2 sets of 2-7-9 in KLN and VWX

Today, I’m elaborating on the two sets of 2-7-9 patterns in locations K-L-N and V-W-X that someone tried searching for on this site a few days ago.

Foremost, because of the charting design layout I’ve formulated when introducing the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, the advanced functionality and usage are different from the PON and LifeQuest methods, and for that matter, the UCMHP method too.

Oh, if you’re new to the EON method or unsure where the number locations are in the chart, you can purchase the book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” directly from me by clicking on this link. Alternatively, you can get the book free (while stock last) when you attend the FEN WORKSHOP class.

From EON perspective, I’ll consider the locations (KLN and VWX) like the logical flow and symmetrical linkage of our shoulders (IM, KL) to our hands (ST, VX), and to our fingers (U, X) on each side of our body. The end position at X has the direct links with N and V; and on the left side, the location U have the direct links with K and S.

That’s only one of the many ways to visualise the connection links of IJM-STU, and KLN-VWX, which in the earlier example, is about the body. And when we shift focus to other aspects, like parental influence, then we could correlate individual influence from the father and mother.

And if that’s not enough, we could associate each side to the formative and social influences. And the list of associations can go on, like looking at the associated side of two persons in a Relationship chart.

That’s one portion of the visualisation techniques that you’ll find out at the FEN WORKSHOP session, something that’s not shared extensively by other trainers who focused simply on number patterns. To them, the end locations U and X have no direct links at all or insignificant, like VW=X, and worst, in the PON method, the U=ST sequence gave the impression of a somewhat, mismatched asymmetrical connection link. That doesn’t seem logical considering it is an all important and critical part of the linkage in a person’s chart. It could provide extra clues to help us see the impact of an action or the influence that might affect a person.

Today, to many external trainers teaching other methods, the multiple sets of 2-7-9 would be associated with a person who has flirtatious and sensuous traits, and is a definite social escort or mistress, when the chart belongs to a female person. Once more, it is an absurd, myopic view of looking at number patterns and assuming it only has been a one-way, carved-in-stone characteristic. However, like the popular phrase “all roads lead to Rome,” it means that there are more than just one way to look and analyse the numbers in that specific location. Nevertheless, from another “same but different” angle, the 2-7-9 patterns in that locations, could also depict the presence of an up, close and personal female companion in a man’s chart; and that’s besides the wife if he is already married. A transgression act in progress?

You’ll discover more about the visualisation techniques, including the Five Elements principles at the FEN WORKSHOP session. What this implies is that, once you have grasped the fundamentals that I’ll share and explained in class, you could easily associate the 2-7-9 patterns in K-L-N and V-W-X locations to something else, depending on what your focus is. For instance, I could associate that to a career aspect, where you have the support of your bosses; or while your career vibes is great and present, and so is the peer competition from your colleagues fighting for the same promotion. Then again, and from another life aspect, I could associate that with the community spirit of the individual and their ability to persuade, convince, compel, and invoke the feelings of those they seek. Again, it’s not about the mistress or adultery sign, but the diplomatic, charming, magnetic vibes of a political leader, motivational speaker, religious leader, and so on. Those are the strengths of your profiling knowledge, once you understood where the Hidden Patterns are, and could easily identify extra clues on the behavioural and habitual aspects of a person.

In PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, and other PON-style of learning, you simply got to associate the numbers 6 as money (wealth and financial status). Once more, that is a myopic and macro view of identifying signs without analysing from an ‘out of the box’ perspective. It demonstrates the lack of understanding on the Five Elements principles when these trainers only associate number 6 to money. In reality, many successful people – celebrities, Politicians, and business persons – are wealthy even though they might lack the number 6 in the essential locations on their birth chart. Even so, from another angle, you can determine the strengths of a person’s smart genes and the capacity to excel in their academic studies.

