned a person with Root 5 has charismatic and approachable appeal. I have described the number 5 as one of the attributes related to “romance, marriage, and divorces” (Page 206). Elsewhere in some of the articles posted here, I have also mentioned we can associate multiple number 5 to obsessions on self-explorations (body) and sensual desires. Both David and Liu were facing the DE year in 2015, and both had double manifestations of the Root 5. What sets David apart from Liu is that the latter could have better managed or controlled his emotions and temptations, or could very likely have directed his sensual vibes towards ethical lines. David, on the other hand, might have strayed away from virtuous obligations in all probability because of weaker control over his mindset and sensual thoughts.

The yearly energy is not present and felt only on 1st January of the year, and leaves abruptly on the 31st December of the year. As energies are transient and constantly in motion, this means last year’s energies could still be around (and felt by different people) during the early months of 2016. Likewise, we don’t have to wait long to experience the 2017 year’s energies. In fact, we might face next year’s energies at the last few months of this year. This means we might see more floods, toxic or chemical (and cyber) warfare, immunological and urological healthcare breakthrough, and many others.

Both David and Liu are also experiencing career vibes last year in 2015. There are tendency signs suggesting unfavourable supports on their abilities (skill sets), and these could have aggravated to more stressing moments. The “career vibes” or “career element” is not the same as the element used for suitable career or business. So far, I’ve shared the method to identify the career elements and its strength on the career vibes in a particular year in my FEN classes. Although Liu retired from his political career last year and David resigning from his MP post this year, both are influenced and affected by their DE 2015 year energies.

credibilityDavid might feel more lonely and faced more challenges than Liu (hence the probable DIY habits), and the support on others to help improve his financial state. Besides that, David is the more communicative and sociable type (7-2-9 at STU locations). On the other hand, though Liu’s younger days might be surrounded by siblings and relatives, he probable had to self-sacrifice his time for them regularly to help him closer to achieving his goals and life pursuits. Liu is more on the straight-forward, deep-thinking, and cautious type that often has to tackle between risks, challenges, obstacles, and opportunities (5-4-9 at STU locations). And more importantly, the pride of his achievements, confidence, self-principles, and stubbornness is what sets him apart (unapproachable to others but only opens up to people he knows) from David’s friendlier and social-able outward personality traits.

By now, you’d have noticed that while people may have same numbers in locations MNOPQR of their charts and Personal Year charts, their individual experiences vary because of their controlling mindsets – the ability for them to decide whether to step forward towards the gullibility and credibility lines. Furthermore, the family upbringing and parents’ influences are important and that could set the different outcomes between David and Liu.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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