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I received a WhatsApp message in early August from Nancy, who wrote, “I would like to enrol for the FEN workshop. Please advise how to do it and how to start from here. Or do you help to calculate for people and how much? Thanks very much.

I replied, “Due to the COVID-19 situation, I’ve put all in-class lessons on hold. While there are requests for online classes, there is no schedule yet as I’m busy with completing the FEON+ Pro software. My apologies as there are no plans for personal paid consultation directly from me at the moment too.

Nancy: I know about you a few years back from a friend, and even bought your EON book. When a person is down and upset, they’ll think where to search for an answer, for help. And it’s always good to be back at the roots to find answers. I wanted to attend your class last time, but was out-stationed in a neighbouring country.

I told Nancy I may be able to post an article on her case when I’ve some time to spare, and asked for her birth date, and what life aspect is she checking on. She answered, “I would like to ask about my career and love life.

Nancy has the 8-3-2 pattern in the M-N-O locations of her Birth Chart. Interestingly, there were some articles that I’ve put up recently on this site, describing the 8-3-2 pattern as well. The traits and behavioural aspects that were described in the previous articles on 8-3-2 pattern, are still applicable, but to a certain extent as the explanations do not include the influencing vibes from surrounding numbers in Nancy’s Birth Chart.

We associate the number 2 with communication, expression, and movement. When there are multiple 2s around, it could reinforced and exert strong energies around, and it could result in exaggerations, including gossiping, scandals, providing incomplete news, sneaky, mistrust, scepticism, miscommunication, and harsh actions.

There are multiple 2s located at the three-corner locations I-L-O. At extreme cases, Nancy could be influenced by the strong vibes from the number 2. She has to learn to be tactful, diplomatic, discretionary, and discerning when communicating with her team members, when delivering her message across.

Nancy was facing the Double-Effect (DE) vibes last year in 2019, where the energies from the 8-3-2 pattern were manifested doubly. This means the FireWater elements are always in “active competing” mode, creating some sort of steaming vapours, smoky unclear visions, and prolonged spa-like sweltering effects. We could then interpret these as situations where she might find herself distracted, feeling pressurised like the “tempest in a teapot,” and getting frustrated quickly.

The 5-1-6 pattern in P-Q-R location of her birth chart could denote the natural processes and outcomes. She could have faced multiple challenges at work, and feeling stressed up. From the extended FEN theories and by practicing the Five Elements principles, she might have felt the lack of sincere support coming from her supervisors and bosses, probably the need to improve on sales and profit margins as Nancy is working in the Sales & Marketing team, and handling the overseas team too. As the DE on her PY2019 could have led a stressful impact on her, with the 8-3-2-5-1-6 vibes manifested, it could lead to some form of mental pressure, like the thoughts of giving up her career, just to escape from reality and pressure.

I’ve shared the Career Element in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. It’s different from the generalised “Career/Business” option that I’ve described in my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” as it included extended techniques that allow you to find out on your career vibes during a particular year.

Last year, Nancy’s Career Element was strong and present, which could have somehow set off the impulse to look for an alternative job somewhere else. If she found a job offer elsewhere and resigned last year, she would probably receive a higher pay. Even so, she still has to manage the “active” vibes from the 8-3-2 pattern. And when she could contain her emotions, mental stresses, and tempers; and changed to a more positive mindset, she’d be experiencing better outcomes in life.

Her 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) for 2019 is showing the 12/3 pattern. We could translate that as the cyclic energies were influencing her to pursue financial growth and/or strengthening her property assets. This could be about changing jobs where the remuneration was higher with better benefits, or working on a passion income to grow the wealth. This means, for the past nine years (2011-2019), her main focus was likely about wealth creation and financial development and stability.

Nonetheless, the 9YR-C for 2020 has changed to 93/3. These cyclic energies are influencing her to perhaps, lower her priorities on financial enrichment, and alternatively, to embark on a new pursuit by utilising her passions and creativity. Possibly, it could influence her to look for a less workhorse job, but a more rewarding self-pacing one that could bring joys, laughter for her family, and contentment and satisfaction for herself.

