Numerological Predictive Observations 2023 (NPO2023)

Elements of Numbers: Forecasting signs

I wish everyone a wonderful 2023 New Year filled with hope, prosperity, blessings and optimism. Remain safe, healthy and focused.


Happy New Year to allAs in past traditions, it’s time to share my “first day of the year” (1DOTY) article today, focusing on my predictive observations for this year. There is nothing magical, spiritual or divine intervention to gather the present signs. Instead, what you will read was based on sensible observations about the tendency signs present on the 2023 charts.

When a keyword (trait, event, industry, action) is mentioned or said to be in focus this year, it implies the level of influence and/or impact could be strong, up to both extreme ends – from Low to Very High. Read this article as a typical almanac; its relevance to real events and incidents is based on your comprehension and knowledge of elements and numbers. It doesn’t imply what’s stated would happen.


THE YEAR 2023…

The NPO2023 graphic (click image to enlarge) provides keyword information on the “Key Trends + Highlights of the Year” that’s similar to past year’s NPO graphics I’ve created to accompany my NPO articles.

Numerological Predictive Observations 2003 - Ron WZ Sun. Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN


Last year, I mentioned about VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). This year, I added two other letters “D” – D-VUCAD, Diversity and Disruptive. Disruptive change is increasing this year, due to the number 3 in 2023. Impacts in 2022 would remain similar, particularly during Q1 periods. This is mainly due to the energy shift between 2022 and 2023. In the coming months, the predominant effects of 2023 will be felt strongly.

All I aim to do this year is BETTER success.In basic EON interpretations, we could associate the number 2 with some of the trend signs indicated in the NPO2023 graphic. I strongly recommend you also read my NPO2022 article, as the tendency signs are still present due to the transition of energies. In addition, the effects of the two 2s are expected to continue from 2020 to 2029. As 2023 = 2+2+3 = 7 (Water element), this could imply potential Tsunami-like incidents, higher tides, seashore flooding and typhoons.

Tendency signs include scandals, gossiping, malicious attacks, transportation, movement and motions, social scandals, fake news, deep fakes, feminism, and much more. From another perspective, using extended EON techniques, these include social media, arts and culture, spirituality, wellness, floods, the proliferation of online and mixed (blended) learning and education platforms. Imagine, what I just mentioned are signs related to number 2.

Vision without Action is like a dream...And with three “2” in 2022 and two “2” in 2023 (plus one 7), the impacts (influence and impact) of last year’s energies could continue to manifest themselves. Imagine how serious (negative effects) or how big (positive effects) it could be for you. It’s just like a rubber-band effect; it can be both useful (as a handy object) and hurtful (at the extreme end, as a weapon and painful repercussion when you stretched beyond its elasticity and it breaks!). And that could do you more harm this year, due to number 3 in 2023. You should exercise restraint in what you do for the year and include contingency plans if your primary strategy or plan fails.

We could associate the number 3 with traits and signs like disruptions (to businesses, economies, politics, and potentially new Covid variants), uncertainties, violence and riots, knives or short metal-weapon attacks, listening habits (selective and attentive), scandals and bluntness accusations, higher sexual activities, eyesight (medical advancements, high myopic rates), and increasing awareness of leaders arising, sharing their visions and missions. It’s a mouthful, that’s for sure, but I’m just sharing some traits only.

You ust Gain control over your money... Elements of NumbersOptimise positive energies in 2023 for “learning, unlearning, relearning” for personal and professional development. Take upgrading and retraining courses to prepare for the coming years. Take hobbies, side hustles, and more healthful activities. There are also signs of increased wealth and funding for projects and activities; be prudent with your spending and investments. Don’t be gullible with increased profits that seemed too good to be true. The opportunities and challenges are great this year. When done properly, taking risks provides an opportunity for personal and professional development. Remember to set your vision, plan actionable activities to achieve each milestone, and commit to accomplishing your goal.


Healing doesn't mean that the pain is no longer exists... Elements of NumbersTendency signs indicate that the coronavirus pandemic is not slowing down. Oh, read my NPO2022 article for signs that could occur this year, again due to transition energies. The signs in 2023 suggest that there could be blood-related health symptoms, including malaria, dengue, and tuberculosis. And, increased symptoms and awareness about high blood pressure, hepatitis and heart attacks.

The tendency signs also suggest symptoms related to kidney, liver and diabetic problems, including medical advances. More people could have digestive problems, and deal with emotional distress and mental disorders because of uncontrolled emotional triggers quickly. Control and manage your emotions and cravings for sugar, carbohydrate or alcoholic drinks.


