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Martin wanted to know more about his finance and career prospects after reading up the recent articles I have posted. My first impression after plotting the chart is that it’s almost similar to the recent case study articles. Anyway, the obvious number patterns in Martin’s EON chart are 8-1-9, 7-5-3, 6-9-6, and 9-3-3.

CaseStudy_MartinLet’s begin analysing Martin’s EON chart by applying the basic EON principles first. The 8-1-9 [Stress-Alone-Success] denotes a stressful and perfectionist person with high expectation in achieving his goals. The 7-5-3 [Support-Obstacle-Fast] denotes a cautious and fastidious person who at times takes things for granted and ended being careless. An oversight action that could result in frequent disputes with others and occasional monetary lost. The 6-9-6 [Money-Success-Money] denotes a person who had the ‘end in mind’ in achieving his goals and is ready to invest the money in any projects without hesitation. The 9-3-3 [Success-Fast-Fast] denotes an impatient but passionate person who prefer short-termed project completion than long-termed ones.

Now, let’s review Martin’s EON chart again from an extended perspective and explore the hidden signs in his chart. Here lies a self-principled and high-egoistic person who only communicate when necessary. He’s fortunate to have both the social and academic intelligence traits. Although he prefers drafting out his own plans, Martin has the fickle-minded habits where his visions kept changing often, resulting in frequent change of plans. Instead of coming up with workarounds, which he is capable of, he prefers changing his plans to adjust to his new vision.

EON_AnswersBy the way, we don’t only associate the 7-5-3 pattern to carelessness, financial lost, legal lawsuits, or bankruptcy. We can also associate them to legal or contractual matters. For example, it can be on a person who’s often handling contracts like a financial adviser, broker, car salesman, and real estate or property agent.

Martin could have relied on his strong intuitive and sixth-sense traits in decision-making. But like the flickering candle, his strong passions might be short-lived. These creates impatience and anxiousness nature, resulting in unnecessary financial spending (and to an extent, monetary lost) because of oversight or carelessness.  Martin’s Life signal denotes the busy nature in carrying out his plan. What this means is the perfectionist thoughts is creating unnecessary hectic lifestyle for him and the frequent changing of plan is making him even more stressful. Relax and ‘stop to smell the roses’ would be a great way for Martin to stay calm and focus on his goals without the ‘crazy busy’ schedules. Perhaps just focus on his plans and let others carry them out and giving them the trust and confidence would be an ideal way for a win-win outcome.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyMartin was facing the “Double Effects” vibes last year with the double 7-5-3 patterns criss-crossed on the M-O-Q and N-O-P locations on his PY2014 chart. With the 3-3-6 [Fast-Fast-Money] present, it could imply a rollercoaster-like effect towards his financial state. Money comes and goes out quickly, and because of his anxiety and oversights, there are tendencies suggesting financial lost or legal entanglement. On the other hand, there are tendency signs suggesting his ‘sensuous’ behaviours last year (when showed) could result in relationship strains and disagreements. Probably related to ‘Vitamin MMoney matters. His career might also be affected somehow, and the tendency signs suggesting some career or contract closure, or reassignment of job roles.

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FEN Level 2 (Advanced) course – 9 May 2015


TCONTROL_FINANCEhis year, Martin is in a cautious mode and spending his time to help others, a risk he’s willing to take and treat the challenge as opportunity instead. Martin has to be cautious of his career as there might be gossipers and back-stabbers affecting his career path. He could have felt some improvement on his career vibes this year, but it might again be short-lived as there are not-so-positive signs present in his PY2016 chart. Martin needs to be more attentive, and read the fine prints before signing documents. If possible, he should avoid becoming a guarantor for someone else and not directly involved in any short-termed business ventures. Sure, he can be an investor and ‘sleeping partner’ and let his working partner handles the daily business matters.

On health matters, Martin has to take care to control his blood sugar level as there are tendency signs suggesting he might fall into the ‘high-risk group’ of people with diabetic-like symptoms. In addition, there might be instances where his bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels are high. So keeping healthy regime and taking healthier diet is important.

nsq_sampleNow, let’s analyse Martin’s chart using the NSQ Profiling method. His character strengths include planning and mental intelligence. The ability to conceptualise his plans and rely on his creative and mental intelligence to draw up ideas. He’s like a visionary in a way but the lack of empathy and emotional intelligence could create unhappiness on others. His pride, arrogance and imprudence nature could influence how others determined his character. Besides, as said earlier, his passions are often short-lived. There are tendency signs suggesting lack of determination and willpower strengths. Martin can be a good initiator of new projects. His commitment and sustainability midway through the project may be hard as he’s likely to be distracted by other ‘projects’. However, the goodness is… like the perfectionist traits in him, he’s always ready to complete and close the project.

FEN_COURSEThere are signs in his PY2015 NSQ Chart showing the renewed determination traits. There are high chances for Martin to carry out his plans this year. He could start and complete his plan with minimal distractions. But first, he has to prioritise his plans and decide which plan should he committed and focused on, and take up the responsibility to ensure he act on his plan and completed them on time.

Once Martin could adapt and change his behaviours, attitudes, and habits positively, there is likelihood the negative vibes could be subdued. Eventually, he might face a more challenging but positive experience soon.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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