Corner Numbers & Golden Triangle Numbers

Somebody posted a search for “corner numbers” and “golden triangle numbers” on my site sometime back. I was puzzled, and a little curious, about what these terms imply. To me, if these terms or the associated number patterns are shared by other trainers, then the more these people should clarify the function and use of the patterns with their trainers, so that they can confidently apply to their analysis.

With the good and positive vibes around and manifested, I soon found out what these two patterns mean, thanks to some new friends who previously attended the UCMHP or LifeQuest courses. Again, I suggested to them to try seeking clarification with their trainers on its interpretations and practicality for better understanding.

And then again, when the curiosity in me sits in, I shared my views with the class, and in the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group. Besides, both patterns, i.e., the corner numbers and golden triangle numbers, are concentrating on the numbers on the  I-L-O locations.  And all three numbers in the three locations must be the identical, like 1-1-1, 2-2-2, or up to 9-9-9.

There is one exception – if there is a 5 in any of the three locations, like 2-2-5, 5-2-2, or 2-5-2, the number can transform to exhibit the traits of 2, as in this instance, according to one trainer. For example, the 5-9-9 in I-L-O of Amber Chia‘s birth chart, could change to 9-9-9 according to the same trainer. However, from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, I’d analysed her sudden career upswing in 2009 was contributed by her earlier actions done during her Double-Effect Year in 2008, where besides the ‘perfection’ patterns (8-1-9-1-8-9), her career element and empowerment were boosted as well.  Anyway, more on the number 5 transformation change later…

I could easily viewed the patterns from a creative perspective. I could call it the Trinity Number – the father (I), the mother (L), and the child or subject person (O). I’ve shared the internal and external influence structures to the FEN students, and identify location O as the action. Then, could I use the numbers or elements present in the Trinity Numbers pattern to interpret the probable influence on a person? Like taking on their inherited vibes from birth chart, annual vibes from their Personal Year chart, the daily vibes from their Personal Day chart, and so on… when the numbers in I-L-O are identical.

Then again, I could call it as a “Shut Up and Listen” number, where locations I and L represent each side of the ears, and location O represents the mouth. In short, could this suggest the communicative, social, interaction, and expressive sides of a person? Like when you see the numbers 2-2-2 in locations I-L-O of a man’s chart, you could assume the person having traits like very talkative, sensitive, possessive, girly or ladylike, with feminine hand gestures, sensuous and playing on the minds, and gossiping. Or tendency to exaggerate or over-hype on facts (towards becoming fake news rather than the truthful ones)? Really, I don’t know.

I could move on and tap on my creative juice to come out with more assumptions, like shifting my focus from the head to the body. Like calling it the “You Are What You Behave” number. These mean locations I and L are the shoulders and hands – the inputs. Like how we used our hands to ‘hold’ the food or water to our mouth. And the location O is the output that represents the lower body, like the need to pass motion (defecate) or urinate, giving birth (for females). That’s to determine how well a person could response or behave under duress stress or pressureWell, it could also be about finding out the intensity level of a person’s sexual drives if number 3 are in I-L-O locations. Don’t laugh – there’s a reason for me saying that, from a different perspective…

I might explore the three locations and identify its significance later. I believed the external trainers sharing the “corner numbers” and “golden triangle” numbers might have their reasons. Maybe, all that glitters in the ‘golden numbers‘ might not be gold, but something else. Anyway, we should not throw out or assumed the two patterns are useless or irrelevant. For all you know, there might be some usefulness in identifying signs from I-L-O locations. And that’s good for me as I’m more in tuned with finding out the underlying reasons, and then sharing them with my students. Maybe, one day I might shout, “Shut Up and Listen” in class, and then explain the underlying reason whenever we analysed charts with identical numbers in the I-L-O locations.

Oh, regarding the number 5 that could exhibit vibes from the same numbers in either I-L-O location. I found it perplexing as there is an intermediate number in-between the locations, like M, N, J and K, separating the numbers in I-L-O. Unless the corner numbers or golden triangle numbers have magical powers or unique features that allow the number 5 to skip over the adjacent number (like in the game of Chinese checkers or Draughts), I reserved my judgement. Anyhow, it’s unbelievable but yet again, there might be a reason why these trainers could discover the pattern and identified the skipping feature. Meanwhile, if you recognise what the corner numbers and/or golden triangle number is all about, besides the usual identification approach to look at issues, strengths and weaknesses, and character of a person, do email me at I can then do some research if time permit.

Finally, I have brought forward the 4th FEN WORKSHOP to 2-3 June 2018 (Sat-Sun) instead of August (or later) as some users have requested for an earlier date and committed their registrations. Register now for the short time-limit early bird offer. Get to learn more useful and practical methods in class, including recognising and understanding the underlying reasons behind certain events (like in Amber Chia’s PY2009), and applying them to your subsequent profiling exercises.

Oh… not the corner numbers or golden triangle numbers, but more on the visual techniques and practical methods beyond number patterns! 

See you at the 4th class…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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