On Kim Kwang-seok

I was watching the Hidden Singer on Netflix recently where contestants with similar voice-alike abilities have to compete with the original singer in the music TV show. In one of the episodes, contestants have to compete with Korea’s legendary folk-rock guitarist and singer, the late Kim Kwang-seok. Thankfully, the Netflix telecast version included the English subtitles as I don’t understand Korean beyond the “annyeonghaseyo” (hello) and some simple words. One thing that mesmerised me was the music and songs sang by the late Kim Kwang-seok. It doesn’t matter whether we understand the lyric of the songs played as music is “universal.” The episode was a tribute to Kim, and I could feel the sadness, worries, and pessimistic outlooks in his songs and singing.

I was curious to know more about Kim and found out he committed suicide and died at an early age of 32, on 6 January 1996. Although there were conspiracy theories leading to his death, there aren’t any conclusive closures.

In today’s article, I’ll share brief observations on Kim’s personality and character, and what might have led him to commit suicide. I’m analysing the tendency signs present in his EON charts by applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles. Once again, and as in many of my previous articles, I hope you will learn a useful lesson on how I’d interpret the charts from an EON perspective. Oh, by the way, let me put some disclaimer here – while it might look like a new conspiracy theory to some people, no one knows for sure what had happened that contributed to his death.

From an EON perspective, the first few areas that might have led to suicidal thoughts would be the emotions and mental thoughts. That said, we could correlate that to the Metal (numbers 1 and 6) and Wood (numbers 4 and 9) elements. Of course, we also have to consider the strength of the Root element of the person, especially when it’s neither Metal nor Wood elements. I have included two chapters (pages 81 to 143) covering the Five Elements principles and how it could affect us, in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I’d encourage you to read the two chapters again to gather more insights into the interactions between the elements – controlling, repelling, and the strong Self element– that would come handy, to reinforce the theories in subsequent paragraphs. Go ahead and buy a copy of my book if you haven’t owned or read it yet.

Let’s look at Kim’s chart. His Root number is 7, and in close proximity in location N is the number 2. In the Five Elements principles, we could associate the numbers 2 and 7 to the Water element. On page 97 to 116, I have described the interactions when the Water element is strong and weak. And on page 123-124, I have listed the characteristics and traits associated with the numbers 2 and 7. For the benefit of those who haven’t read my book, we could correlate the traits of a person having water-like characteristics – like the wavering feelings and mood swings, mysterious, destructive, perplex, and gullible. In addition, there are other more positive traits like charismatic, appealing, and magnetism. These imply Kim could inhibit or displayed such traits before.

We could interpret the 5-2-7 pattern in locations M-N-O as [Hesitation – Expression – Acceptance], [Blockage – Feelings – Sensitive], and [Risk – Singing – Supporters]. The tendency signs include the challenges and inward stubbornness (and fear), and feelings about his life and sensitivities of other people – his supporters, friends, and loved ones. Because of the self-created negative feelings, there is the urge or desire to “release the stress” and “let out the feelings” through his songs. That’s the 9-3-3 pattern which we could also interpret as [Visions – Critics – Passions]. From another perspective, Kim might inhibit the wild thoughts of achievement and innovative visions. However, he might have inferior thoughts and feeling he wasn’t good enough (self-criticism) about his passions. Perhaps that could be one of the many reasons why he preferred having concerts with smaller audience (more personal), and not appearing on TVs that comes with wider exposure.

There are multiple sets of numbers 1 and 6 present in his charts. The number 5, being in close proximity, could transform to exhibit the traits of numbers 1 and 6 as well. These could have further strengthened the Metal elements. It means inhibiting and displaying traits related to Metal element, including worrisome thoughts, innovative, intellectual abilities, self-pride and sacrifices, and mental instability. What this implies is that Kim might have worried frequently over unfounded assumptions, and unconsciously manifest self-inflict sacrificing thoughts that he should have done more, for the sake of his supporters. However, from other perspectives, we could also associate the number 6 to money, stability, and family and home matters. These could imply Kim might have carried heavy burden and monetary responsibilities to take care of his family members and loved ones. On the other hand, it could suggest Kim might have occasionally overspent, influenced by financial greed, or overwhelmed by self-pride.

On 6 January 1996, there are multiple 3s in his Day chart and Combined Day chart. We could associate the number 3 with spirituality and religious inclinations. Perhaps Kim might have come to terms with his spiritual self, to settle his problems on his own, by ending his life.

Now, putting all conspiracy theories aside, let me share more EON insights which while it might sound speculative, were based on my observations and interpretations on the tendency signs present. The multiple numbers 4 and 9, being Wood elements, could manifest the emotional and suicidal thoughts. The combination of numbers 1, 4, 6, and 9 is similar to the WoodMetal element interaction where Metal controls Wood (think of chainsaw cutting trees) based on the Five ElementsControlling Cycle; and when Wood is strong, it can repel against Metal (think of the blade of a penknife broken when trying to cut on hard wood). As the strengths of Metal and Wood vary according to the periodic vibes, this implies frequent MetalWood element clashes. When we correlate that to human traits, it means mental stress and emotional thoughts – worries unnecessarily (like mental craziness, inferior complex, and pessimistic) and withdrawal symptoms (emotional stress and suicidal inclinations, like the knife cutting hand).

Next, self-destructive thoughts and health symptoms don’t happen overnight, and any suicidal plan is usually pre-planned. We need to check on the preceding years before his suicide, that is, on Kim’s PY1995 and PY1994 charts as well. And surprisingly, Kim’s PY1994 chart has the double criss-crossed 5-1-6 patterns, which further strengthened the mental thoughts. In addition, the WoodMetal clashing signs are present too, with the numbers 1-4 and 6-9 interactions. From the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective and based on the elements present, there is a possibility that Kim might have suffered some form of mental health conditions (mental illness) around 1994. Over time, these could gradually manifest the emotions and suicidal thinking. Hence, it is important for loved ones and close friends to learn to identify signs, and observes the sudden changes in a person’s behaviours and attitudes, especially towards his or her life purpose. The 2-7 patterns in his PY1995 chart could imply manifested wavering feelings, and other traits mentioned early in this article. In addition, as we associate the Winter season with the Water element, the sensitive and fearful feelings are further strengthened. And that could compel Kim towards the suicidal thoughts, and he made the unfortunate final decision on 6 January 1996.

Although Kim Kwang-seok is gone for more than 10 years now, his legacy and music would forever be remembered.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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