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In the “On James’ Concerns – Part-1” article, I addressed some of the issues raised by James, as he sought to learn more about himself through classes. This lengthy Part-2 article continues most of his other concerns…

[James] I choose this path because I learned that in times of crisis, people usually fall back on their behaviours (hidden or not) and their formative experience to survive and understand themselves.

Screengrab taken from Samsung (Android) smartphone, showing the proprietary, unique DISC-EON features in FEON+ PRO software. Visual cues on person’s behavioural styles (with detailed information) at a glance!

Curiosity leads to exploration and discovery, which in turn leads to a better understanding of the meaning of the numbers and elements in a person’s chart. I told James that he had taken this path to understand himself and others better.

When you learn to profile a chart, it’s equally important to know the tendency signs that might arise in a particular period, be it a week, a month, a year, or more.

Learning about profiling is not only a matter of profiling, which is easy, but also taking steps to minimise the potential impact, like anticipating unwanted events might happen, and carrying out appropriate plan. Praying and relying on costly symbolical ornaments, could work for some, but for a limited short time and because of other tendency signs. The beliefs in the “law of attraction” and divine help has no effect if you do not act to realise it. As in the expression, “Goals are dreams with actions.” It means that eventually, the changes must start with you. Changes must come from within; and your willingness to accept and adapt to changes, and take steps to mitigate obstacles, is what you must do.

[James] Basically, I attended the UCMHP class to compare and understand the different perspective of forecasts and observations of what’s to come for this year.  He talks about the floods, the snow, the financial crisis, the uncertainty and the confrontation that will drive up commodity prices. He also talks about a possible war. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on that. Those are the main points of what he said, he gave examples and case studies where he was right.

Numerological Predictive Observations 2022 - Year Forecast 2022In my yearly Numerological Predictive Observations 2022 (and NPO 2021) articles, I’ve mentioned the tendency signs suggesting unprecedented weather conditions and events (like riots, strikes which could lead to war, at extreme cases). These are standard conclusions that anyone can predict when they understand the elemental fundamentals of the numbers. My FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students would know the underlying reasons, including the identification of “hidden numbers” or patterns that contributed to the tendency signs.

Elements of Numbers. Ready to ChangeWhat is most important is not your ability to predict events precisely, but the question, “What are you going to do about it?” which really matters to you. It is important to know the tendency signs on your Personal Year chart and understand what these signs represent. This way you can take the necessary steps to manage and control negative influences, as you manifest positive energies at the right time. Yes, only at the right time, because overdoing, like excessive consumption of nutritious foods, can lead to unhealthy conditions. Get to know yourself, understand your charts and transform into a better version of yourself, using essential competency (people and behavioural) skills. And not profiling remedies many external trainers commercialised.

Illusion of Knowledge

[James] So, regarding why the left side is weak/weaknesses and the right side is strong/strengths, Master Bernard says it’s about heaven and earth. On the heaven side, male on left and female on right side of the chart. On the earth side, it is reversed so female on the left and male on the right side of the chart. Because the triangle is inverted. That’s basically the UCMHP chart.

I’m thankful for James and others for sharing some insights on the UCMHP chart. I reserved my comment on its relevance and practicality since my EON chart is different. James and all UCMHP students need to do more research to gather more qualitative data, to determine whether this information is usable and logical. And if you observed a higher relevance, continue with what you have learned. If not, set aside the depiction of the chart and focus on other areas; or decide on other methods when you find it difficult to profile the UCMHP charts.

[James] What I’ve learned from the UCMHP class is that I am a weak metal because my universal character archetype or root number is 1. I take initiative and also I am influential. Although I don’t believe it, but my best friend speaks of it as I influence him to do things just by speaking passionately. Besides, I feel like I want to take initiative, but usually, it backfires. That’s because I’m not that tactile when I’m asking questions or being too direct.

Screengrab taken from an iPhone, showing the proprietary, unique Elemental Strength feature in FEON+ PRO software. Quick visual cues show the strengths and weaknesses of the person.

James’ analysis was based on his UCMHP chart. However, based on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and EON charts, that’s where our perspectives have changed. Simply analysing on the Birth Chart alone is subjective because it does not include the Yin and Yang aspect, strength and weaknesses, and the “metaphor of heaven and earth” – the UCMHP context what James learned.

I formulated the Reflection Chart when I introduced the EON method in 2010, ahead of other trainers. It was done based on my understanding of the Yin-Yang principles, after being trained and exposed to various Chinese Metaphysics methodologies. It is the unconscious reflection of the Birth Chart to adopt the principles that “when there is a Yin, there is a Yang; when there is a Yang, there is a Yin.”

From EON perspective, James’ Birth Root number 1, which we associate with the Metal element, is NOT weak. On the contrary, Metal is its strongest element, as seen from the screenshot of his chart. You can read more about Number 1 and the Metal element in my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Click this link to buy the book if you haven’t already done so.

Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character ProfilingTypically, number 1 is like a leader, pen and sword. However, when a Metal element is strong, one can associate with a leader who is demanding, distrustful of others, egotistical, proud, and often micromanaging others. And the possibilities of them getting sabotaged or backstabbed too.

