Penelope Cruz pregnant again?


Penelope Cruz is going to be a mother again according to this New York Post report.

CaseStudy_Penelope_CruzA quick check on Cruz’s EON chart shows high possibility of children vibes in her Personal Years 2012/2013 charts.

I noticed there were similar patterns we can associate to conceptions and childbirth using the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods.

I also noticed if certain unfavourable number patterns are present in the Personal Year (PY) chart, it could manifest the negative vibes affecting the childbirth. These could lead to complications and C-Birth at the later trimester stage.

On a different note, if the negative vibes are present or manifested strongly, it may lead to miscarriage at the early trimester stage. This happens mostly at extreme cases.

The childbirth patterns are just tendency signs that we can associate using EON. However, you cannot assume it as a definite sign the result (successful childbirth) would happen. Eventually, whether the woman can conceive and give birth depends on many external factors, including her health, mental and psychological state, living environment, and food.

EON_Workshop_ChildBirthYes, I’m glad to say there are tendency signs suggesting possible conceptions and childbirth using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

I’ve shared these signs at past EON WORKSHOP sessions, and will continue to them with you at next month’s 7th EON WORKSHOP on 2nd March 2013.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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