Beyond Biased Self-Analysis

Actually I learned this Number Profiling when I was in Singapore. My total life has changed when I was in Singapore. I have dedicated my 50% life to Spirituality. I wanted to become a Psychic and am still practising on my Chakra,” wrote Pamela in her email to me. “I met ‘Master E’ and came to know about this number profiling. There I met ‘Master C’ and she profiled for me. I then attended the Basic and Advanced Courses conducted by “Master Y’. I felt a sense of achievement as I could analyse for others and explain to them my observations. I’m still having many struggles in my life. I had success also but to an extent only…”

I’m aware some trainers taught their students only on personality profiling and little on life path profiling. I noticed some trainers could not put the “fundamentalistic mindset” aside to help their students who’d completed the course. So, their students like Pamela could not receive a continuing learning experience to build the knowledge to better understand a person’s life path, including her own.

Pamela is now back in India and wrote, “I can profile for others and they said it’s accurate. But for me, I don’t know why these hurdles happened. Could you provide some advice for this year and next year?

I’m glad Pamela has discovered an alternative means to better understand her inner self. I’m happy I could offer a healing hand to her so she can find the inner peace to help others better. And I hope she can expand on her profiling skills using my Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Oh, by the way… you can check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” if you want to do a personality profiling on Pamela’s birth chart. I’ve described the steps to profile in my book so I won’t be repeating them in this article.

Look at Pamela’s EON chart. Yes, she can be a good “spiritual healer” and life coach. But first she needs to start taking control of her rippling thoughts and calm her “unnecessary worries”. Then work to manifest the positive vibes to strengthen the positive traits in her inner self.

There are tendency vibes suggesting that it is always easy for her to start on ideas or work on new projects, including showing prototypes. But there are tendency signs suggesting the lack of courage and prudence vibes to see the ideas or projects through. She may have experienced “lost opportunities” because of the inner fear of failure and frequent “what ifs” confusions.

Pamela could profile for others comfortably because she’s not emotionally attached to her clients. But when she tried to profile her own chart, she did not control the negative vibes. The success-driven and sometimes, external negative materialistic thoughts (number 6) could be distorting her perspectives often resulting in fuzzy and biased assumptions.

There are signs of emotional and strong temperamental mood-swings last year (2011) and these could have affected her communication and relationships with others, including loved ones. There are tendency signs of financial-related issues that may have affected her career or relationship with the authorities or influential person. It could also imply a slightly better Year in some aspect (as long as she acted on her plans) as the numbers 4 and 8 are also her “missing numbers”. If she did not experience the mentioned negative effects, then it’s promising as she could have learned to control the negative vibes well.

Pamela is experiencing stronger than usual signs of stumbling blocks, obstacles, and challenges this year (2012). The three sets of number 5 are present and could have manifested the stubbornly nature and reluctance to make a change. I’ve described the transformation vibes of number 5 in my book. Since the 1-5-6- patterns is present in Pamela’s PY2012 chart, you can refer to Page 155 of my book for more info on the tendency signs.

She needs to spend more time on building up her relationship and communication with others, and to create more leadership awareness towards others if she aspired to gain the success she wants this year (2012). As next year (2013) is just around the corner, she has to start planning her goals and carry out them now to gain the spiritual and humanitarian goals. She should never become discouraged.

Pamela must take extra care of her health (related to Metal element) now as she’d be facing a “Double Effect” year next year in 2013 (refer to Page 228 of my book on the effects of a “Double Effect Year”). She needs to calm her thoughts and control the unnecessary increasing worrying thoughts especially if she’s experiencing health symptoms related to strong Metal element. A healthy body with a sound mind can manifest and strengthen the positive energies. Pamela needs to work out on her meditation and relaxation exercise schedules. She must strive to take enough rest and sleep to prevent extreme vibes resulting in undesirable mental madness, depression, and bipolar disorder from manifesting and affecting her.

What we experience now is because of the past actions we did previously. Pamela can review the past events that happened to her 9/18 years ago, and list down the positive and negative incidents. Then try to identify the actions she did previously that somehow affected her negatively.  With a list of “wrong actions” on hand, she could then carry out a revised plan to prevent similar influencing vibes from recurring.

With positive vibes come positive and uplifting experiences. It’s up to Pamela to decide what she hopes to achieve for the next two years. It’s up to her to decide if she wants to experience the “Double Blessing” or “Double Whammy” vibes next year. And if she wants to experience a better and healthier life for the next few years, she must take positive actions now.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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