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Darryl sent me an email and wrote, “I’m from Medan, Indonesia. I bought your book through my cousin when she was visiting Singapore. It’s a fascinating and detailed book, full of useful information for those who wants to learn the PON and EON numerology. Though I’ve not attended Dr Oliver Tan’s workshop in Medan, I understand from some friends who’d attended the course that much of the materials in your book are from Dr Tan’s PON lessons.

The Book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling"Thanks Darryl for the positive words on my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. Yes, I’ve attended Dr Oliver Tan’s Power of Numbers (PON) courses in 2008. I have also credited him in my book for opening the window to enable me to do my own research on EON. I’ve expanded the notes I wrote while at the PON classes. The extended information like Time of Birth chart and other special traits (not covered in PON classes then) are a result of my EON research, and my knowledge and experiences in other metaphysics systems.

FEN_AdvLvl1My EON method has since evolved to a much different analytical and profiling system today. Just read up my recent articles posted on this site and compared them with your friends’ PON analysis. My focus is to apply the Five Elements principles to the numbers. Many PON trainers and consultants have attended my EON/FEN classes too. I’m glad they are now adapting my Five Elements principles and EON extended techniques into their courses, trainings, and profiling consultations.

Darryl sent me many questions over his excitement on discovering the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I’ll address his first-part questions in today’s article leaving the second-part for another day.

  1. In your 11-Steps method to analyse a person’s personality from the Birth Chart, there’s no specific mention of Steps 9 in location N. Where can we find its meanings? 
  2. Besides analysing a person using the TIME OF BIRTH CHART, have you also tried developing a similar model of profiling system using the PLACE OF BIRTH CHART? I’ve tried searching on the Internet but until now, there isn’t any system to profile people from their Place of Birth Chart numerology. I think it will be easier to have such system apart from Astrology (Western, Chinese, and Indian) which is complex with all their aspects (Conjunctions, Trines, Houses, Planets, and Signs etc.) Besides, not many people knows their birth time unless they checked with their mother. 
  3. I’ve checked my birthdate. I found my missing numbers are 4 and 7. I also have two sets of 1-8-9 combinations in K-L-N and V-W-X locations. Any suggestion from you? Perhaps you can check and give me some insights and suggestions. 
  4. Do you have plan to conduct EON Workshops in Indonesia? Dr Oliver Tan has conducted several PON workshops in Indonesia, especially in my home city, Medan. I believe many people will benefit from your EON system.
  • CaseStudy_Darryl11-Step personality analysis

I have described the eleven steps to analyse a person’s personality on page 63 of my book. This 11-step profiling provides users a quick and fast way to analyse a person. I’ve stated location N for Step 9th. This is single number/location that needs special attention as we can reference it as a key external influence on a person. In Darryl’s chart, the number 9 is in location N. So, for Step 9th, all he needs to do is to identify the traits and characteristics associated to number 9 from my book. On an extended EON analysis, we can also associate the number 9 to a success-orientated person often with high ambitions. At times, they could be unrealistic in setting goals and targets. They also have the competitive, stubborn, ‘thick-skinned’, conservative, insecure, and sensitive feelings. I’ve shared the Visualisation technique during my EON Workshops and FEN course lessons with students to identify extra traits associated to the numbers 1 to 9. Perhaps Darryl may consider attending my workshop or course in Indonesia the next time when I’ve scheduled them.

  • Place of Birth Chart

I was intrigued when Darryl mentioned having a ‘Place of Birth’ chart for expanded analysis. I told Darryl I’ve not explored on this area yet. I’m still researching to improve EON to provide clues to different life aspects. I felt there are more questions than answers (for now) I need to research and ascertain the feasibility to develop a Place of Birth chart. For example, how do we define the place of birth? Can we use the exact longitudes and latitudes or using the city for centralised location? Do we know the exact location when the baby is born? If the baby is born on a plane over international waters, how do we define the location or the country of birth?  What if the place of birth does not exist now due to housing redevelopment projects and how do we find out the geographical location?

SG_mapPerhaps I could be looking too deep ‘into the box’. I agreed it’s an interesting subject that can spur further research. I felt the need for consistency when defining the rules on ‘place of birth’ first. Take the case of Singapore, it’s easier to say to use the geographical centre location of Singapore as the location because of the country’s small ‘little red dot’ size on the world map or globe. It can be harder to define the rules for larger countries like Indonesia. For example, a quick check using Google Map shows Indonesia land size stretches from Banda Aceh in Sumatra to Papua. And to use the central geographical location of Indonesia may have varying answers depending on who you asked. Drafting a working ‘Place of Birth Chart’ might be hard but not impossible when the time, focus, mind, and vision are in tune. Perhaps one day I can discover a way….

Every metaphysics methods has limit. We can rely on other metaphysics systems like Feng Shui to complement the analysis. Darryl can use Indonesia’s general location on Earth to find out the Qi energies that could influence a person. He can also factor in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, and the Seasonal weather between different cities or states in the country. And if he knows the place of birth well, he can also use Feng Shui LandForm method to identify the ‘dragons’ and find out the energies around.

  • Time of Birth chart

Time of BirthThe Birth chart could provide many obvious signs on a person’s outward traits and characteristics. I felt the need to identify hidden and subconscious traits that a person may unknowingly inhibit. I felt there is a need to find the hidden traits a person might show out when exposed to certain conditions. The Birth Chart is like the 3 pillars (Year, Month, Day) on a typical Bazi chart. You can still analyse a person. But with the Time of Birth chart, you can identify more clues. Yes, not many people knows the exact time of birth. What if you don’t have the exact birth time?

Here’s one workaround – use only the general hour of birth to analyse. Instead of pondering whether it’s 10:25am, 10:30am, or even 10:50am, just use 10am or 11am as the hour and ignore the minutes. What if someone tells you that it’s between 12pm to 2pm? Well, you can always plot different hour of birth like 12pm, 1pm, or 2pm and see if you can identify hidden traits that coincides with the person’s behaviours or actions. And it’s so much easier now with the FEON+ software to plot multiple hours of birth for analysis. The purpose of identifying traits in the Time of Birth is to find extra clues. It does not replace the Birth chart analysis.

  • Missing Numbers

HiddenPatternsDarryl has the missing numbers 4 and 7 from his Birth chart. This imply the need to carry out his plan and strategies instead of just planning and talking about making plans. He needs to start taking action to carry out his plan. He needs to focus on the positive aspects of number 4 – stay focused, calm, and control his emotions and tempers. We can associate the number 7 to social responsibilities, networking and community bonding, spread around philosophical insights and knowledge sharing. Learn to trust others and show your trustworthiness to others. Hmm, perhaps he can consider helping me organise EON/FEN workshops in Medan.

Whatever it is, Darryl has to take care of his health especially his immune and respiratory systems. Avoiding or reducing the urge to smoke or binge drinking would help improve his health. Cutting down on meaty, fried, and oily diet would help ease the digestive problems. I’d encourage Darryl to go for regular health check to ensure his cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar level are at acceptable healthy level.

  • EON Workshops in Indonesia

If Darryl or anyone staying in Medan, Jakarta, or any other cities in Indonesia can help me organise the EON/FEN workshops or courses, send an email to me at Suntzu2796@gmail.com. We can discuss on the schedules and preparations. I’m also looking for anyone who can organise EON/FEN courses in other countries including Australia, India, Asia, Europe, Canada, USA, and any country where Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics are popular. My intent – to provide an comparable and easier method on human behavioural identification, character analysis, and life path profiling.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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