Making Global Forecast, the EON way

I visited Dubai in the mid-90s, and while the weather was hot, I could not recall experiencing heatwave-like temperatures like those I felt the past two weeks. Yes, it was hot and dry in London last week, but much cooler in Exeter, UK. However, when I travel across the English Channel from London to Paris, France for the past few days early this week, it was a different story. The weather was scorching with temperatures going up to be as high as 34C-36C with humidity at 40%. With the ongoing extreme weather, the important asset on hand is not the resilience, attitudes, behaviours, or mindsets. Rather, it is about “staying cool and healthy” by drinking adequate water to hydrate ourselves.

Elsewhere around the globe, many countries are also experiencing extreme weather condition like the heatwave, with people getting dehydrated, heat strokes, and skin burning sensations. We’ve experienced, heard, or read about the forest fires in Southern California, an unprecedented heatwave in Japan, drought in South Africa and India, and other areas. On the other extreme end, there were flooding in Japan and Maryland (USA), and flooding in other countries, including the recent dam bursting in Laos.

What was happening around the world? Are we presently facing the effects of the global warming issues? Can we anticipate the potential effects of climate change and take precautions to minimise the disastrous effects on us?

While it’s easier said than done, forecasting the extreme weather is not an easy task using traditional well-tested methodologies and historical weather information. While the weather experts and scientific researchers have done great and wonderful tasks to help prepare ourselves for extreme weather conditions, sometimes the time taken to pre-warn us before the actual incident happened, is just hours away. In many instances, many people were unprepared to face the extreme weather conditions in short notice.

Can we forecast such an extreme hot weather conditions, heatwave, and even flooding and torrential rains from the Year Chart for 2018? Is it possible to identify such global weather conditions from non-scientific ways that might help people to physically and mentally prepare themselves ahead of time?

From a metaphysics and non-scientific ways, there are different systems available that could be used to identify potential weather conditions on a broader perspective. These methods were used by astrologers and metaphysicians many centuries ago, and passed down to later generations – from countries like China, India, Greece, Middle East, and many others.

Today, there are tendency signs that you can identify – depending on your knowledge and skill levels – by analysing the year’s energies from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives.

There were few searches on “Numerological Predictive Observations” the past few days. While I’m still holidaying and drinking ample water to hydrate myself, I could find some time to share some insights on my yearly forecast article series “Numerological Predictive Observations (NPO).”

There are a few key areas that I’d like to highlight in my NPO article for this year 2018the weather conditions. Click this link to read about the NPO2018 article. I’ve included a graphic image of the potential situations and global events that might happen during the year 2018. Among them are the words like “Heatwave, Drought, Forest Fire…”and “heat strokes, burn, skins” and few others.

People who studied the PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber, and other PON-style of profiling courses knew that the year 2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 2. And when we factored the Five Elements principles, which is the key essence used in the EON method, we could correlate the number 2 as Water element. That implies the year’s energies might be influenced by water-related energies, including the torrential rains and excessive flooding. Anyway, we could correlate the number 8 to the Fire element, but that is not sufficient to associate it with extreme weather conditions.

FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students have acquired the knowledge to identify extra signs in the year’s forecast. They could easily associate the year 2018 with extreme hot weather conditions ever since I have shared the reasons and explained how they could apply the visualisation techniques to gather more clues. Besides knowing how to identify weather conditions and doing their own periodic forecasting, FEN students learned many extended techniques in the FEN WORKSHOP class. These include hidden patterns, Century influence, Double/Triple effects on special days, and many others. And like what I have always mentioned in each class, FEN students could easily derive their own yearly NPO versions or charts, with the knowledge they’ve learned from me.

Identifying potential weather conditions is just one of the many supplementary “by-product” areas that FEN students gained as part of their profiling knowledge. On a separate note, they now know that besides the number 6 (which we associated with money from basic theory), they could easily connect other numbers (like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, or 9) with financial wealth too. This implies a person without the number 6 in lessons taught by other trainers shared in their PON, LifeQuest, UCMHP, and other courses, is not rich. However, from the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, any number can be a wealth number too. And with newly-introduced techniques like EFV FLOW Code (to identify behavioural trend inclination) and UNZIP Code (for focused areas); and periodic codes (for guiding signs), life forces (understanding age-range influences), and many more – FEN students have unique advantage that empowers them to analyse life path influences from broader perspectives, in an easy and fast way.

The 5th FEN WORKSHOP is starting soon on 11-12 August 2018. And like the FEN students who attended earlier classes, their profiling levels have escalated higher than the courses they’ve attended elsewhere before. You, too, can enjoy a wonderful, fun and interactive, and insightful learning experience with me. If you’ve attended PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber, and other similar courses before, I want to share more profiling secrets with you, in class. So register now and don’t miss the opportunities. Furthermore, there’s no need to buy special plaques or ornaments (promoted by trainers from other courses) with rudimentary LifeCode patterns that could provide limited, and oftentimes, detrimental effects over prolonged usage. In fact, you’ll learn remedial solutions in the FEN class as well.

Register now. Besides having more positive and fun learning experience, you’ll get a free copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling(worth S$36) plus a free registered copy of the FEON+ (Android) profiling tool (worth S$36)whilst stocks last.

See you in class on 11th August 2018 (Saturday).

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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