Can EON complement Bazi?

Every metaphysics system has its limits and ‘grey areas.’ Professionals are debating the best method to use. Why waste the effort debating over these issues when there is no ideal or best metaphysics system for every single profiling task?

The key is to understand the limits of each metaphysics method and apply the suitable one to an area of concern. For example, if you don’t have the time of birth, you can always use Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) instead of ZiWeiDouShu (PurpleStar Astrology) to profile on a person. In short, use the most suitable method to complement your analysis.

When I first studied the Power of Numbers (PON), I found it elementary. However, when I use Elements of Numbers (EON), I discovered I can use it to complement Bazi and other character and destiny profiling tools.

Some months back, I had a lunch with a friend who is a full-time practitioner in Bazi, Feng Shui and Palm Reading. While he was using his Bazi knowledge to analyse his client’s birth chart, I used EON. There are similar traits and yearly influences on the person. Occasionally, I could identify some extra traits by looking at the number combinations, while he tried to identify the signs from the Bazi chart. He could not identify the signs as quickly as I did because of the complexity of Bazi. Many Bazi users cannot accurately decide the order and effects of the clash or combination on the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. When you become confused, you cannot focus. And when you cannot focus, you cannot identify the signs immediately.

Screenshots showing the birth chart of a person. I used a ‘personalised’ version of MeganWorx BaziLite software to plot the Bazi chart, with support for 5th pillar (Minutes). The EON software is still in development.

Like all metaphysics, EON does have its limits too. I can tell you there may be a communication problem in 2011, but I cannot tell you when exactly (which month or day) the event WILL happen. Many experts cannot tell when the event will happen, even when they have access to the yearly, monthly, daily, and hourly charts in Bazi. We’re not God and should not act like one. There may be telltale signs, but it does not guarantee the event WILL happen. The negative energies will increase when the person became obsessed the event could happen. In the end, the problem WILL happen as expected.

What’s important is for the person to take precaution and manifest on the positive energies. When the problem arises, it may just be a minor quarrel.

You cannot use EON for every single profiling task as it depends on the issues and focus. There may be certain traits you cannot identify quickly. But when your EON experience improved, you will find it a useful profiling tool that works most of the time. You can also use EON as an alternative method to complement many other analytical techniques you already know.

If you do not know any other profiling method, then EON provides the fast and easy way for you to profile on a person. The accuracy depends on your knowledge and experience.

EON can help increase your knowledge and skills on character profiling. With just the birth date of a person, you can quickly plot the chart with a pen or pencil and a paper.

Learn EON with an open mind. Give it a try.

Regards, Ron


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