Driving On with No Missing Numbers

Michelle found my article “Missing Numbers & The Driving Force” interesting and wants to know if I can elaborate more on other missing numbers. Before I can explain what the possible missing number imply, we must first consider the surrounding numbers in the birth chart. This will allows us to know more about the person’s traits and characteristics before we can highlight the possible to-do actions the person can do to get what they aspire.

Michelle also asked whether there are implications if a person does not have missing number in their EON birth chart.

Elaborating the various missing numbers may be a lengthy process. Perhaps that may come handy as a topic in my next book, or for further interactive discussions at workshops. For now, I will explain Michelle’s second question in this article.

Yes, there are implications when a person has no missing numbers in their birth chart. Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether a person has or no missing numbers as it mainly depends on their family upbringing, environment, social influence, life experience and other factors.

Let’s take the case of Adolf Hitler. He has the Root 5 in his birth chart. The three sets of number 8 in his chart imply a stressful person, with the possibility of being an abusive person in extreme case. I will elaborate more on abuse in later article.

Both Fire and Metal elements are strong in his character. In the Five Elements theory, Fire denotes fiery, warm, and burning desire. Think of wild fire burning and its impact if the fire is not under control – it can spread quickly and burnt forest and houses. Can you picture the devastating impact of fire?

Now, let’s move on to Metal element. It implied many things, among them mental and security.  With no missing numbers, it is much easier for Hitler to manifest the elemental strengths.

When the Root 5 takes on the traits of other numbers, you can imagine the outcomes a stressful but responsible person can do. Add the Root number that comes into effect in the Personal Year chart – there can be both positive and negative consequences a Birth Root 5 person can do.

Check my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for my information.

When a person has no missing number, it implied the person can use the traits of all numbers 1-9. The driving force comes naturally. They can easily carry out their plans without much “pushing”. It’s like driving an automatic car where you just need to step on the accelerator to drive on. A person with missing number(s) is like driving a manual-driven car. Besides stepping on the accelerator, you still have to shift the manual gears with your hand and use your left foot to step on the clutch. You need to do more work driving a manual-driven car than an automatic one.

Take the case of Alexander McQueen who does not have any missing number in his birth chart. McQueen was best known for his knowledge of custom-made British tailoring. He also has the tendency to place together female strength and sensuality with fragility in his collections.

Take a look at his birth chart. As he has no missing numbers, it is easier for him to manifest the energies and vibes of the numbers to achieve what he wants. The 2-7 and 7-2 number combinations do imply sensuality, sexuality and person with charismatic personality.

Check my book and earlier articles in this site for more information. The ability to put side by side female strength and sensuality with fragility in his collections further reinforced the 2-7/7-2 vibes.

When a person do not have missing number, it’s like the energies of each numbers are controlled somewhere in their body, ready to take action any time when the need arises.  Take the case of Hitler – if he’d manifested the positive energies only, the leadership in him would have changed his life destiny path. Unfortunately, he was overcome by the negative thoughts, and it affected his mental and emotional mind.

“Need is the driving force, Need makes people better — luck only makes them worse.” – unknown

When there is a missing number, then it could imply the need to challenge ourselves, the need to push us to move forward and take more daring steps. In short, you get to taste the fruits of your own effort.

It doesn’t matter whether you have missing numbers or no missing number in your chart. You still have to step on the accelerator to get closer to your destination. The driving force depends on your needs, decision and actions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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