About Debra & Desmond: Knowing Debra

Debra emailed me recently and asked if I could do a case study profiling on her and her boyfriend Desmond. As I have some time to spare in-between my personal projects, I thought I might as well check their charts, treating it as a continuing exercise for me. After all, such analysis (from users who emailed me) would be preferred as I could gather feedback to reinforce my research findings, or to fine-tune the specific profiling aspects. Furthermore, since Debra is anxiously waiting to attend my FEN class, I thought I might give her an early lesson. In many ways, everyone (including you) gains from my posting of Debra and Desmond’s case study article.

Let’s start with Debra’s charts, and analyse using the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. For a change, I’ll begin with health aspects first. There are tendency signs Debra might be in the high-risk group of people with diabetic symptoms, and possibly, an inherited or hereditary condition. It’d be beneficial to her health that she cuts down on sugary food, sweetened soda drinks, and other foods with sugar, artificial sweeteners, sucrose or fructose added. Yes, she must build the habit to control her dietary intake at home and outside too.

Other tendency signs suggested urinary or kidney-related condition that might surface if she doesn’t take care of her health today. One more health sign – the conscious obsession or subconscious habit of making sure things is placed in respective areas. Well, that’s a sign of the OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) symptom.

The basic health symptom, as reflected in her chart, is related to the Metal element. Together with other elements present, we could associate health symptoms like unnecessary worries, mental fatigue, sexual needs, pneumonia, sleep apnea (cannot sleep well), breathlessness, and frequent skin-related (dryness, itchiness, cut) issues. While there may be other health signs, including gout and illness anxiety, present in her charts, I think I’d stop focusing on the health aspects to reduce Debra’s worrisome thoughts. There’s nothing to worry about if she doesn’t experience such symptoms currently. Like the health agencies frequently reminded us – maintaining a healthy lifestyle is recommended for our own health and happiness. Regardless, she must be prepared and take good care of her health now instead of regretting later. Having regular exercises, eating healthily, and a good sleep is important. Investing in health and/or medical insurance is encouraged, besides reminding herself to control her mental, emotional, and temperamental behaviours.

Debra has the “smart genes” present in her charts, and possibly knows how to build her profiling knowledge, while waiting to attend my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class. She has the tendency of a “street-smart” and “book-smart” person, who isn’t afraid to use the 5W1H (Why, Where, When, What, Who, How) analytical approach to seek answers – an important attribute to consistent “root-cause analysis” on human behavioural profiling.

As for basic personality profiling, Debra and others (like you) can always check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more details. And just like many others, you should be able to perform simple personality profiling after reading the book and do case study exercises. You can always read my articles posted on this site for continuing lessons, anytime and anywhere, at no cost.

Now, let’s profile Debra’s chart from an extended EON perspective. As Debra cited “relationship and career,” let’s begin with her career aspects. There are indications Debra might be contemplating of a career change. It could be on her free will initiative for better career path, or something that’s “reluctant” – problems at work that affected her performance or job recognition. If it’s the latter, it could be due to strong competition from her peers, including peers from within the same department or company. That’s when some colleagues are getting promoted or have more recognitions and benefits than she. If it’s about bonuses and remuneration, then there is a likelihood Debra might not get the amount as she’d expected. And if it’s a new job or re-assigned role, she may not get her as much as hoped. Conversely, from a different angle, there might be the case of needing to spend more to prepare herself for the job role. Whatever monetary signs Debra might be compelled to make a change, there’s possibility she might be pondering over them for a while. It’s a risk she has to decide to accept or ignore, on her own. I’ve shared five factors to students in the FEN classes, to allow them to identify the respective favourable vibes for a career or job change. Money (like promotions, bonuses, and salary increments) is just one factor to look at.

There are extended signs like the “Parental Health” present in Debra’s charts suggesting her mom’s health condition might not be as good as previous years. Her mom needs to take care of her hypertension (or high blood pressure) level and digestion. Going for a regular medical checkup would be recommended to ensure her mom is healthy and fit, and her illness controlled.

In my next article, I will share some insights on Desmond, and Debra’s relationship with him.

Until then, enjoy profiling with the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. It’s the only practical method that allows you to profile beyond personality identification and number patterns. And you get a lifelong learning experience through email support, and reading up the articles posted here.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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