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Vincent, a close friend of mine suggested if I could provide some ‘extra’ information on what I’d be sharing at the forthcoming 7th EON WORKSHOP session on 2nd March 2013. This is besides the general workshop information that I’ve already provided. I thought Vincent’s suggestion was great as it helps me to explain the features of my EON Software and the ‘extra’ methods I’d be sharing at the EON WORKSHOP sessions. It’s like giving out preparatory notes before the workshop starts.

Samuel was one of the lucky users who’d installed my EON Software free. He asked, “Just a suggestion… maybe you can include the Personal Life Code in the software?”

I did not learn the steps to set up the LIFE CODE when I attended the ‘PON Mastery Level’ many years ago. I was disappointed and surprised. “If this Life Code is useful, I’d want to use it to help others improve their lives too,” I thought. The Life Code is a set of four numbers the PON (Power of Numbers) trainers claimed among many reasons, could manifest the harmonic vibes to balance a person’s negative energies that we can identify from their birth chart. I soon found out some people used the Life Code as a ‘cash cow’ for other reasons…

Go ahead if you must and spend your hard-earned money on customised PERSONAL LIFE CODE in the form of ornaments, like lapel pins, bracelets, rings, and engraved LIFE PLAQUES. If it works for you, good and let me remind you it doesn’t work every time. If it doesn’t work for you, too bad. Personally, I feel it is not necessary to invest in these symbolic ornaments once you know the reason. Save the money or give it to charity. Alternatively, you can attend my workshop if you must know the reason. Soon, you’ll know that it’s all about understanding the ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Power of Positive Subconscious Thinking’ manifestations.

I did not include the Life Code (which is easy to construct) in my software as I noticed there are limits and it could create unnecessary heightened health effect if the person is not careful. I had first wanted to add the steps to form the Life Code in my first book but decided otherwise. I felt it could do more harm than good when the person interpreted them casually. I’d prefer to explain the reasons we should not rely too much obsessively on this overemphasized PERSONAL LIFE CODE.

Life Code may work for some AND it does not work for everyone, every time. Some of you could be lucky after knowing your personal Life Code and after spending on symbolic ornaments. And I know there are many of you who’re still waiting for your lucky strikes to come. You can continue to wait. Imagine the Life Code can do wonders to the person who believes in it, and continue to do wonders for them every time. That is a dream you need to wait patiently ‘until the cows come home’ to realise it. Most people are distracted by increasing wealth and quickly forgot what they’ve received are because of the positive work they did previously. It’s not because of the magical numbers in their personal Life Code. It’s because they TOOK ACTION previously to be who they are today.

First, the Life Code can be a functional number pattern just like the general HEALTH SYMPTOMS of a person that you can identify from their birth chart. It’s good to know but it’s not essential. Like the HEALTH SYMPTOMS, it does not allow you to identify the yearly tendency signs that could affect your health conditions in a particular year. It’s just like “Great. So you know you will suffer from health conditions associated to a specific element. And that’s the same signs you will suffer every year… until you die.”


I’ll explain the imbalance effects of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ Life Code on a person (see sample slides) at the workshop. Imagine yourself overwhelmed and burdened by the increasing weight of the piled up negative energies. It’s like taking daily medication your doctor had prescribed without explaining to you the consequential and harmful side effects that may create or manifest other health conditions. A temporary solution with life-long symptoms.

By now, many of you’d have done your case studies profiling many people and celebrities. You’d also noticed that many celebrities suffered health conditions in a particular year that are different from their life’s HEALTH SYMPTOMS. What does this imply? Simple – besides understanding your general life’s health symptom(s), you must take care of the probable health signs that may affect you in a particular year. Once you can identify the yearly health signs, you can then take preventive health care while you chase your life goals. Achieve your next ‘achievement destination’ in a healthy body and positive mind, and not in an ‘unhealthy and sickly’ manner.

I’ll share the yearly health symptoms that you ought to know so you can take proactive steps to improve certain aspects of your health in a year. I’ll also share with you the ‘ANNUAL CODE’ that could provide subtle clue on the incoming influences that may affect you, or what you should do to reduce the negative energies of the current year. You’ll learn the methods to identify these tendency signs at the EON WORKSHOP on 2nd March 2013.

Get ready for a visual experience, with the visually, compelling slides that I’d be using to complement my presentation. I want you to expand your knowledge with the new know-how quickly.

Register for the EON Workshop now!

I’ve spend much resources (time and money) on research, writing articles, website hosting, and self-publishing of my books. The workshop fees would help offset the needed managing cost. Rest assured you deserve to know the extended methods at the EON WORKSHOP. And if you’ve a compatible Android smartphone, you can also get to install the EON software free during the workshop.

Call McCoy at 8356-0179 or email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com to register now.

Get ready to boost up your profiling knowledge on 2nd March 2013, Saturday.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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