Ninety-Nine Knives

Today’s article is not about the ninety-nine sets of knives, or anything connected to the kitchen cutlery sets, weapons used for brutal killings, medical scapel tool for operations and surgeries, or just a handy tool for paper sculpture and craft works.

I noticed there were searches on this site for “9-9-9, Effects of 9-9-9, Joint Union of 9, Joint Union of 9-9-9, and MNO-9-9-9” recently. Most likely, the person(s) who did the search could have attended some other courses (like UCMHP or LifeQuest) and unable to comprehend what they’d learned in class, or just want to find out more if I had posted articles on such number combinations from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives.

First, we could interpret the 9-9-9 as [Success – Success -Success]. With the abundance of successes, there is strong tendency for the person to venture into extreme ways. They might pursue their plans to make even more successes. As a result, they become more competitive with the “I win. You lose” mindset, the aggressive fighting spirit and relentless pursuit for excellence, and high aspirations and sometimes with impractical goals. They could often work on boastful and pretentious marketing strategies, strive for perfection, and applying the brutal and forceful “bully” tactics to remain at the top, and remain as the “leader of the pack.” When you loosely put these traits and actions into a normal person, it just means the person might be a “victim of their own success” and someone who could feel over-confident, emotional, unrealistic at times, mood swings (as they change directions along with the flow of the tide), show off, and impatient. Nonetheless, from another angle once we flip the coin to the other side; we see a different extreme picture. The person could translate their successes by focusing on community-based goals, like becoming a philanthropist, doing charity projects, donating money to organisations and startups, enjoying the progress they’ve made, or simply set up their own foundations to help others as much as they could, since they believed in the pay forward approach.

People with the 9-9-9 pattern needs as much reinforcement and dependency on others in order to achieve the success. This signifies; without friends, supporters, and customers, they could not gain the level of success needed. They must be willing to spend time to communicate with others, to explain the reasons, to highlight the importance, and to share the rationales and purpose of their messages. This means they have to be more optimistic and extroverts, than a pessimist and introverts, if they want to achieve the success quickly. Here’s another clue – the sum of 9-9-9 is equal to 27/9. That is similar to what I have just described to the person who needs to communicate and rely on others, to obtain what they desired. Be it for self-beneficial or self-sacrificing intent, it entirely depends on the compassionate nature of the person. And as I’d stated many times in previous articles, there are two sides of a coin, and two extreme ends of a person’s character and traits – the Yin and Yang, and the positive and negative behaviours and actions.

A person with 9-9-9 has to take good care of their health as they’d be like a thick forest with many trees, with each tree trying to outreach one another to grow taller and upward towards the skies. Because of that, there are signs of hyperventilating, breathlessness, limps injuries, emotional and temperamental outburst, bipolar disorders, mental illness or depression, chest tightening, and other health matters. From the Five Elements principles, we could easily identify the health effects when Wood becomes weak or strong, and it could impact the behaviours, actions, feelings, and health conditions of the person. That is one cause why you should always analyse from broader degrees of perspective, do your own homework and check if certain theories are worth exploring. For instance, the LifeCode method shared by other trainers (in UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest courses) can be detrimental when wrongly applied. In the case of 9-9-9 at M-N-O locations, the LifeCode pattern is 9-9-9-9 – more Wood elements again. C’mon, the least you need for a dense forest, is yet more trees being planted. It could stifle a person and constrain their goals and development. It could tempt them to become even more emotional, stubborn, and temperamental, and unsympathetic to others’ feelings and faults, and the “I, Me, and Myself” self-egoistic mindset. And like the impenetrable forest, their thoughts are often constrained within the box (or forest), enabling them to perceive views from a narrow-minded, self-centric, limited by inside-the-box mentality, and ‘blinded’ by the self-interest and self-surviving attitudes, and oblivious to the issues around them.

There are so many ways to look at a number, or a series of number combinations and patterns. I have posted many articles on the 9-9-9 patterns previously, and if you have read them earlier, you’d find today’s article is somewhat refreshing, with the “same but yet different” approach to analysing a pattern. This is due, in part, to the visualisation techniques that I’ve adopted and shared with my students who attended the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. The world, environment, and nature changes over time, and our brains and mindsets are frequently influenced by the daily events and its transient energies. What you perceived yesterday might be different from what you believe today or tomorrow. This means, the visualisation technique that I have shared in class is like providing practical guidelines to master the art of photography – you get to learn about the compositions, camera settings, focus, and depth of fields, and your photos could turn out differently by changing camera settings even when shooting at the same subject or person.

Through regular practice, and simply like taking photos, you are equipped with the means to analyse a chart with different focus, compositions, settings (adjustment), and depth of fields. That said, if I’m posting another article on similar 9-9-9 pattern later, I might analyse differently as my observations could be influenced by the energies during that period. Still, the visualisation approach remains the same.

So, what has all this got to do with the ninety-nine knives as in this article’s title?

Plentiful, I would suppose. If you attended courses by other trainers, and are taught to look and identify number patterns only, you might not notice any correlation. FEN students are exposed to the visualisation techniques, and could identify the hidden signs and connections. One, a knife can cut and injured a person when used incorrectly. When you have ninety-nine knives (sounding like 999), you could create more destructive damage to others once the greed and money-motivated desire ruled the head.  With ninety-nine knives, all basically having Metal as the blades, this implies excessive metal-related influences, that could affect the mental capacities, intellectual and cognitive areas, lungs and respiratory areas, skin, and so on. In short, strong Wood (9-9-9) element, in the Five Elements theory, could affect the other elements, including the Metal element. That could result in a person having mental depression, bipolar disorder, emotional and suicidal thoughts, limps’ stiffness, thyroids, sleep apnea, and so on. And like the police (for example, we usually dial/call 999 for help), you tend to exert authoritarian acts and brute force, just to get others align with your intents.

Now that you are aware there are so many angles and ways to break down a number pattern, put aside the affirmation that 843/483 pattern in a chart will definitely lead to divorce, the 279/729 pattern is a confirmed mistress sign, the 573/753 pattern is a guaranteed bankruptcy number, and 966 pattern is a 100% “Midas touch” number. Such naïve thoughts could bring about the narrow-mindedness and stereotyping of a person. You’re not allowing them the chance to change or not becoming what you assumed them to be. We all know, for sure, our behaviours and habit changes over the time; our craving for certain food is inconsistent, and our health and wealth are different nowadays than before. If we recognise we have changed, why then are we insisting that other people cannot change, and must have the confirmed traits or personalities since they have a certain pattern present in their birth chart. Worst yet, making a mockery of themselves, like few trainers did, by posting YouTube or online videos on their websites, and asserting, with confidence, that a person would eventually be a mistress, bankruptcy, wealthy, or a successful person, because they have the certain number pattern present in their birth chart. They’ve completely forgotten or conveniently ignore there are other equally influencing numbers in the birth chart (and time of birth chart) that could alter the state of the minds, behaviours, and actions of the person. While there might be a tendency, many people changed subconsciously or consciously. Some people, when aware of their faults, change positively as well. Over time, these changes naturally become a habit, and we envision a transformed person.

Be practical. Be realistic. Be open-minded. Learn the correct profiling method. And most importantly, analyse a person with a fresh, unbiased mindset, and you could eventually profile and analyse a person better.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead. Oh… click this link to register now for the coming FEN WORKSHOP, and I’ll happily share more extended techniques with you in the class!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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