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Pat is from Thailand and attended various Power of Numbers (PON) courses conducted by different trainers. She was excited when she noticed she could analyse the charts of her friends and casual acquaintance in Thailand for around two years. In her pursuit to know more beyond the PON methods and recognised its limitations, she chanced upon this Elements of Numbers (EON) website and got excited about the opportunity to learn more and improve her profiling skill sets. She emailed me regarding her career prospect and wondered if she can be a profiling professional.

Let me share some observations on her character and traits first before I discuss on the career topic. Pat has the intuitive and spiritual senses, which imply she might often base her decisions on instinctive and gut feelings. The Root number 5 could suggest a mysterious, profound, approachable, admirable, humane, dare to take challenges, and a magnanimous person at her best. She has the innards ability to express ideas and communicate with others passionately, especially when she feels “connected” to the other person. At her worst are the usual behaviours like stubbornness, hastiness, careless, temperamental, spendthrift, too trusting (gullible), apprehensive, critical, and impatient.

A person with Root number 5 tends to be more inclined towards the metaphysical aspects of life. However, how far they would go to help others whole-heartedly would depend on the influences from other elements and numbers that are present in the birth chart.

While Pat is excited that she could analyse her friends’ charts, her pride and self-ego might sometimes overrule her mental state of mind. The tendency signs are suggesting the need for her to be more humble, tolerant, and be patient, especially when others are talking or making comments. She must exercise constraints during conversations as she might unknowingly manifest the “selective listening disorder” and carelessness symptoms. Once she could stop and listen, she’d realised that it is easy to identify opportunities and visualise new ideas indirectly. And unless she can control her emotions and stay focused, her gullibility might distract her from completing her goals fully.

She has the “smart genes” and is inclined towards the “book smart” character. Today, her intuitive traits are also manifesting the “street smart” genes as well, empowering her to be more versatile, resourceful, warm, caring, and passionate. We could interpret the 8-7-6 as a self-sacrificing person, but the stress could take its toll on her whenever she over-worked and forgot about resting. There is a possibility she might suffer occasionally from ear-related issues, like infection, cuts, ringing, or having the tinnitus symptoms.

There are many other characteristics and traits I could identify, but since Pat’s question is more on her career, I think it’s better to stop focusing on her personality for now. Her Birth Code is just like her life destiny missions. The signs are suggesting the need to exercise more tolerance and patience so that she can lay the foundation to achieve her goal or life’s mission. She needs to express and stay focused so that she can carry out her plans and looked forward to a successful achievement. One more thing, she should learn to bend the rules and be less of a perfectionist if she wants to achieve a happier and successful goal. This year, or rather, from as early as late last year, there are signs of urgency where she might have felt overwhelmed with her profiling skills, and with more demanding people around. There are extra signs suggesting she might be compelled to start planning for her future, stay focus to transform her passions into reality, and to accept the challenges when they surface. And when she could ride along the hidden signs from her Annual Code, she would be able to extend her supporter base easily if she intends to go into the profiling profession. And that brings me to the career topic…

In basic theory, we can identify the suitable type of career and/or business from a person’s Root element. However, as you build the knowledge of the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, you will find this method of checking on a person’s career very limiting. In reality, we all knew that our career vibes varied every year. And it might affect our work attitudes, accountability, respect, drives, and teamwork with fellow colleagues. There are signs Pat might face serious competitions with someone else, and more likely her peers. If she is her own boss, then it’s her business competitors. Others might create problems and obstacles, and these could create tensions and stress. Perhaps that might be one reason Pat is considering venturing into the profound realms of human profiling as a career, if she hasn’t already done so. If Pat yearns to become a profiling professional, she can do it just like anybody else. However, unlike many others, her special traits could make her an exceptional profiler. Given the right techniques and knowledge building, she can look forward to having a successful career.

On a side note – Pat needs to take care of her mother’s health as there are signs her Mom (especially when she’s still alive) might be more prone to falling sick this year. There are health signs like having chest-pain (bronchitis-like symptom), coughing, breathing difficulties, stiff limps (legs, hands, or neck), or higher than usual blood pressure levels when under stress. Pat might face similar health symptoms too, including probable migraines, and sleep apnea. So the recommendation for her is – drink adequate water, rest (don’t think or worry too much) and have sufficient sleep.

I’m aware Pat is anxious to learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. She could consider getting a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to read up on the fundamentals first. And when there’re opportunities for anyone to help me to organise FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes in Thailand, I’ll be there.

That’s my brief analysis on Pat’s chart. I hope you have gathered some useful information in this article.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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