The Five ElementsThis is a contributing factor that James noticed while trying to initiate, but his plans often backfired. His Earth element is weak. This means that James must learn to be empathetic, to trust others, to accept divergent opinions and constructive criticism. And lead others as a leader, and not manage others as a manager. Strengthen the Earth element by improving on the traits associated with it, could defray the influences of the stronger Metal element.

Wait a minute, from the Five Elements principle, “Earth supports or produces Metal.Does that mean that when you reinforce the Earth element, isn’t James’ Metal element even stronger?

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingFrom a “support/produce” macro point of view, the response is yes. However, when profiling a chart, it is important to have a holistic perspective to identify appropriate signs of immediate or short-termed and longer-termed actions and manifestations. Once again, everything revolves around Yin and Yang, harmony and equilibrium of energies, interactions of nature and humans.

This is where the need to examine most current and relevant information, such as periodical charts (Personal Year, Month, Day) and the 9-year cycle code (9Yr-C), comes into play. And the options for actions can be identified from the EFV Flow/Span and Periodic Codes (Annual and Daily). At the end of the day, even if you don’t use these additional charts for profiling, common sense behavioural change is what you need to do.

Beliefs don't make you a better person; Behavior isFor example, if James now knows his Metal element is stronger (rather than being weak from a UCMHP perspective), he must act differently, He must consciously remember to release unnecessary feelings, worries and fears, relax and be free from anxiety. He must learn to trust others, to be more empathetic, and to leave breathing space (psychological safety) for others to provide truthful comments. Over time, these conscious behaviours and thinking could become positive habits.

[James] So for my career, based on the star of knowledge, I got 3 choices. The financial sector is good for me as it’s associated with same metal element. I’ve been very interested in science since I was young, but I was under the impression that the science industry was very slow in its research, and I’m not very tactful in selling. The numerologist supports me because it’s Earth. I usually go for administration because it’s simple for me because I control Wood.

Again, the career and “knowledge star” is based on the UCMHP methodology, which I can’t comment on. The ideal, career- or business-specific industry is founded on the principles of the Five Elements. It is the basic level for identifying suitable industries. However, it is less practical and relevant today due to the infusion of cross-functional fields of employment, and companies expanding into other types of industry, for business resilience, sustainability and continuity. For example, a shipbuilding organisation in the marine industries (e.g., Water element), could venture into the electricity provider, and solar industry (e.g., Fire element), or the construction industry (for example, the Earth element).

Therefore, while the basic theories of the industry suitable and ideal for career or business, is good, you should keep up with today’s business environment.

[James] So strength and weakness from reading my own chart is that I am good at listening which I am proud of, having innovative ideas and some rigid foresight and planning. I think I have a good sense of direction and problem solving skills, but I’m inflexible at times.

These traits are easily associated with the strong Metal element.

[James] Some weakness is tactfulness, communicating well. Discipline in responsibility as I tend to slack off when left to my own, and poor finance control and impulse. My sense of direction can get lost, and same for my foresight and planning.

Loss of DirectionsAgain, the strong Metal element is in focus. The loss of direction is all about the current weak Earth element.

When we set aside the profiling techniques of EON (or even UCMHP and other methods), it is the lack of understanding about the areas of follow-up action. For example, James can work on planning SMART Goals, set milestones, and identify verifiable metrics to ensure he reach his goals diligently. Conversely, he could work on his people skills and emotional intelligence.

[James] That’s what I understood from my observations, from my experience and from what I learned in Dr. Bernard’s class. I do have some ideas on paired numbers, but I am not sure as I learned that from doing more searches online, your articles and books that I managed to borrow.

Profiling is NOT about PON UCMHP LifeQuest Visiber BUT Elements of Numbers EONNumber patterns are good to know, and often worked better in theories, but not practical due to the fixed mindset attitude while profiling. Therefore, it is insane, illogical, irrational, and unethical to claim with confidence a person with certain number patterns in their birth chart, is a confirmed divorcee, mistress, bankruptcy, rapist, and others. This, unfortunately, is an absurd assumption made by external trainers promoting fear-tactics based on human emotions, to compel you to invest in their teachings.

We are human beings, born with emotions and sensory behaviours, and we are able to change our limiting beliefs and habits at any time. We are not encoded in binary (1 or 0, yes or no, right or wrong, positive or negative). We don’t behave or act similarly to the number patterns as shown on our birth chart – for example, when there are patterns denoting signs of mistress, it’s doesn’t mean we’ll be confirmed mistress, or engaged in transgressions and adulterous activities.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONI hope I’ve addressed many of James questions in this lengthy article. In my next Part-3 article, I’ll do an EON profiling on James, based on the EON charts and perspectives, and applied some of the FEN techniques to allow James to understand himself better. And to allow you, especially those who’d attended UCMHP or Clarity Of Numbers (CON?) classes, to know there is an alternative method available.

Meanwhile, you can access the free online FEON Lite tool to discover your basic strengths and weaknesses, using the “Elemental Strengths” option. Work on weak elements, work on missing numbers and work on health symptoms as indicated by the tool.

Happy learning and profiling. Stay Focused. Stay Safe!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun

FEON+ Lite: The free software for Human Behavioural Profiling using the Elements of Numbers EON method. Not for Power of Numbers PON, Universal Characteristics Method of Human Profiling UCMHP, Clarity in Numbers, Science of Numbers LifeQuest, Visiber



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