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I was curious when I received an email from Michelle who wrote, “I bought your book but I still find it hard to interpret my DOB chart.  Please advise.”

“Something is not right,” I said to myself and replied, “This is the first email I’ve received about users having difficulty interpreting the tendency traits in their chart. Perhaps you may have been too anxious to know more about yourself.  Please read the pages again and don’t skip pages. Tell me which page you don’t understand so I can explain further.”

I wrote to Michelle again a few days later, “Don’t worry about being slow. Everyone starts at the beginning so don’t rush too quickly. Please try to plot your own chart. That’s the basic requirement. Then compare your chart with the attached (screenshot of her chart).Try it. I know you will learn to know yourself better. Just relax and try not be a perfectionist.  Put aside any relationship problems (if there is any) as these would distract your focus from understanding the theories I’ve described in my book.”

Finally, Michelle told me the reasons she could not understand her chart, “I got your book last year and read the whole book but didn’t have time to study in detail.  Now I know why I am a perfectionist as 189 appears twice.”  Michelle could refer to Page 63 of my book for the steps to interpret her chart.

Unless you’re a speed reader with quick analytical mind, I’d suggest taking the time to read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and do your homework before continuing to the next chapter.

The tendency traits that I’m about to describe could or may not apply to Michelle for one simple reason – the influence from the vibes present in her chart depends on her behaviours and actions. These are formed through personal experiences like family upbringing, living environment, social and career lifestyle, culture, and habits.

CaseStudy_MichelleAt first glance, the multiple patterns (many 1s, 1-8-9, and 1-2-3) in Michelle’s chart are obvious. These imply the tendency traits of a person often with ‘straight to the point’ or ‘cut the crap’ thinking mindset. They want to complete a task quickly (1-2-3) and the result has to be… perfect (1-8-9). Michelle has the ‘leadership’ qualities. However, the frequent worrisome thoughts in her mind could often agitate or frustrate others. Often, it could invoke jealousy, especially this year 2013. Michelle could have a cordial and happier relationship with others as long as she consciously act humbly and be less of a ‘show-off’.

On health note, she should try to abstain from taking too much sugary, fatty, and ‘heaty’ food. I’d encourage her to learn (and practise!) meditation to improve her respiratory systems, brains, and sleep. Smoking and binge drinking is a ‘no-no’ for her to minimise manifesting the ‘negative’ cells in her body that could be detrimental at later age if she neglected taking care of her own health regularly. Oh, it’d be ideal for her to go for regular health check-ups to understand her inner health status. And yes, she should regularly ‘stop and smell the roses’ and enjoy the visual scenes around her.

Look at her missing numbers – 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. There are tendency signs suggesting

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With such positive actions come positive results. Who knows she may have a happier and cohesive lifestyle at work, at home, and at social gatherings.

EON Workshop - Slide on Focus and Distraction patternsShe could be facing a career challenge at work, if she’s working. As others may gossip or challenge her abilities, Michelle may want to improve her working attitude and attend relevant courses to upgrade her skills. Coincidentally, the ‘annual signs’ for PY2013 are similar to what I’ve mentioned earlier.

Here I go again just in case you’re unsure – work hard to improve her EQ and relationship skill with others, be cohesive and take part in team building activities. She should try to use her intellectual opinion more than simply relying too much on instincts and intuition. And of course, she has to lead (as a supported team-leader) and present emphatically to deliver her message across.

If Michelle has not experienced all the traits mentioned, that’s a good and healthy sign. But she shouldn’t be too complacent as these traits may ‘surface’ later. She must subconsciously remind herself to take charge to minimise the negative vibes while she positively work on the good vibes.

The ‘annual signs’ are just tendency clues that could suggest certain actions you can take in a particular year – if you correctly acted on it, you could have made effort to harmonise the energies in that year. Eventually, the year’s outcome depends on your behaviours and actions. 

I’ll share the method to identify and interpret the ‘annual signs’ at the 7th EON WORKSHOP session on 2nd March 2013. Like in all my previous workshop sessions, prepare yourself for a day of visual imageries, fun, and participative discoveries. We’ve started to receive registration confirmation for the workshop. As classroom is small, we can only accept limited number of participants. Call McCoy now at 8356-0179 to register.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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