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Early this week, I posted an article “On marriage strains” and share some of my observations on John’s marital relationships based on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. The article was a follow-up to an earlier article “Analysing the Personal Year “ that I’d posted after Alice emailed me about her concern for a friend who seemed indifferent to his increasing debts and bad social habits.

Alice emailed me yesterday and wrote, “Just finish reading your analysis. Again, your observation was spot on! It was indeed bad since last year from what I understand. He’s been telling his wife, he will do this but ended up forgetting it and started a fight. Fiery argument and quarrel did happen quite frequent. Non-platonic relationship happened. Even so, he’s stressed over his own personal debt issues. However, I’m glad to know from the reading that things are better for him following few months and next year; and part of his wife heart is still with him despite what’d happened so far. I noticed the 4-3-8 or 8-4-3 pattern, does it mean divorce that everyone is talking about right? It’s these number patterns that scare me.

From what I understand, many external trainers of other numerology methods are still focusing on “fear tactics” to train students on consequential effects that might happen. These poker cards-like profiling provided only one-sided analysis – either it’s good or bad, but not both – and is creating unnecessary stress on everyone. As their students are usually taught to look at pessimistic annotations linked to certain number patterns, the analyses are tuned towards cynical implications as well. Imagine getting the wrong message that there is no hope that they can cling on. Eventually, it’d influenced the person into a despair state – all negative foresights became true since the person was compelled to act and move into that directions anyway.

Our destiny, including many others, are made up of the choices we made. We responded and reacted to different situations based on our perspectives, behaviours, feelings, and thoughts at that moment. That is why we should not always “take everything” that the trainer said. In my previous FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, I have highlighted to my students on the need for them to do judgmental analysis based on their own logical reasoning and experiences. Mapping out both positive and negative influences would allow them to perform non-bias profiling.

Alice was worried about the 4-8-3 (and 8-4-3) pattern present in John’s birth chart could affect him. Furthermore, John had the “Double Effect Year” present on his PY2016 chart. That means, double the impact and devastating outcome. Since Alice learned the PON and UCMHP methods from other trainers, her first thought was John would be divorced. It’s like what some of these external trainers like to emphasise their affirmative conclusions, using the phrase “confirmed, chopped (stamped), and signed” to self-endorsed their foresight abilities that such outcome would surface very soon. Sadly and unfortunately, Alice also made the same conclusions, or had the fear that John might eventually be divorced last year when he had the 4-8-3 pattern in his birth chart, and PY2016 charts too.

What’s the point for these trainers to encourage us to know ourselves better and yet, not allowing an alternative choice and hope for us to change and right the wrongs?

Such naïve thoughts could increase the divorce and suicidal statistics, when it could have been avoided since it’s one life too many. I replied and reassured Alice, “Yes 483/843 does not equal divorce if both parties take control to prevent further heated arguments.” And a few hours later, she replied, “And I regret not taking your advice. I just knew that he went to KTV, drinking, etc., but I am still here waiting for him to pay up the money I loan to him.

We could associate the 4-8-3 (8-4-3) pattern to communication-related issues. Some people with EQ problems, could often turn temperamental, critical, and defensive each time they disagreed and quarrelled with someone else. A husband who treated his house like a hotel (a place to sleep) and becoming oblivious to the home and family members, would eventually find himself drifted elsewhere without emotional attachment on his moral obligations. While it takes two hands to clap, more often than not, most people would prefer the other party to apologise so that they can retain and protect their pride. In a family relationship, tolerance and communication are important, besides the moral obligations and responsibilities. Even when you are right and your spouse is wrong, it doesn’t hurt to stop to listen and understand the reason behind the quarrels. Change your mindset and actions, is often the best remedy. And when you change, the earlier fear of “confirmed, chopped, and signed” impending divorce outcome would soon fade away. Instead, you and your spouse could become better and happier friends, and lifelong partners.

And now back to John… he has to start taking action to get rid of his bad habits currently, and not giving excuses or empty promises that he will do it tomorrow. The multiple 6s present in his PY2018 chart could lead to more money and home related matters, and/or family responsibilities. More money might lead to sudden greed and increasing debts. Focusing on home and family responsibilities could change the hot ambience and quarrelsome atmosphere at home to a joyful and happier place to stay. And whatever it is, multiple 6s could suggest an accident – that means John must take care when he travels. And on the health side, he must learn to curb smoking (if he’s a smoker) and consume less alcoholic drinks (since he likes going to KTV lounge). Otherwise, it could worsen the health conditions with symptoms like lungs’ infection, kidney problems, stroke-like or migraine attacks, pneumonia or breathlessness, heart or chest tension (asphyxia) and higher than the normal blood-sugar level (diabetes), limps (legs or hands) cramped, and over-exertion (addictive sexual activities?) By the way, there are extra tendency signs suggesting John might unknowingly manifest the bipolar disorder and mental illness symptoms, if he isn’t careful.

John must wake up from his dream, and make the choice that could influence his near future. It is a “wake-up” call for him to clear the clutter in his life and the vacuum the mess he’d created. And when he could successfully made a 180-degree transformation, he’d be able to carry out his plans toward positive fruition, achieve better financial accountability, and improve family responsibilities. And a healthier mental state of the mind…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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