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In earlier Part-1 and Part-2 articles, I’ve addressed most of the questions raised by James, as he seek the truth about himself. He was eager to know what he can do to accept change and transform himself positively and with a growth mindset.

[James] I have read both Part-1 and Part-2 articles. You answered a lot of my questions, cleared up a lot of doubts, and helped me understand better. I am beginning to develop a growing mindset and understand the limitations of profiling methods. I had a hard time changing my perspective with the fixed mindset while using the UCMHP method.

We often think we know ourselves. But the truth is, most of the time, we don’t really know. Unless we choose to receive constant feedback from friends and loved ones willing to reveal our behaviours and habits without the fear of breaking relationships.

FEON+ PRO showing the Elemental Strength

Screenshot shows James has a strong Metal element. He needs to work on areas related to Earth and Wood to free elemental blockage, and harmonise the Qi energies. This allows the Production Cycle of the Five Elements to flow smoothly.

[James] When you said I had strong Metal, I was taken aback because that’s not what I learned from the UCMHP method. Your explanation shocked me to discover that this is what I have struggled with for years (due to weak Earth).

I told James what matters most is not about checking which profiling method has more “oomph(perceived theoretical greatness), but the relevancy and the logical analysis with which you can resonate.

Furthermore, what was shared in class is just basic knowledge; it is up to the students to explore by doing more research and profiling exercises. These allowed them to determine whether they should explore alternative methods if they had incomplete or frequent conflicting observations of the method learned.

Of course, they also have to take into account the variable component, which is that people changed and, in turn, their outlook, habits and personalities have also changed.

[James] The software now is discounted to 1.3k for students like me. I guess their business model is getting students to pay more to become experts and teach others on the UCMHP method.

Know yourself through Elements of Numbers (EON) Profiling methodThanks James, for sharing. Offering discounts and benefits to existing customers (and students) are common business practices used to build customer loyalty and retention. It doesn’t matter if UCMHP is commercial-driven or I’m adopting a non-commercial, passionate approach. The intent could be the same – emphasis on customer values – although the approach adopted and eventual outcome differs.

In this Part-3 article, I’ll share my observations on James’ EON charts, and my profiling perspectives based on the tendency signs present. As usual, my analysis does not account for any changes (behaviour, habits, mentality) that James has made. That said, what you are about to read may not truly represent who he is today as he might have changed and transformed himself to be a better person.

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingThis article would be different from the usual approach I have taken previously – I’ll incorporate my observations using organisational culture analogies so that you can relate to the work environment.

Let’s start with James Birth Root 1, on an “as is” basis. You can check for more positive and negative traits in my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

On the positive side, it shows that James has the traits of leadership – behavioural intelligence and leadership. He is like a leader who demonstrates empathy, embraces diversity, and inspires team members to do their best to give their best.

Screenshot showing the selected Day energies, with likely tendency signs on behavioural and health. This makes it easier for FEON+ PRO users to manage their days. NOTE: Use the info provided on a casual “need to know” basis, as a reference or guide. Do not be too obsessed by checking it every day, and be controlled by unnecessary worries.

On the negative side, the number 1 points to a suspicious, micro-managerial and authoritarian leader. Their team could do a minimum to complete their tasks within the scope or not provide feedback on alternative solutions, and the likelihood of the team complaining to senior management.

Using extended EON/FEN techniques, we can interpret the 6-4-1 pattern as [Responsible – Plan – Lead], [Money-driven – Strategy– Egoistical], or [Family – Plan – Head of Family]. James has to be careful with his spending and his budgets, because he’s likely spending too much. This is due to the presence of the 5-7-3 pattern in P-Q-R locations of his birth chart. In addition, he’s easily distracted and often spend unnecessary on items (like gadgets, courses, and food) more to satisfy his “wants” and “egos” due to the 5-7-3 in locations V-W-X.

From an EON perspective, 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3, or whatever sequence) does NOT imply bankruptcy. Of course, bankruptcy is only one of many extreme decisions (not the outcome) if the person fails to take reasonable and common sense steps to prevent it. Even though you have financial debts, you can still discuss with the banks about payment methods. The 5-7-3 pattern is more related to carelessness and distractions, and spending, with the loss of money, being a common result.

[James] So strength and weakness from reading my own chart is that I am good at listening which I am proud of, having innovative ideas and some rigid foresight and planning. I think I have a good sense of direction and problem solving skills, but I’m inflexible at times.

Selective ListeningIn my Part-2 article, I mentioned these traits are contributed by the strong Metal element. However, the “good listening” behaviours that James mentioned could be subjective, unless he has changed over the years and this becomes a good habit. We could associate the 1-3-4 pattern, as mentioned in many part articles, with “selective listening” traits. While James might be “good in listening,” he could improve his listening skills further by “listening to understand, not to reply” and not to filter what he heard hastily. It could have contributed to its anxiety behaviours and distractions, spending unnecessarily as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Also, 4-8-3 in N-H3-L locations indicates a form of low EQ or lack of communication skills. In many ways, the hasty mindset might influence his selective listening skills too.