Moving on doesn't mean you're giving up.. Elements of NumbersExcessive flooding, wildfires, landslides, heavy snow, extreme weather and volcanic eruptions, as I mentioned in my NPO2022, will continue in 2023. However, there may be changes in 2023 when areas around the sea may encounter tsunami-like signs. Let us hope not, but as the signs are there, it is better to take preventive measures than to spend resources sooner than to solve post-mortem problems that have already occurred. Then again, there might be some form of rapid velocity movement related to the FIRE element, such as volcanic eruptions, ash firing upwards, satellites, and missiles. This implies the possibility of new war zones.


The successful person places more attention on doing the right thing... Elements Of NumbersAn increasing number of frauds, scams, investment losses are strongly present in 2023. In certain cases, these incidents may be the result of manipulations and acts of flirtation. So be cautious about your hard-earned money. If you manage them right, you could succeed. There is increased awareness of risk-taking, financial confrontation and wealth creation opportunities – win/lose, depending on your actions, plans and direction. More people might end up being victims of their own achievement, likely due to egotistical attitudes and carelessness. Trend of organisations promoting a learning culture is strong; more people might be upskilling, upgrading and reskilling.

More people could be trapped with sex and scandals, legal disputes, because of credulity in wealth creation and rapid profit scams.


Safe WorkplaceTendency signs in 2023 suggest that potential accidents at work are similar to signs I mentioned in my NPO2022 article. While the contributing factors of workplace safety and health mentioned in NPO2022 would still be present, especially in early 2023, there are signs that more accidents would be due to slipping, drowning, fire/chemical explosion, falling into water or liquid chemicals, injured by moving or falling sharp objects, and fall from heights. To a certain extent, accidents resulting in limping injuries can also be high.



It only takes one person to change your life: YOUA medical breakthrough in healthcare is possible, particularly in late quarter 2023. Make an extra effort to change your mindset and perspectives, as this could influence your thoughts, behaviours and responses. Be the change you will be. Take precautionary measures to minimise negative impacts as you work to manifest the positive vibrations present in your charts (birth chart, personal year (PY) chart, universal/personal charts). Understand and apply the extended EON techniques like 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) Code, personal EFV Flow/Span could help provide some directions on what you can do to “to be in the flow” to actualise your milestones.

The EFV FLOW code (PY2023) suggests the need to act on your plans and stop procrastinating. Prioritise your goals based on urgency and importance, and emphasise what you must do. While money is important, it is a by-product that can be realisable once you have reached success in other areas. In short, EFV FLOW 2023 has more to do with ACTION than THOUGHT. Worrying and thinking will take you nowhere; actions give you a head start towards your goal.

Stop waiting for things to happen... Elements of NumbersThe EFV SPAN 2023 is more on potential strengths and weaknesses, and the signs are suggesting the need for you to learn to become great leaders; one with empathy and compassion, to lead change, and to adapt to change, for better outcomes.  And motivate and inspire other people to be what they can be. In many ways, be the light to radiate a ray of hope for other people. Giving the gift of love and care, giving more than receiving, would help you to become better yourself.

Reach for the stars... Elements of NumbersThe PEC 2023 (Positive Empowerment Code) for Year 2023 is all about [Diversity/Inclusion – Collaborate/Shared values – Vision/Goal setting – Communicate/Transparency – Acknowledgement and Rewards]. Regardless of who you are and the type of job you are working in, you are a leader in your own way. In the workplace, at home and in your social life. If you want to go further, focus on “Pay It Forward“. The PEC2023 means the need to accept people of different faiths, colours and limiting beliefs. Discuss and share common goals, accept that everybody has his or her own set of values. Be transparent in your communication as much as you can, and build confidence and so on. And finally, recognise, acknowledge and rewarding others as much as you can, as success is never the result of one person’s action.

Wherever possible, delegate less important tasks to others if you can, so that you can focus on those tasks that really require your attention and skills. The focus of this century and decade (202x) is on social consciousness and social management; teamwork, collaboration and EQ are the way forward for years to come.

A Journey of Growth Mindset Begins with this EON book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Character Profiling"In summary, what I have just described is mainly based on the tendency signs found in the annual charts. You can check out my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” (click here to purchase) for the fundamental theories of the elements and the numbers, including the traits and health signs mentioned in today’s articles.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop. Elements of Numbers.comThese are general signs influencing everyone, it’s important for you to look at your own Personal Year (PY) charts for personalised actions and what you could do, to ride the Year 2023 with positive outcomes. What I’ve described so far, is by no means complete or fully accurate as I’m only focusing on the signs present in the Year 2023 chart, providing general observations. Like in any yearly or annual Almanac, consider this article as a fictional work first; if you do face signs mentioned, the choose options that can help you overcome or dilute the potential impacts on you. Always remember, changes to yourself can only be done through a change of mind, not through some expensive ornaments marketed and disguised as lifelong remedies.

Once again, may this Year 2023 bless you with good health, wealth, success, and happiness!.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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