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There was a recent search on “573 couple” phrase. I thought I could share some insights from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, which promotes the growth mindset, rather than the fixed mindset taught by external trainers who conducts PON, UCMHP/CON, LifeQuest/SON, and Visiber.

The Turth of your character is exposed through the choice of your actionsWhat is the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset? When you associate number patterns to only one absolute behavioural result – like 5-7-3/7-5-3 is bankruptcy, 2-7-9/7-2-9 is mistress, 4-5-9/5-4-9 as gamblers – you have the fixed, naïve, and silo mindset. And you perceived from unilateral vision, the worst extreme and promote such an opinion as the “only result” that a person would be. It also shows the superficial state of mind, or lack of comprehension of the methods used.

The growth mindset implies, regardless of the number patterns, the person can take charge to decide the “end game” outcome. This means that there are many ways to interpret a number, or a series of numbers (number patterns).

If you don't like where you are, then change it.First, the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3, or in any sequence) pattern could be interpreted with many different associations. As mentioned in many of my articles, one common contributing factor is distraction and carelessness. When a person with such number patterns behaved and acted improperly, distraction and carelessness could lead to unnecessary expenses, signing a contractual agreement without reading, assuming the trust of others without checking the facts, making negligent omissions due to laziness. And the outcome could lead to a loss of money in many ways.

Bankruptcy is a choice made by the individual; and we should not rush to associate the 5-7-3 pattern as bankruptcy. I’ll use an analogy. It’s like seeing a RED car, and automatically linked the driver to be a “fast and furious,” impatient, reckless, and accident-prone person. Or whoever drives a BROWN car is most of the time “slow and steady” and caring person. And if you rent a RED or BROWN car, does that mean you have the driving characteristics of an imprudent driver, or a “slow and stable” driver? Yet from another viewpoint, such perceived correlations are subjective as there’s no direct link between drivers and colours of the car.

From another perspective, the 5-7-3 pattern could be linked to security or legal domains – behind the bar, or outside the bar. These implies if you’ve the 5-7-3 pattern, you might be working or involved mainly on security and legal services, like security officers, law enforcers, lawyer or judge, legal aids, and legal counsellors or assistants. Inside the bar, probably means being imprisoned or jailed, due to financial, breaking the law like speed-driving, legal or security issues.

From a basic EON perspective, we can interpret the 5-7-3 as [Stubborn – Support – Fast] which could also imply the innate stubbornness mindset, but when others have compelled you with promising advantages, you quickly accept it without checking further. We interpret 7-5-3 as [Supporter – Stubborn – Fast] which means that even though others have advised you otherwise, your principled thoughts that you are always right could lead to rash actions. And one common eventual outcome (5+7+3=6, or 7+5+3=6) is about money. In basic EON keyword, we associate the number 6 with finance and wealth, among others. However, when we applied the expanded EON/FEN perspective, 5-7-3 might be interpreted differently as mentioned in many of my earlier articles.

Now, the search question, “573 couple” could lead to many different interpretations, depending on your point of view. No answer is correct each time, and it depends on what the couple does. Furthermore, without the individual birth dates of the couple, it is impossible to provide a more relevant analysis than a surface-level one. Which, in this example, I’d be assuming the 5-7-3 is located in the M-N-O locations of the “Relationship / Compatibility Chart” of the couple.

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingBesides the possible behaviours and outcomes mentioned above, there is still another perspective. It does not matter to me whether external trainers benefit (tangible gains) from this and my other articles as I am embracing the “to teachings to learn twice” principles. When the 5-7-3 pattern originates from the indicated locations, it could imply that the couple might be inclined to spend unnecessarily or behave with spending traits, planned or not. Unplanned acts are usually spent on non-essential items to satisfy short-term desires and “wishes.” The planned acts are usually intentional, such as investing in items likely to achieve potential tangible returns; or investing in upgrading or re-skilling (such as attending courses) with potentially getting intangible returns. The 5-7-3 pattern could also indicate that the couple is spending to beautify their house to create a cosy home and have a happy family together.

When the 5-7-3 pattern is in the indicated locations, tendency signs suggest that influences could occur only when the couple is together, concentrating on a common goal or outcome. Separately, their behaviours and attitudes can be different. This is why it is more important to have individual birth dates of both persons in order to know their personal characteristics, the current influences and the relational energies that affect them individually.

That’s all for this article on the 5-7-3 pattern on the “Relationship / Compatibility Chart.”

By the way, what I mentioned about the potential 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) effects also apply to individuals. If you’ve the pattern elsewhere in your chart, such as 5-7-3 pattern in V-W-X locations, you risk becoming more gullible and spending unnecessarily as a result of external or social pressures or influences.

Buy the EON book, Remember that the purpose of understanding (for trainers and students) a profiling method is not just to share the steps to analyse someone’s personality. That’s very basic and preliminary, and is covered in my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

Understanding profiling techniques mean not just knowing the charts and numbers in the 9-year chart and other periodic charts. The most important question is to ask yourself WIIIFM (What Is In It For Me?). So what else can you do now that you are aware of the tendency signs?

Human Behaviour flows from three main sourcesFrom EON/FEN perspective, it’s all about making the paradigm shift; taking conscious actions by setting goals, and committing yourself to achieve your goal. You need to “be OK, first” before you can expect the other “to be OK.” Relying on symbolic LifeCode “remedies” is a clear and direct 5-7-3 consequence of spending unnecessarily on presumed returns (to better your dream/hopes/life?), as it would NOT help you unless you take steps to change your behaviours and attitudes.

And if you can really take action to change your behaviours and attitudes, then there is no need to spend on these “limiting and expensive remedies” that could be detrimental when applied wrongly. The best remedy is to invest in changed behaviours; this is free and healthier. And the intangible returns – focused directions, happiness and purpose.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONLastly, if you’re the person(s) searching for the “573” or “573 couple” recently, do not worry needlessly. Do not think of the 5-7-3 number pattern as a sign of “confirmed, chopped, and signed” assertions (popularised by some trainers) that you will be bankrupt when together. It’s just a emotional fear-tactic…

Change your perspectives… and you can change your life.

Happy profiling


Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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