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Steven recently met a friend (Gary) who’s willing to invest in a business partnership between them. Steven was excited and texted me recently as he wanted to know more on his business relationship with Gary from a profiling perspective.

Steven: In your free time, please check this for me… Somebody that I’m going to do a partnership with.

Ron: Partnership looks good but hasty type. Promising but roller coaster experience with fast up$ and down$. More for short-term goals. As long as you can focus on original mission, should be OK.

Steven: How is he as a person?

Ron: Reckle$$ but in$piring

GOOD_RELATIONSIn a relationship, be it for social or business, it’s equally important to identify potential positive and negative vibes present in the charts. This allows you to know the person’s character strengths and the combined vibes when together. Take the case of Steven who coincidentally has similar birth chart to Eric whom I had done a case study article “Checking on Financial Standing. Steven might experience similar traits and events as Eric although the similarities could vary because of family upbringing, cultural and self-beliefs, social values, life’s purpose, and the person’s moral obligations.

Gary is an intelligent person and is blessed with both the book-smart and street-smart character intelligence traits. At first, he might have some difficulty in elaborating his thoughts (and visions) to others in sensible ways. The reason – he wasn’t clear about the other person’s characters and sincerity. Others who don’t know him may assume Gary to be a quiet, sensitive, and introvert person.  But once he’s convinced there is common values of both parties, he’s able to transform his vision and ideologies clearly. Gary’s friends prefer his extrovert, chatty, and confidence traits as that’s where he can get the ‘business and financial’ seeds planted and pollinated. The 3-9-3 [Fast-Success-Fast] pattern in his birth chart shows a person that is quick in transforming his passions, creativeness, and actions into reality. With the 6-9-6 [Money-Success-Money] in locations V-W-X, it implies Gary has the mental intelligence attitudes to achieve the success needed. More often than not, that mental strength helps grow his financial wealth too.

CaseStudy_Steven_GarySo when Steven met Gary, there are ‘sparks’ flying around with the multiple 3s present in their “Relationship / Compatibility Chart.” No, it’s not that loving and sensuality sparks couples would feel but the strong passions and common interests both had in realising their visions, and the way they plan to achieve their goals. The 9-3-3 [Success-Fast-Fast] and 6-3-9 [Money-Fast-Success] imply potential impending success coming their way even though they might not have taken the first step together as business partners. When they do, the investment they had could easily grow their wealth exponentially higher.

Like the Yin and Yang energies, there is also a downside in the numbers present. We can associate the number 3 to passion and fire. Like the fire on the candle, the burning passion can be short-lived. This means Steven and Gary should focus on short-termed business deals rather than long-termed business. If they are into ‘financial investments’ then they should not follow Warren Buffet’s investment principles closely. It’s not that they could not grow their wealth following Buffett’s style… but their lack of continuation and sustainable passion. Their short attention span could create unnecessary stumbling block on long-term business projects – before they can complete the current project, there are already working on other projects.

ACTIONIn any business venture, there has to be trust among the partners so that they can grow the business together. How do you define trustworthy and how do you identify the trusty trait? Frankly, there is no ‘holy grail’ in asserting we can associate certain patterns with one action or eventual result. To a loving couple, the multiple 3s could imply both are passionate and prefers sexual activities. Their preferred eventual result – the sensual relationship experiences. But you cannot assume a business partners to have passionate fling of similar actions. Even when the passionate vibes are present, it’s more on the common intellectual interests in achieving the eventual result – their successful business relationship.

I noticed strong trustworthiness traits in all numbers, 1 to 9. And I also sensed insincerity and untrustworthy traits in the same 1-9 numbers. When someone told you certain number or patterns imply trustworthy traits, chances are, they don’t understand human behavioural and character strengths well enough. We are unlike the robots programmed to behave and act within certain rules and conditions. As humans with emotions, we behave and act according to our life purpose, limiting beliefs, and what we sees as potential benefits to enrich our life experiences. When our interest in a long overdue project falls, we tapped on our self-beliefs and experience ‘database’, scanning for new ‘meaningful’ projects that could help revive the passion and fast rewards. Our commitment, passion, trust, and dedication in completing the strained project is now of lower priority.

Business partners are similar to marriage partners. Both have common mission and understanding. When one party fails to continue the shared values and work on the company mission, tension arises and relationship soured.

EON_AnswersThere is one unique feature added to the FEON+ software – the yearly compatible chart. When I told Steven he might have met a ‘Qui Ren’ (benefactor or saviour) this year, he readily admitted positively and explained the reasons. I also told Steven the need to manifest certain numbers based on the Opportunities and Challenges chart displayed on the FEON+ software. If you are a registered user of FEON+ software, make full use of the features available to profile a person. If you’re attending the coming FEN Level 2 (Advanced) session in May, I’ll teach you how to use the software features to strengthen your profiling skills. You’ll learn many extended techniques – from basic personality profiling to life-path profiling; and from identifying health conditions to career and academic vibes. Oh, you’ll gain the knowledge to check personal directions and apply the Qi Tapping techniques to maximise wealth and lifestyle enrichment goals. Register now if you haven’t already done so.

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FEN Level 2 (Advanced) course – May 2015

I have received emails asking about the NSQ Profiling class and how we can apply the method for profiling. Can we use the NSQ Profiling method to check on the bonding compatibility of two people? Why not? From the NSQ chart, it shows Steven and Gary can combine their character strengths and harmonise their weaknesses. There are strong determination, mental intellectual, action, and professionalism (including emotional intelligence and shared responsibilities). What they need to act is to work on their plans (like focusing on USPs, blue-ocean strategies) and build up the business knowledge (like strengthening their business knowhow) together.


I’m happy I could include the visualisation technique in the NSQ Profiling method. You’ll find it easy to identify the character strength in their combined NSQ chart. While Steven and Gary are working smart to grow their business and financial wealth, they should include CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) project as part of their business plans.

I looked forward to a rewarding business relationship together for both Steven and Gary, and wish them many happier and satisfying days ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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