President Barack Obama defeats Mitt Romney

It was a grueling fight as early victory signs were swinging towards Mitt Romney. But in the end, the results became clear – Obama won a second four-year White House term against his opponent according to this online FoxNews article.

I admitted it was a tough decision for me to forecast the eventual winner but after analysing the numbers and its elemental traits, I completed my observations. On 17 May 2012, I tweeted with the following comment “Using EON to chk on Obama & Romney for Presidential election on 6 Nov 2012, Obama has higher chance.” Then at my 6th EON WORKSHOP session on 29 Sep 2012, I shared my observation on the coming US Presidential Election by comparing the EON charts of Obama and Romney, and told the participants why I felt Obama may win. I tweeted again on 2 Nov 2012, “We’ll know the results of the US Presidential Election in next few days. No change to my observation in earlier tweet on who will win…”

Do you know I have a Twitter account? Many of you are not aware as I didn’t officially announce it. Only the observant ones would know there’s a “EON Tweets” link on most article pages. Anyway, I tweeted on 2 Nov 2012, “459-549 can also manifest the humanitarian acts. Too late too little for Dr Richard Teo. Chk out article “Focusing on Moral Compass” Do you know the reason why 4-5-9 (or 5-4-9) could manifest the humanitarian act? Anyway, click here to follow my Twitter link @RONWZSun.

Now, let me briefly share with you how I concluded my observations using the Element of Numbers (EON) method.

In the Five Elements, we associate Wood with humanitarian, high aspirations, fortitude, and health care. Look at the 5-8-4 in Romney’s Combined Day chart.

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His message is clear to the many voters who supported him.

Moving forward to act on visions and make it a reality…

Whether Obama can deliver his promises to the USA people depends on concerted effort internally (within the country) and externally (global support from other countries). If I look at USA’s PY2013 chart (oh, you  gotta plot them out), the tendency signs are focusing on increasing the financial stability and economy at home and overseas (2-6-8-5-1-6). Obama will face obstacles and challenges to carry out his plans and he needs the committed support of USA citizens to achieve the success needed.

[ This paragraph is for participants who’d attended my 5th/6th EON Workshop sessions as case-study exercise and review. I’ve shared the method to identify the Yearly or Annual Code to harmonise the annual energies. Plot the Personal Year code for USA

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Perhaps I was lucky in my forecast… because I’ve the EON (Android) software installed in my smartphone that displayed essential information within seconds enabling me to easily analyse the charts faster.  Or could the increasing intuitive vibes be influencing me because I’m willing to share my knowledge and experiences with you regularly through the articles here as I’m a true believer of the “To Teach is To Learn Twice” metaphor? I believe both are…

You can use the Elements of Numbers (EON) to profile a person or country, and if your knowledge increases, you can use it to forecast future events. I noticed if you made a forecast without personal or financial attachment, the predictive signs are clearer. Otherwise the observations may not be clear because of the “fuzzy attachment” energies manifested.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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