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It’s all fated,” so you heard the fortune-teller said. Do you believe in their forecast? That everything happens for a reason. That your life, your encounters, your successes and failures, and your experiences – these are all predestined and fated. 

Your FATE lies with you and not in the hands of other people, especially the fortune-tellers. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. You must seek your own happiness – be it for better health, wealth, or marriage – and change your destiny to the life goals you desire. Many old people regretted missing out the many lost opportunities in their earlier years. You should not be like them. You should stop and smell the roses, and fine-tune your life journey and walk along the positive path happily.

I was (sort of) disappointed after reading this online articleIs Lin Chi-ling destined to stay single?”. It’s disappointing to tell Lin she could experience “unmarried” life path, or married to someone much older. The fortune-teller could be influenced by popular celebrity gossip magazines or websites characterising on younger women marrying elderly man as current trend, and often associating their nuptial bond to the female thirst for money, status, power, and prestige.

The fortune-teller could also have relied on “old-age theories” and information gathered from classical profiling books. The fortune-teller must update his profiling knowledge and consider the world we live today which is far different from old times. Women these days can take charge of their life and destiny, and they don’t need to depend on man to survive on their own.  It’s bad and unfairly to character assassinate a person. We shouldn’t stereotypes all women who married much older men. Many women married for love, and they still continue to enjoy their happiness and togetherness.

CaseStudy_LinChiLingLet’s look at Lin’s EON chart. OK, I’ll be frank – I can’t identify tendency signs correlating to the spinster pattern and don’t intend to because creating such stigmatism on others is irrelevant. Sure, there could be tendency signs suggesting a person could be easily influenced and fall into the “high-risk category” but that doesn’t guarantee a “confirmed, chopped, and signed” affirmation that these people SHALL BE spinsters in their lifetime.

Let’s analyse Lin’s chart using the Life Profiling approach by applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. By the way, I’m noting the tendency signs present in her chart. It doesn’t imply Lin may have the traits (negative and positive ones) I’m about to describe. Her behaviours, habits, mindsets, and actions are influenced by experiences, family upbringing, cultural and shared values, and environment.  You may also want to check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to analyse her personality traits.

The 4-3-7 in locations M-N-O of the Birth chart suggest a person who could easily plan fast to impress others, and often taking fast action to gain quick success (1-2-3 in locations P-Q-R) and enrich their material wealth. The multiple sets of 2 imply a gentle person who can communicate well with others. We can also associate the number 2 to traits like expressive, gossiping, attractive, charismatic, and deceptive (like the common phrase “still water runs deep”).

Influencing VibesThe tendency signs of 6-6-3 [Money-Money-Fast] in locations S-T-U could suggest the need to explore on quick moneymaking initiatives. And the 4-5-9 in locations V-W-X could suggest the ‘gun-ho’ attitude in recognising opportunities and challenges to achieve the wanted life goals (1-2-3 in locations I-J-N).  It could also suggest increased emotional tendencies. The influencing vibes are affecting her. These are more obvious last year (PY2012) because of the increased emotional and temperamental mood swings and negative vibes. Occasionally, she could be thinking of “giving up hope” and “leaving all to fate.” She could have experienced a stressing and emotional period last year unless she took steps to control and manage her emotions and anger. She must always remind herself that material wealth does not bring true happiness, and the urge to make more money (especially next year) would be tempting.

From a different perspective, we can also correlate the number 6 in her chart (1-2-3=6, 6-6-3) to the urge to start a family and a home. The tendency signs are more prominent this year (PY2013 chart) as the 4-6 [Plan-Home] could spark off the wish for marriage. She has to decide between career and husband (or boyfriend). Well, she could create a work-life balance between career and family for a happier experience. There are signs affecting her financially this year. She has to be extra careful when signing legal or contractual agreement.

She has the intuitive traits but should not let her instinct rules her relationships with others. She needs to communicate more (especially on personal relationships) and work on improving her EQ towards others. Often, no one knows what she wants, or what she’s thinking. There are signs she’s imposing the unnecessary stress (on herself and others) further straining the relationships. Though she’d previous “suitors,” it doesn’t work out well. Could the strong “I’m always right” and self-egotism be the pushing reason that strained previous relationships? Or could it all be because she lacks the FATE traits – Faith, Act, Trust, and Empathy?

What does this mean to her? Simplebe more empathetic and tolerant. Talk less, listen more. And accept other people’s decisions positively. She must learn to let go and be open-minded if she wants a suitable companion whom she can shared her life with. She must not naively believe in the fortune-teller that she’d be living a life of spinsterhood or marry an elderly person. She must take charge of her own life and change her fate by making sure she’s doing the right positive things to live the life she wants. If she seeks a male companion, then she must learn to adapt, adept, commit, and change her habits and mindsets. Thankfully, the presence of a suitable male companion is just around the corner and she must start making plans and chase her life goals now so she can have good years ahead.

Lin can take charge of her life now and make a paradigm shift to remove negative habits. The lonely ‘unmarried’ life predicted by the fortune-teller will not happen once she changed her mindset and attitude positively. Yes, that’s what she needs to do if she wants a happier relationship with her loved ones.

See you at the 8th EON WORKSHOP next Saturday (6th July 2013). You can easily identify more traits by applying the extended EON methods that I’ll be sharing with you at the workshop session. Call McCoy now at 8356-0179 to confirm your attendance.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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