EON and QiMenDunJia: Strategic Partnership

Recently, a friend called me to seek my help. He had quarrelled with his girlfriend. From the tone and conversation, it sounded a little serious. He asked if I can use QiMenDunJia (QMDJ) to check a suitable time where he can try to resolve the conflict amicably.

I launched the QMDJ software on my Windows Mobile smartphone and check the possible time frame. I had identified two possible time frames where he can use (5pm-7pm, and 7pm-9pm). The sectors for both time frames are suitable and he can adopt the QMDJ tactics to resolve the conflict.

On that day, my intuitive mind told me to try using EON to perform a macro analysis on the time frame. I plotted an EON Time chart (using my Time of Birth method) for the first time frame. I found the resulting number combination 8-4-3.

“No way!  8-4-3 imply relationship problem. I’m not going to suggest that!”

I then check on the second time frame. “Hmm… 8pm looks like a good time to talk to her,” I told myself. From the EON Time chart, the number combination was 2-7-9.

“That’s wonderful!”

I SMS’ed him and told him to be at the Northwest location at certain time. Wait there for a while, for about 30 minutes. Then walk towards his girlfriend’s house and talk to her.

He kept asking me “What if she does not want to open the door? What if she is not around? Can you try plotting the time for the next day? What if…?”

I told him to do as suggested if he wants to make up with his girlfriend. I can only advise him to tap on the positive energies using QMDJ. Beyond that he has to rely on himself to talk to his girlfriend to resolve the conflict. He has to think positive, and continue to be positive.

Later in the evening, I received an SMS from him that the issue has been settled.

We use QMDJ to tap on the positive energies. The effects are not permanent as it depends on the follow-up actions we took. We must bear in mind that in any relationship, there must be good communication and tolerance between both parties. If one party is too aggressive and demanding, it may hurt and worsen the relationship.  What goes on the following day or weeks, or months mainly depend on the actions we take. For example, if both parties can communicate well and enjoy each other’s company, then it’s because of the positive actions they took. It has nothing to do with QMDJ. If the relationship turns sour after a few days, then we have to look at our own attitude and actions. Did we do anything wrong? What can we do to resolve the conflict? How can we change to have a long-term relationship?

I have been using QMDJ since I learned the right method from Master Peter Leung. Normally, I would just use the 2-hours time frame to strategise my moves. On that day, I’m not sure why it came to my mind to do a macro-analysis using the EON Time chart.

Was it a coincidence to use the EON Time chart to complement the QMDJ chart? Synchronicity is one of the key ingredients for manifestation of positive energies. By narrowing down the 2-hour time frame to a shorter time frame, the effects of the manifested energies at that particular point in time may be greater. It could be because of this my friend could tap on the best positive energies, and that somehow influence the people around him, including his girlfriend.

Maybe, it was just pure luck. Maybe it was because of the positive energies and vibes. Maybe the intuitive mind then is telling me I can use the EON Time chart to complement QMDJ where timing is critical.

Maybe it is just a coincidence…

If you believe it can, IT CAN.

Regards, Ron


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