Sparkles and Fizzles for Nicholas and Cecilia

I admit. I was curious to find out why the relationship between the two Hong Kong celebrities Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung has strained deeper this year.

For a start, let’s look at their Birth charts, and specifically on their combined Relationship Compatibility Chart.

There’s a lot of passion when they are together (multiple sets of number 3). Like the “candle in the wind”, the flickering sparkles and passionate flames provide insecurity, sensitivity and tension along the way. Multiple 3s, when present, can also denote “short-term” relationship with too many “imagining” sparks around.

Everything was like a fairy-tale story, with fireworks throwing out a shower of sparks, brightening the dark skies and giving them the Cinderella hope of everlasting love. In reality, most fairy-tale stories are just fictions. For the couple, the magical everlasting sparkling love could not last long because of “distracting wind blowing” from directions of external parties. The burning light from the candle soon fizzled out once the “wick” fuel is gone.

Let me highlight that I’m not implying their strained relationship was caused by 3rd-party affair. I’m only explaining the tendency signs that may happen based on the numbers present in their charts. For example, the multiple 2s and 7s present in the Relationship Compatibility chart could denotes charismatic appeal, sensual desires and sexual intentions. When these numbers are external, it could imply external desires or influences. Perhaps you may want to gather more information on the numbers 2 and 7 by checking out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”.

The 8-4-3 is present in their Relationship Compatibility chart. This could imply general strained relationship with another party. For a married couple, it could imply separation or divorce, at the extreme case. Both Nic and Cecilia must exercise tolerance, and communicate with each other truthfully if they want the family to stay firmly together. In typical separation or divorce cases where the couple has young children, the kids are eventually the ones who’d suffered most. Let’s hope they could find another source of revitalising energy to reignite the loving and passionate sparks they once had when together.

If the 8-4-3 appears in your Relationship Compatibility chart, don’t worry. Getting too emotional may affect your mental state and your heart. As long as you understand the power of adaptability, tolerance, truthfulness, and gives each other “breathing space” and blessing, there’s no cause for alarm.

So, relax and calm down if your Relationship Compatibility chart shows similar sign. Don’t get preoccupied and worried with the negative signs. Manifest more on the positive signs for a happier result.


Now that we’ve discovered the general sign of 8-4-3 in Nic and Cecilia’s Relationship Compatibility chart, let’s focused on the key question. Why were there increasing fiery tempers and sparkling smokes this year that blurred the loving fairy-tale and magical visions they once had?

The tendency signs suggesting a deeper relationship strained this year were not obvious, even though we could see the 8-4-3 in their Relationship Compatibility chart. Their Personal Year charts don’t show obvious signs too.

I was curious, and quickly plotted out their charts about two weeks ago. I could not identify familiar patterns by plotting their charts using standard analytical approach. Then the “intuitive energies” came, and I began to plot a unique chart. I smiled. I plotted the unique chart for other couples. I may have discovered another method to identify tendency signs of the relationship state a couple may experience in a particular year.

I know many of you are eager to know the method. My observations are preliminary and inconclusive. I need to do more research before I can share the technique with you. Bear with me for the moment, OK?

Until then, keep practising using the EON method to expand your analytical profiling skills. Take charge of the 8-4-3 in your life, and continue to live the happy life you have with your loving ones.

Have a Happy and Healthy Weekend Ahead!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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