I wrote this article some years back, based on the theme “Reflections of Our Lives.” I thought it would come handy to post it here, away from the Elements of Numbers (EON) theories, to reflect on what we can do to make our life better.

Try not to think too much of the negative side of what you cannot do. Instead, work to reinforce on the positive side of what you can do. For example, do not say or think you are poor. If you think you are, you will forever be poor (in your mind). An analogy is like a kid who when young, thought he was stupid as everyone had said so. When he grows up, he still thinks he is stupid even though he is not. Nothing can change his inferior mindset and inner fear UNLESS he changed his thinking.

You can be richer than you are tomorrow… ONLY if you make it happen today. No, I am not talking about getting your paycheck, or rob the bank.

The first step is to change your mindset. It’s FREE too. For example, instead of saying “I am poor”, try to say the words “I am rich. But I just don’t have the budget” or just a short phrase “I have no budget for it” whenever a friend tries to convince you to buy anything you don’t need.

Years back, I was much poorer than I am today. Whenever friends and colleagues tried to persuade me to buy the latest technology gadget, I’d say that “I don’t have the money!” And that phrase comes naturally for me. And yes, my wallet is fat… but it’s full of receipts and not dollar note$.

Now, it’s different – after I’d changed my mindset. Whenever someone tries to persuade me to buy anything I don’t need, I’d tell them “Sorry, I have no budget”. Somehow, it has the psychological effect on me. I become more practical. I don’t buy unnecessary. As a result, I have more wealth than before. These days, I’d focused more on building up my assets than my liabilities.

When I take up a course on Metaphysics, it is an asset to me. For me, knowledge is the basic fundamentals for wealth. Money is just one of the many ‘resultants’ of our action. With this ‘pot of wealth’, we can use the rich knowledge to strengthen our skill sets. And with a better skill, we can easily attain anything we want.

When you have a RICH knowledge, you can increase your wealth and finance easily by using your skills. Bill Gates is richer now than he was (in his teens) because he built up his knowledge and skill sets, and used his actions to make it happen. And now that he’s rich, he’s decided to give away much of his wealth back to society. That’s the Cycle of Life!

I’m glad I am what I am today. For I had taken action to make it happened. And I am far richer in knowledge and wealth than ever before because…


I’ve found that with this positive thinking, it does influence my mindset and the actions I take to make it happen.

Your thoughts, persistence, will power and ACTIONS will lead you towards your goals. If you want to be rich, or for that matter, attain the goals you have set, take personal charge and act now. You have a dream. Great! Now wake up from your dream, take action and make it happen!

Are you Stupid or Smart? There’s just a thin line between them. Step on one side, and you’re stupid. Step on the other side, you are smart. Which trait you want to be? It’s up to you for “if you think you are, you are!”

Are you Poor or Rich? It’s in your mind and hands too.

Until then, Good Health to All!

Regards, Ron


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