Tryst Pursuits: Rape factor

Recently in the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group, one student posted a chart of a case study he’s profiling. The chat group is a community hub that I’ve set up for students who attended my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) courses, as after-class continuing lessons. They’re encouraged to share their case study charts with others, to share and learn from one another, regardless of skill levels.

Tom attached a screenshot of Dick’s birth chart and wrote, “Any idea about this guy? He raped his own children and relatives…

Within minutes, there were comments made, like:

• How can???
• Try to look at the chart… look like an educated person
• I don’t know how to tell. I can only say he’ll strategise his move when he found his target and plan to achieve his goal.
• Two sets of 1-8… multiple 4s. He must be very vexing, depressed. So must let go…
• 2 sets of 1-8-9 rapist… with 8-4-3 separation. Likely go to jail?
• A lot of 1-8, can tell lies without batting an eyelid. Likely to go to jail
• Make money or crazy about money

According to Tom, Dick’s family is poor, and they depend on him as the sole benefactor.

My reply to the group, “Read my past articles [posted on this site] about the 9-4-4 and strong Wood. Wood sucks Water.

When a birth chart is shown, every one of us would look at the chart and analyse them from our own perspectives. What we observed is gathered from a wide range of information “floating” in the unconscious level of our mind – these are then filtered, distorted, deleted, and generalised to give us what we chose to look at. I told the chat group members that each one of their views was correct, as the observations were derived from their own perspectives.

Some people have the mindset that the first time they visited the clinic or hospital, the doctor would know everything about their health. Doctors are medically-trained, and not a natural psychic or God’s messenger who knows what you are suffering from, the moment you came in. You still have to tell the doctors your symptoms, and they’d then apply a diagnostic procedure to check for other symptoms related to your health issues, to isolate and identify the probable root cause. Likewise, when a birth chart is presented, and when Tom mentioned about Dick raping his children, we could focus on the probable root cause pertaining to his behaviours and actions. Once we could narrow the perspective lens, we can then analyse them using the common 5W1H (What, Why, Where, Who, When, How) method.

My reply to them was straightforward and direct. That’s because I applied the Five Elements principles which is the core essence of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. The ability to learn, understand, and apply the Five Elements principles; and be aware of its interactions and outcomes, is essential for better profiling. That was why I decided to allocate two chapters on the Five Elements principles in my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to explain the impact, influence, and symptoms when an element is stronger or weaker. Get a copy of my book if you can – many readers have commented I have provided good examples on the Five Elements interactions and strengths in my book.

Wood sucks Water.” Hmm… it requires practice before you can visualise what you’re looking for, and probably, what I’m talking about. Some decades ago, I received a positive feedback from one customer who could not get her problems resolved. After analysing the problem, I quickly resolved her problem. She wrote something like, “you’re like the eagle flying up high, observing from the sky. You then zoom in once you identified the target.” The context of her comment has stayed vividly in my mind today, decades later. And it reinforced the investigative and root-cause-finding habit in me.

Now, let’s go back to apply the visualisation technique. Plants, flowers, grass, creepers, weeds, and trees need water to grow and survive. When there is no water, like when there is prolonged drought, the plants and grass will die. However, when the rain falls, the grass and plants would immediately grow and bloom again. When we put too many stalks of flowers in a small vase and pour water to fill up, the water would deplete over the days when we placed the vase beside the window facing the afternoon sun. The flowers (like the Wood element) would absorb the water (like the Water element) quickly, as it needs them for survival. Similarly, when there are too many Wood elements in a chart, and surrounding them is the Fire elements, the chart could depict a hot and dry grassland. Or like a BBQ-pit with abundance supply of charcoal to fuel the burning fire. In this case, it’s like the bush fire burning furiously. That’s how Dick could have felt often inside him – the “heatiness” in his body, and hot and agitated feelings. And he desperately needs water!

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we also associate sensuous and sensual behavioural traits with the Water element. What this implies is that Dick is feeling hot and dry, and often needed water to quench his thirst. From EON profiling angle, the tendency signs are suggesting Dick often lavishes on sensual and sensuous actions to satisfy his dry desires and hot emotions. That’s all about his behaviours and actions, the contributing factors that invoke his behaviours and actions to “sextisfy” his trysts.

Once we’ve identified the behavioural traits contributing to Dick’s raping action, we can then apply the remaining 5W1H method to identify additional factors that could led Dick to become who he is today. Now, before I continue, let me emphasise once again, that we should stay away from creating perceived or stereotyping mindset. That is to say, not everyone who has similar charts as Dick’s, or has the same birthdate, would be an eventual rapist or someone with extreme sex desire (like a sex maniac); or someone preferring to work as a sex worker or social escorts, to satisfy their needs. The family upbringing, the environment they lived in, and the teachers and friends they made during their formative years – these nurturing years could influence and impact how their life seed could eventually nurture them to become the person they’re today. And their adult life, the social contacts, working environment, life purpose – these could influence and impact their beliefs, feelings, behaviours, and actions.

The 1-8-9, like what some FEN students commented, can be associated with the “perfectionist” mindset. It’s like [I – work hard, crazy busy – to achieve my target]. Dick could be a hardworking person, relentlessly pursuing to make more money for his family. He also has the high egoistic, selective listening disorder, and dreamy aspirations (9-4-4) that somehow made him a “victim of his own success” – every step he took and every move he made, could bring him closer to his target. Unknowingly, he was oblivious to the potential distractions and disruptions that could influence his mind and impact him – his behaviours, emotions, and actions.

Last year, his PY2018 chart showed signs of relief to Dick, to satisfy his sensuous desire – the number 2 (Water element). It created quick relief and influenced his feelings. However, the number 2 is like the small lake or tap water, is not able to completely wet his dry and hot desires. That implies, his relief moments could often be short-spanned. And so the sensual pursuits get repeated, like an endless loop.

This year, his PY2019 chart is showing tendency signs of a higher sexual desire. Next year, Dick would be facing the Double-Effect vibes, based on his PY2020 chart. The strong Wood element is getting even stronger. This could affect his emotional health and doubled the mental state of his mind. As the energies are transient and does not start on 1st January and ends on 31st December of each year, this means that Dick is already being influenced and affected by the incoming PY2020 energies from as early the past few months (September/October period.)

I formulated the BirthCode pattern some years back- it’s like our birth mantra that provides a set of life path clues that we could take to attain more purposeful life. Dick’s BirthCode pattern suggested he is a creative, success-driven, and passionate person. He could have redirected his excess desires toward the areas of creative arts, designs, music, drama, or other artistic or entertainment lines; rather than pursing a self-gratification manner.

The coming FEN WORKSHOP on 21-22 December 2019 (Sat-Sun) is confirmed. Seats are limited due to smaller classroom – only 4-5 seats left. Over the last few years, I’ve received regular requests to conduct beginners’ course.  I might resume the FEN (Basic) and FEN (Advanced) modules for next year. This means, I might put on hold, plans to continue the 2-day FEN WORKSHOP course.

The early-bird discount is ending soon. Register now if the 2-day schedule meets your free time. I look forward to share more insights and case studies in class. Plus the laughter, joy, excitement, and “positive embarrassment” often felt by previous students.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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