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I received an email from Zachary (from Johor, Malaysia) who wants to learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. His interest in EON started after watching “Datuk Dr. Anas” appeared on a TV programme aired on the Malaysia’s TV3 channel. According to him, the Datuk had attended the Power of Numbers (PON) course conducted by Dr. Oliver Tan.

Zachary’s interest in EON grew stronger as he started reading and digesting the articles posted here. Zachary aspired to be a numerologist one day after analysing hundreds of case studies.

Zachary has provided a birth date of “Sam” and wants to know whether his analysis is in the right direction. One point to take note – there is no right or wrong analysis as it all depends on the issue and focus we are looking at.

I will focus more on the observations Zachary has made. If you need to know the steps to profile a person, do refer to the topic “Interpreting the Birth Chart – 1” on page 63 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”.

Zachary mentioned the number patterns 1-2-3 and 3-2-1 as good communication skills. He is right in his observation since the patterns do have the tendency traits for it – 1 [Leader], 2 [Communicate] and 3 [Fast].

How good a communicator is mainly depends on the person. Some of them could be good communicators or persuasive talker while others may have problem getting their message across effectively even though they “can talk well and fast”. The financial returns vary between individuals since the resultant number is 6 [Money; 1+2+3=6].

Zachary mentioned the 5-7-3 as a “VIP” number, and is “compatible when dealing with VIP people”. In PON, the 5-7-3 is associated to having wealthy friends or associates who are mainly from influential or high-class status. Both can take advantage of each other’s connection for personal gains.

This may not be entirely true for many cases when applying the EON method. What’s important is to identify other areas of concern when such number pattern appears in a birth chart or Personal Year chart. There are many people (with the 5-7-3 in their chart) who do not have rich or influential friends or associates; but have “financial difficulties”, lose money, or involved in legal battles (not always necessary ended up as a bankrupt). Do a search on “5-7-3” on this site and read the articles for more information.

As explained in previous article, you need to move beyond the number pattern and focus more on real-life applications. Having a rich and VIP friend is a bonus. But can they come forward willingly to help you whenever you are in need? For all we know, they may have their own “financial problems” too. So, what is important is YOUwhat YOU can do to change positively and be who YOU want to be.

According to Zachary, the “1-1-9” is about “self or loner; or reach victory by self”. In PON method, the number pattern 1-1-9 is [Alone-Alone-Success]. In EON, we can also associate them with the tendency to be a strategist, shrewd businessperson, “show off”, and “forceful but evasive” communicator. We also need to look beyond the physical numbers and its associations. Focusing on Health is important too. How successful they can be mainly depends on how well they can control and balance their emotional and mental stress.  

Zachary mentioned Sam having the “sixth sense” because of the 4-5-9 number pattern. The 4-5-9 (and 5-4-9) is about risk-taking where decisions are mainly relying on gut feelings and not based on intuition. Although Sam has the “sixth sense” and “spiritual senses”, I don’t associate it to the 4-5-9 (or 5-4-9) patterns. Sam’s intuitive and spiritual senses may be stronger this year as well.

Now, there are other areas Sam has to take care of, especially on his health. Sam has to control the sugar-intake in his diet, and take less fried and oily food to prevent having health problems related to cardiovascular and diabetes. He should also cut down on his smoking if he currently smokes. He should learn to relax and control his negative stress as it may affect his relationship with his family. Apart from regular moderate exercise, balanced diet, he can also consider taking health supplements (as preventive medicine) to reduce the “free radicals”, toxins and oxidative stress in his body.

When you dare to ask and clarify assumptions, you will learn faster and can expand your knowledge easily. It can become a life-skill for you. Zachary has the right attitude and potential to be more than a numerologist – he can be a “personality consultant.” Zachary could strengthen his curiosity mind to understand the fundamentals and principles of EON, with proper guidance. All he needs now is the persistency, focus and patience when learning EON.

Don’t rush – learn the basics of walking steadily first before trying to run.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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  1. zelldell says:

    Great and brilliant analysis..and this make learning on numbers getting awesome.All people out there need to read all articles here by Ron coz i have seen this EON are great to learn.All things in the universe has its vibration and attraction by the power and the elements of numbers..observe more you will get more…believe me.i had experienced it.

    Bravo Ron..positive matters will attract positive charges.

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