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At first glance, I’d mixed feelings when analysing Liana’s EON chart. To many people, especially those who’d learned the Power of Numbers (PON) method, the multiple sets of 9s imply a person with enormous successes. But to me, I noted there was more worrying concern than the envious awe.

CaseStudy_LianaThere are just too many Wood element when I apply the Five Elements principles. Oh, by the way, you can click here for a list of articles I’ve posted previously on Wood element. I’ve posted many articles and some case studies do have similar chart patterns. Do read up the tendency traits too.

Here’s an analogy. You attended a barbeque session last night. Days earlier, you’d envisaged having an enjoyable night, eating and chatting with your friends. At the camping place, your friend asked you to help out by starting the fire for the barbeque. You put some charcoals on the barbeque pit and started the fire. As you saw one charcoal was burning, you stacked the remaining charcoals on it. You walked away from the barbeque pit soon after and told your friend the job’s done. You thought it’d be quicker to put all charcoals to burn at one go. You wanted to save time, and perhaps you disliked the smoke fearing the burning smell might stain your clothes.

What happened next? Another friend removed the excess charcoal and restarted the fire again. Your happy mood changed. Your friends made sarcastic and disappointing remarks on your foolishness. You felt insulted, angry, and emotional as no one appreciated your help.

Let’s go back to the EON basics. There are only a few patterns present on Liana’s chart. These include multiple 9s, 1-8-9, 6-3-9, and the lonely 5. In basic theory, we can decode the numbers as 9 [Success], 1-8-9 [Alone-Stress-Success], 6-3-9 [Money-Fast-Success], and 5 [Stubborn]. The tendency signs suggest a determined person with plenty of ‘visions of success’ who often stressed up unnecessary because of their perfectionist mindset. In addition, they prefer taking short cuts to achieve their goals. The self-egoistic and principled-minded thoughts are strong.

BELIEFSThat’s all for a brief description of Liana’s tendency traits. You can check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” if you’re keen to learn the basic steps to interpret her personality. Check out the Hidden locations (H1-H5) and parents sectors – and understand how her success-driven attitude comes about. Both her parents might have influenced her methodical and success-driven behaviours during her formative years. Her limiting beliefs – she must plan and carry out well if she wants to achieve the perfect result.

Now, let’s move forward and apply the advanced EON techniques. Like the barbeque analogy used earlier, there are multiple 9s in the chart implying strong Wood element. The tendency signs suggesting a person who’s greedy, fears of losing out or having competitive attitude, feeling emotional, often stubborn and showing hard-headed attitudes, and thinking of unrealistic and impractical ideas. Liana might display these traits in her behaviours and actions.  In the Five Elements principles, strong Wood can affect Metal. This implies unnecessary worries and mental apprehension. The health signs include having respiratory-related symptoms (like breathlessness, anxiety, migraine, pneumonia, and sleep deprivation), liver- and diabetic-tendencies, and gout.  Strong Wood could also affect the Fire (symptoms include low blood pressure levels, constipation, and deficiency in Qi energies)

FEN_Lvl1_Basic_201503_21_28I have shared with the recent FEN (Five Elements Numerology) Level 1 (Basic) students on the visualisation techniques where they can identify most, if not all, of the traits that I’ve mentioned earlier. I understand some of you have contacted Wang (my course partner) asking when I’d be conducting the next FEN Level 1 (Basic) class. OK, we’re targeting for a July session…

At times, Liana may behave in serenity and peace of mind states, and friends would look on her as a cool and calm person. However, when her emotions get into action, the destructive and greedy nature streaks are in full force, and it could create unnecessary tensions among her friends. The once composed person is now displaying her far extreme traits – the wild, fearsome, emotional, and temperamental mood swings.

EON_Workshop_LifeCodeI’d like to highlight the potential damaging impact on a person when they unknowingly apply the ‘LifeCode’ vibes consistently. Over a long period, it can be an expensive experience when health worsens quickly. Most PON, UCM, and LifeQuest trainers popularised the ‘LifeCode’ patterns to their students as a lifetime positive, harmonising energiser. These trainers either aren’t aware of the negative influence, or couldn’t care less to tell students because of monetary profits on the sales of their symbolic ornaments. Put aside the LifeCode patterns if you seriously consider your health is more important. I’ll share the underlying reasons at the forthcoming FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class in early May if you’re attending. I will show how you can apply practical (and often free) methods to manifest the positive energies. Do contact Wang ( if you like to attend the May session.

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FEN Level 2 (Advanced) course – May 2015

From an advanced EON principles and on health matters, Liana has to take care of her health and go for regular medical screenings and check-ups. There are tendency signs suggesting she might fall into the ‘high-risk group’ of people with oncology and urological health issues. Besides, she’d be facing the ‘Double Effect Year’ vibes next year (2016) which means the more she MUST go for medical check-ups and mammogram screenings now to check her health state. Regular meditation and other calming exercises could help reduce the emotional tensions. Doing more humanitarian or charity works might help dilute the negative energies in her.

NSQ_LianaLet’s look at Liana’s NSQ chart for an alternative and complementary analysis. Some EON traits I’ve mentioned earlier are present in her NSQ chart. What’s more – it re-enforced the tendency signs suggesting a person who’s fast in framing her thoughts and planning the steps to realise her goals, and the strong determination in carrying out her plans. She might not finish or complete many of her plans. The tendency signs suggest the lacking of perseverance, responsibilities, and sustainability in her focus. The empathetic and mental intelligence strengths are weak and these could incite the ‘over promising, under deliver’ habitual actions. The ‘Behavioural Impulse’ signal suggest strong signs of pride, stubborn attitude, abrupt and wavy thoughts, feeling inferiority and sensitive, and overconfidence.

I hope Liana would not display many of the negative traits and experience the health symptoms mentioned. Anyway, making a lifestyle shift could help Liana become a more controlled and focused person. Exercising regularly and controlling her emotions and tempers could make her a happier and healthier person.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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