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In an earlier article “Analysing the Personal Year” posted in early Feb this year, I wrote about Alice worrying about her friend John’s debt and responsibilities. I shared some observations on John and briefly explained the need to analyse the Personal Year vibes that might influence or affect a person. A few days ago, I received another email from Alice who wrote, “I would like to say, you are really right on the calculation. I did eventually lend my friend money, and since March, until now, I still have not got back even though he did mention that it would be a monthly repayment. I can’t help but to email you and let you know how accurate your reading [analysis] was. I don’t know if it is possible for you to calculate on this marriage situation.

One of the unique features of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method is the ability to identify the spouse vibes without the need to have the birthdate of the other person. Of course, having the birth dates of the spouse could provide more informative as we’re able to analyse their “Relationship / Compatibility” chart, and identify the yearly vibes that might affect them.

Checking the spouse element and Annual Code involves applying the extended EON technique, and that is only shared in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) Advanced class. I apologise if the terms used are unfamiliar as the extended teachings are reserved for deserving students committed to acquire the EON principles in class.

John’s relationship with his wife this year is similar to the on-off relationship. There are signs of over-promising like the “I’m planning to do this and I’m planning to do that… but I’ve so little time” or  “I will do it tomorrow.” It’s all about sweet talking but little actions. While the wife might be reluctant to believe in him, there is the part in her heart to give him another chance. However, John’s attitude towards money management and debts might create stumbling blocks on his commitments and responsibilities, and these could create unnecessary tensions at home. The tendency signs – frequent quarrels and fiery disagreements. And yet because of the on-off happy-quarrel relationship situation, it became a stressful and tiring process when John and his wife are together. While both could look forward to more positive visions of success, the frequent nagging could trigger repeating family disputes.

The Annual Code is suggesting the need for John to think before he talks to his wife. John might have the habit of talking fast without considering the consequences and effects of his words and promises. As a result, there might be frequent disputes when discussing the topic of money and family/home matters.

There are signs that John’s relationship with his wife was bad last year, although it’s improving slightly better this year. While there are signs of positive outlook for John in the following few months and next year, nothing much would have changed unless he curbed his spendthrift habits, started repaying his debts, and be sincere and more responsible to his wife and children. Changes have to start from within which means going for professional counselling.

One more observation – John must work hard to stay faithful, strengthen the trust of his wife, and have the regular common chit-chats with her if he wants to maintain a happy family. As the sexual vibes and deprivation are strong, it is important that John practice self-control and sensibility. That’s because the tendency signs are suggesting John might be involved in a separate, non-platonic relationship with another female person – a potential transgression and probably involving money matters too.

The signs are there. However, it doesn’t imply John or anyone having an identical chart will face similar experiences, especially when he’s in control over his emotions and life destiny. And if John isn’t, then the more he needs to realign to set his life purpose back on the right track, on his own.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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