Tiger Woods Admits He’s Feeling ‘Awful, Frustrated’

According to a recent article, Tiger Woods’s great turnaround doesn’t seem to be here yet. The golfer continues to struggle to regain his game after his November 2009 sex scandal.


“I just putted awful, really,” he said after the first round of the tournament, which takes place in the Philadelphia suburbs. “It was a very frustrating day on the greens, especially how good I was driving it.”

But whether or not he had a few good moves, the championship golfer, 34, admits it hasn’t been easy for him to focus completely on the sport.


Let us look at Tiger Woods’ Personal Year 2010 chart, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods.

Notice the 6-3-9 and 3-6-9 number combinations. Woods is eagerly trying to regain his fame and success. As a result, he became frustrated and agitated.

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His tactics to getting his life back on track: “When you make a mistake,” he said, “step up to the plate and take ownership of it.”

Yes, he has taken ownership and should move forward… on a free will. “What’s done cannot be undone.” There is no point in worrying too much now. He should learn how to “let go” and “break free” from the negative experiences and thoughts.

There may be an impending contractual disagreement that may result in a Court case next year 2011, if he is not careful. Woods has to exercise precaution and try to resolve the issue amicably, to minimise further damages. There could be a possibility of loss of money as well.

On another note, Woods would be experiencing his “Double Effect” year next year. Will he experience the “Double Blessing” or “Double Whammy”? It’s up to him to take charge of his own life, and what he wants in life.

He should avoid from worrying too much unnecessary, and try not to rush too hard to be back on the golfing glory. The road ahead is bumpy with regular “potholes.” He should take stride and “drive” carefully if he wants a smooth ride. He should focus on his faith and do more charity works – this may help reduce the negative energies. He should not worry too much about regaining the support from his supporters. Once he can overcome his worrying state and remain cool, the road ahead would be uphill, and he can then focus to reach his goals… and wealth around 2012.

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