Now, there is still another potential influencing vibes coming in. The PY2020 chart is showing the 8-4-3-7-2-9 pattern. As I’d reported in past articles, the influencing vibes from the current year, is not the only energy impacting her. The vibes from the previous year and the coming year, do influence a person’s thoughts, feelings, and their behaviours. It’d be ideal for Nancy to do self-reflections on areas that could have set off the dissatisfaction and mental stress at work. We associate the 8-4-3 pattern with poor EQ and lack of communication skills. Could she have exerted strongly to her team mates, due to substantial pressure from the top management, to generate better sales quota and profits? I don’t know, and it’s up to Nancy to ponder and reflect whether she had been imposing her colleagues in an overly strong manner. And if she could, perhaps to take the initiative today, to change her behaviours and work attitudes toward a cohesive and team-spirited manner. That is to say, to give her team mates the respect and driving force they need, and not simply to lead them, but also to work cohesively as a team member.

Nancy might have a job offer elsewhere around this time, due to the influencing energies coming from her PY2021 vibes. If she doesn’t receive any job offer currently, she might receive job offers during the next few months, possibly with better incentives as people recognised her talents. However, as I’ve mentioned earlier, she has to start re-adjusting her perceived behaviours and actions toward others, and to “do unto others what she wants others to do unto her.” That said, great things always begin from the inside – the energies manifested within her, and she could direct the positive energies around her, influencing others as well. This in turn, could create a better cohesive environment at the workplace.

From the Five Elementselemental cycles, the “mediators” between 8-3-2 pattern and the FireWater elements, is the Earth and Metal elements. This means, it’d be ideal for Nancy to strive to be more humble, empathetic, and caring to her colleagues, and to put aside the principle-mindedness and limiting beliefs that certain workflows must be adhered to, when there could be more efficient and productive ways to achieve similar targets, without infringing any contractual or legal processes.

Coincidentally, the number 5 (Earth) is also shown as a “missing” number in her chart, together with the number 9 which we could associate that humanitarian and charity. Maybe, she could include more “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) initiatives at work, and make them as part of their corporate culture. If this is impossible, she could initiate CSR projects as part of her team culture – to inspire, motivate, and boost her team members to adopt better “design thinking process” and discussions, where they could identify the causes, and identify ways to solve a problem together.

From a career perspective, it doesn’t matter if Nancy continues to work in her current line of work, or resigned to work in another company. What truly matters, is not about the career vibes that could have impacted her – the work stress, the profits and sales quotas – but her work attitudes and limiting self-beliefs. I’d suggest she worked on changing herself first, setting out from creating positive mindsets from within, before she embarked to influence others to achieve her desired goals. We could associate the changing of mindset shift with the Metal element. A positively changed mindset could improve her mental health too.

I’ve shared in my FEN classes on the different techniques you can use, after identifying the potential pluses and minuses present in your charts. For instance, when I applied the EFV FLOW (PY2020) theories, I’d suggest Nancy to look various areas that she could improve in her current work environment. This could be her “primary” plan, like defining clear responsibilities, creating the family-spirit at work, and embrace diversity and tolerance towards one another. This could produce the joy of working when everyone shares common “wholesome family values” together.

She should avoid concentrating solely on the “success/target” in mind – as not everything at work is only about achieving sales quotas, and gaining higher profits. This “secondary plan” is generally attainable after the “primary plan” was carried out as happier work environments are typically more productive and efficient.

These suggestions come handy too. Her EFV FLOW (PY2021) is indicating the need for her to think, act, and behave as a compelling leader. Her colleagues would then look forward to assisting her without much hesitations, to help the company, or at least for the team, to achieve beyond the sales targets. Her EFV FLOW (PY2021) is also about the need to call for action, and not just about talking. She should keep off the “over promise, under deliver” attitudes, to “lead by example.” Whenever possible, she should remember to recognise and appreciate team members through beneficial rewards.

That’s a summary of Nancy’s career in today’s article. I’ll do a case study on her love life in another article.

I truly hope Nancy can adopt the changes that I’ve identified earlier in this article. She might not have exhibited the behaviours and traits mentioned earlier. Regardless, it’s important to adopt positive mindsets and to consider all challenges and obstacles as hurdles. She’s more or less like a workaholic with the relentless driving force, striving for a little too hard on the goals imposed on her team members. A positive change in her conscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, could make a change – from a stern work-only environment to a happy work-together workplace.

With the present COVID-19 situation, where many businesses are affected, salary cuts, and unemployment rates rising, it’s more prudent for Nancy to look for alternative ways to increase her work satisfaction level, and to improve her communication skills and leadership role-model techniques with fellow team members.

Even if she has another job offer elsewhere and decided to join the new company later, realigning her priorities and having a behavioural mindset shift and managed emotions, could eventually lead to more contented opportunities ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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