Paris Hilton drugs charges dropped

According to a recent report, a South African court has dropped drugs charges against US socialite Paris Hilton after her arrest at a World Cup game.


Her publicist told the Reuters news agency that she had been questioned by police but no charges had been brought.

“I can confirm that the incident was a complete misunderstanding and it was actually another person in the group who did it. The case has been dropped against Paris and no charges will be made,” Ms. Hilton’s spokesperson said.


The effects of 7-5-3 (and 5-7-3, or partial) can be disturbing. From Hilton’s Personal Year 2010 chart (PY2010), the 7-5-3 number combination is present, which as explained in earlier posting, refers to many issues including Court cases.

When we have a 5-7-3 or 7-5-3 coming in especially on the Personal Year chart, it is wise for us not to aggravate the matter further when we are involved in a dispute, legally or personally. Either way, the 7-5-3 or 5-7-3 usually means one party is ‘putting’ obstacle to the other party, causing agitation and disagreement. Could the ‘another person in the group who did it’ be doing so intentionally or intentionally? Anyway, let us not waste time speculating about the conspiracy theories, and leave it to the police to seek the truth.

Recently, I had a minor car accident. A car swerved into my lane, scratching the front left bumper of my car. There were some scratches. The driver insisted I was cutting into his lane, and kept saying I was wrong. Somehow my subconscious mind told me to stay calm. I explained to him that if my car hit his, there would be more scratches on his car, and not mine. Anyway, as we both felt the scratches on both cars are superficial, we decided to settle the case privately and amicably, without any compensation to either party.

Later in the evening, while I was waiting for my kids, I plotted the day chart and noticed the 7-5-3 on locations PQR. Gosh! I could have lost more money if I’d decided to lodge a report. I would only have to spend a few dollars to buy cleaning solution to wipe the stains. Most importantly, I’m glad I did not raise my temper and kept my cool that day. It could have been worse, on my wallet and my blood pressure!

Every single day, the elemental influences vary. Certain elements can be stronger or weaker. The strengths of these daily elements do influence everyone. If the day chart has 5-7-3 (0r 7-5-3), there may be a possibility of dispute or disagreement. The other elements present in a day chart may influence how we react to a situation.

In my case, the Fire element (temper, aggressive) is not the strongest on that day when I plotted a combined chart. I had the 1-2-3 as the resultant combination. I guessed “the money I saved is the money I earned.”

Regards, Ron


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