The Five Elements principles are the key essence of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. You’ll learn and (eventually) understand about the Yin-Yang metaphor, and realise that you could associate any other numbers (like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, or 9) to money as well, depending on the person’s chart. This means the 2-7-9 patterns in KLN-VWX could also be about money matters. And when you take this knowledge and execute the natural processes and remedies further, you could apply the Relative Directional method, and adopt the “Qi Tapping” approach to harness and optimise the Qi energies from within and surrounding you, to achieve your goals in easier ways. The Relative Directional method allows you to pursue your target in whatever direction, which imply any direction is a good path to go. And after you’ve attended the FEN WORKSHOP session, you’d understand that every day can be an excellent and great day as well, by knowing the interactions of the Universal and Personal energies influencing you. Oh, that’s not all, you will as well know which dates of the month, have special double or triple vibes that could influence you varying; and that you could easily tap on this vibes (on that day) to maximise your life interests.

I have intentionally set the course fee for the FEN WORKSHOP reasonably, as I want to create the value-add and positive learning experience for the students. Generally, FEN students observed the amount and quality of the knowledge that I had shared with them are uniquely different, and often more than what they learned previously at the advanced or practitioner levels taught by other trainers. A “once frustrated and pessimisticUCMHP student and now a “happy and optimisticFEN student commented, “If people don’t see the value you’ve provided, I think something’s wrong with them.” To me, there’s nothing really wrong with those who’ve earlier attended the UCMHP or LifeQuest courses, as they might not be aware of or exposed to the EON method and FEN class. Another major reason is it’s all about the perceived assumption that “you’ll get more value and knowledge out from an expensive course.

Many of these profiling trainers charged higher course fees and exaggerated about their ability to help you “grow your wealth multiple times easily.” So, paying a few thousand dollars for a profiling course is considered a good investment to some users since they would eventually gain more profits later. However, what comes after the class, is not the trainer’s problem. And it’s conveniently pointing to the fault of the student’s due diligence. 

Here’s a real-life analogy whenever users asked me about “sure-win” techniques using the EON/FEN methods for stocks, commodities, or currency investment. If I were to tell you how great cryptocurrency is, and how you can be a millionaire quickly; and that you could easily enrich your wealth and financial status by learning from me, I must be my personal believer first and practise what I preached. I must embrace the phrase “By Example Shall I Lead.” That is to say, I must first invest substantially on cryptocurrency and at present, am enjoying a comfortable and wealthy lifestyle; and I have my personal achievements to show you, and could use my investment credentials to substantiate my claims. Else, I’d just be like one of those charlatan salesperson selling “snake oil” magical health cures. Fortunately and thankfully, not all of these external profiling trainers are like that. But the temptations to charge students at higher price because of “materialistic greeds, laziness, and instant “financial and investment” success; and the demand/supply” factors, are strong and compelling.

I conducted the FEN and NSQ classes to energise my continual passion, something that I have enjoyed sharing – from self-publishing my EON book, posting regular articles for many years, to the free case studies done for people I don’t yet know, but seek my help even though some of them have completed mastery or practitioner levels conducted by these same external trainers.

Life, to me, is not all about the “dollars and senses,” but the quality of life I want to enjoy and share with my family, and others. It’s the pursuit for happiness (and health), and not money or excellence, that matters most.

And for those planning to register for the coming 4th FEN WORKSHOP on 2-3 June 2018, remember to sign up by clicking on this link before 5th May 2018 to enjoy the early-bird offer.

I’ll share the extended techniques on how you can acquire useful and practical profiling knowledge in an easygoing and fun way. Yeah, I promise the enthusiasm from the class would be at extreme high levels, and you have to compete with fellow course mates to have your case-study questions answered in the “live” sessions. At the end of the day, I promised you will enjoy a value-added and rewarding weekend experience with me. And I know, the morning after (i.e., the Monday on 4th June), you will perceive people differently and get to understand them better, and feel empowered to profile a person’s chart in varying ways.

And most importantly, you know that when you call for help, there are like-minded people like you in the lifelong support FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group, who has the same passion to strengthen and improve their profiling knowledge. And not forgetting, I’ll be there to share my views as well, and of course, impart new or complementary methods not taught in class.

Make the right decision for lifelong knowledge. See you in class.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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