Energy vibes hit hard on General McChrystal

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The year 2010 has been an exciting one for General Stanley Allen McChrystal, as he experienced both the positive and negative vibes of the 1-2-3 number combination.

For this article, let us find out the probable causes resulted from the 1-2-3 vibes.

First, we will plot McChrystal’s birth chart (14 Aug 1954)

McChrystal received his promotion to a General in 10 June 2010. If you look at his Personal Year 2010 chart, the 1-2-3 number combination is present. This imply probably of increased wealth for him this year. He could gain the wealth because of his fast planning which impressed his superiors.

In any number combination, there are both positive and negative energies or vibes that can affect a person. Check my article “The Incredible 1-2-3” for more details on the effects of the 1-2-3 number combination.

The positive vibes hit him hard – McChrystal got his promotion in 2010. His wealth has increased.

The negative vibes hit him hard too. His mindset changed. He became hardheaded by his success. He made unflattering remarks on Vice President Joe Biden and other administration officials, in a Rolling Stones article. Many had demanded for his resignation for making the derogatory comments which is unacceptable for a General. In June 23 2010, US President Obama accepted his resignation. The negative effects hit him hard. He lost his job.

From another perspective, we can see the numbers 7, 3 and 5 are close to one another in his PY2010 chart. This could imply the possibility of contractual-related issues, and potential loss of money.

By nature, McChrystal is a smart but stubborn person who likes to plan alone. His successes were a cumulative result of his past actions. He is also an adaptable person who is quick in finding solutions fast. Unfortunately, the ‘dark forces’ of the 1-2-3 vibes had influenced his mind.

McChrystal should take time to reflect on his mistakes, and work hard on improving his relationships with his family members. He should communicate more to his wife; and be a better, approachable and empathetic person. He can change his attitude and mindset anytime, if he wants to. In fact he should, for his own sake now.

In 2011, there are signs of increased strained relationships. To reduce these negative effects, McChrystal should be mindful of his moral duties to his family, be less stubborn, and exercise toleration.

At the same time, he could also redirect his ‘fiery’ energies and time to focus on charitable or humanitarian works.

Regards, Ron


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