Screenshot shows the strength levels of potential behavioural states of a person, based on the “as is” tendency signs present in the person’s charts.

I designed and developed the FEON+ PRO as a profiling aid, to allow me not to miss key clues that I could have overlooked, ignored, or missed due to constant influencing vibes affecting my thoughts during profiling. These unique features also helped registered users to be aware of these tendency signs, regardless of their level of profiling knowledge. This means, even if you’re a beginner, the information shown on FEON+ PRO tool, would provide you with the knowledge to interpret and analyse charts better than many UCMHP/CON, PON, LifeQuest/SON, and Visiber profiling experts. These are made possible, particularly where you have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of EON.

As shown on the first screenshot, while the Fire element is strong in James’ Natal/Birth Chart, it was weaker than the stronger Metal when we factored in other aspects.

In the Part-2 article, I highlighted the purpose of the Reflection Chart. The tendency signs suggest the external behaviour of a person having leadership qualities and spending on non-essential things. It’s likely that James is also motivated by materialistic and/or homely pursuits. On the positive side, this entails having the thought of doing business online to improve one’s finances and family lifestyle.

The negative implications are when a person “chase after money at all times” they might eventually be “controlled” by money. It could lead to money laundering, evade responsibility and accountability, and frequently have health problems like migraine, headache, drowsiness, inflammation, high blood pressure, hyperventilation, or even skin-related symptoms.

James has to work to improve his digestive systems (Earth element) and as well as his limps and liver (Wood element). By coincidence, these two “weakest links” turned out to be elements of his “missing numbers.”


Another unique features added into FEON+ PRO tool. More unique features are available due to the extensive research, trainings, knowledge, and understanding by Ron WZ Sun

In Part 2 article, I showed for the first time, a full coloured version of the DISC-EON chart. It is a proprietary algorithm added to the FEON+ PRO tool, based on my understanding of the DISC fundamentals. The DISC-EON technique is unique as it bypasses the traditional MCQ (multiple-choice questionnaires) required by DISC experts before assessments can be made. Instead, it incorporated the best of DISC and EON, hence DISC-EON, to retrieve and display potential tendency signs based on various EON charts present.

For James, his DISC-EON suggests his C-D (Analytical + Task-Focused) behavioural styles are strong. This implies that James is inclined to check the facts and reasoning, which may take some time (due to the Analytical style), his impatience and results-oriented (Task-Focused) nature are also active. This could create constant conflict, confusing, and regrettable behaviours – subsequent hasty and reckless actions do not align with his initial mind and thoughts.

A skilled DISC expert would know what C-D entails. However, if you are not trained in the DISC method, don’t worry too much since there is essential information about what those combined traits mean.

I also highlighted in my Part-2 article the outdated relevance of relying on the appropriate career and business industry as a reference in determining your career. Whereas FIRE is James’ least suitable, and Metal is his third suitable industry, James might consider working in these two industries instead. These could redirect the strong Fire and Metal elemental strengths in him, to other areas, to avoid unconscious self-inflicting hurt on his body and health. Administrative work clashed with James’ “quick and furious” and “strategic and forward-thinking” mindset. Of course, James should maximise the “work with passion” attitude, which implies, it does not matter which industries he “should” work in, since today’s business environment has changed.

Never put your happiness in someone's else pocket.In the end, profiling is about knowing our strengths and weaknesses, and understanding how we can maximise periodic energies to allow us to optimise opportunities. Self-awareness and self-regulation are important to know our vulnerabilities, and identify the activities to do, to help us strengthen our characters and personalities with good habits.

[James] Yes, I now agree that I am focusing more on the limitations and strength of a profiling method to improve my profiling capability. I believe what you mentioned in Part-2 is something that my friend and I talked about recently.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONNow that James is aware of his characters from an external opinion and could resonate with my preliminary observations, I’d suggest he start doing self-reflections and take proactive actions to set SMART goals to achieve what he needs to do. I’ve given him enough in-depth analysis, although it’s just an analysis at the surface level. I didn’t even mention Personal Years, 9-Year Cycle, and other critical elements of behavioural profiling. It’s up to James to take action, inculcate the growth mindset, transform himself with changed behaviours and determine the pathway… positively.


For the rest of you, I’ve opened up a new angle on EON‘s approach to profiling others. It’s not easy unless you practice and learned from good mentors. Anyway, with basic numerology knowledge and relevant tools available – like the current FEON+ v1.x (Android), or the online FEON+ Lite – you’ve added advantage due to the unique charts and information included.

Happy learning. Stay Focused. Stay Healthy. And Stay Safe.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun







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