Restoring One’s Health

Michelle emailed me recently about her friend Peter, who has brain cancer. Peter’s wife was worried and asked if he can have a chance to be normal again. Some time back, Peter was involved in a car accident, and his bones were fractured. Michelle was concerned for Peter as his Personal Year (PY2017) Chart doesn’t “looked good” and his PY2018 chart shows the “Double Effect” signs too.

I told Michelle it was unmanageable for a person to restore his health as he was previously injured in the accident. Furthermore, with the brain cancer he’s currently facing, the chance to be back to normalcy is slim. I then told Michelle to suggest Peter to take more walks through the park, consume less alcoholic drinks and cut down on smoking (if he’s currently a smoker). And to think and act positively.

Michelle then replied with a sad tone, “I still cannot solve Peter’s problem with EON. Can NSQ help? Long time didn’t see your article posting on NSQ.

Foremost, let me set the expectation right, regardless of whether you are trying to apply the PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, or EON/FEN methods, or for that matter, any Feng Shui remedies, it’s impossible to cure a person and restored his health to full normal state, after he has suffered a health condition earlier. Even medical doctors and specialists cannot confidently confirm any health ‘restoration’ after a health symptom has surfaced, and when the person has wounded himself. Here’s an analogy – It’s like the wall has shown cracks, and no matter how much of cement used to patch and hide the gap, the internal wall is already “damaged.” However, unless we remove the entire wall, the best we can do is to monitor the wall and apply regular patching when needed. That stated, human beings are not like the wall, and our brain cannot be replaced, with current medical technology. The most we can do is to encourage the person to progress to a conscious effort to take extreme care of his health, and not to aggravate further to prevent previous health conditions from recurring.

We can use EON/FEN to identify possible tendency signs that might influence Peter in coming months and years. We can apply Feng Shui remedies as Qi activators to harmonise the transient energies, and we can advise Peter to eat healthily and exercise. Beyond that, we need Peter to convince himself that he can live the best by adjusting his mindset and adjusting to the changes positively. Using positive reinforcements can help a person overcome his concerns. For instance, the first graphic banner on my site has the words, “Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.

Let me share a brief analysis on Peter’s EON chart. The Metal element in his chart is strong, especially when the number 5 in location Q exhibits vibes of numbers 1 or 6. His PY2017 chart is suggesting a period of unnecessary worries on his family members and loved ones, towards his career – his ability to work. Next year – and in some instances, he might have already felt the incoming year’s energies – Peter is facing the Double-Effect vibes as seen in his PY2018 chart. And along some days during the months, he might experience Triple-Effect vibes that might affect his health conditions.

From an extended EON perspective, there is an urgent need for Peter to try to cut the excessive vibes from the Metal element. His weakest health symptom, as reflected in the FEON+ software, is Wood. He could try involving in active exercises or taking regular walks around the park gardens, or lives in spaces where there are more greens (like with gardens) or in the countryside with vegetations. In Feng Shui, some professional would advise staying in the East or activate their “Sheng Qi” or “Tien Yi” sector.

While drafting this article, the curiosity in me kicks in, and I started to do an Internet search of anyone else with a similar birth date. Pamela Wright is born in Scotland, on the same date as Peter. She’s a professional golf player. When we correlate the difference between Peter and her, Pamela is exposed to the surrounding of greeneries (Wood element) and her active (Fire element) golfing pursuits. That might, directly or indirectly, reduce the strong Metal vibes. In the Five Elements theory, MetalcutsWood; however, Wood, when strong, could repel Metal. Fire could also exhaust Metal. This means using both Wood and Fire elements to weaken the Metal element. A change of nutrient and diet might come handy too, like eating more leafy and green vegetables.

Identifying all the possible suggestions earlier would not help if Peter does not take an effort to improve his health. There’s little we can do to about his brain cancer – let’s leave it to the professionals, doctors, or surgeons to handle that as they’re the best person to handle his medical conditions. What we hope to do is to focus on positiveness, and the law of attractions, to help manifest the good vibes that Peter needs.

I conducted the 1-day NSQ Profiling workshops some years back. While the NSQ methodology differs from the EON approach, I could combine the EON fundamentals into the NSQ profiling techniques. That is why the NSQ is more than a nine-square chart analysis, as it included the essence of EON/FEN as well. Its advance is similar to how I’d evolve from the basic PON theory (like in pre-school class, learning the 1, 2, 3, and others) to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method (like in Secondary or College class) where you get to learn more practical analysis beyond numbers. If anyone of you is keen on learning the NSQ Profiling, email me early, and I can begin a class when there is sufficient attendance.

Now, let’s concentrate on analysing Peter’s birthdate from NSQ perspectives. From Peter’s NSQ chart, the ‘missing’ numbers include the numbers 3, 5, and 8. The number 3 resides in the Mental plane, which relates to the conceptual and intellectual capabilities. An irony here (which is common between different methods), there are strong Metal Elements (mental and cognitive) from EON perspective, but we need to put the EON chart aside for now, and focus on NSQ. The number 5 is at the crossroads of Emotion and Willpower planes – the ability to balance a person’s emotional stability. The number 8 is at the crossroads of some other planes which reflects how a person can handle the smaller aspect of life.

In NSQ Profiling, it is a straightforward and easy manner to determine the attributes and characteristics in a person by identifying their “Strength and Weakness” where all numbers in the NSQ chart are checked.

The NSQ is a very good complementary method to the EON/FEN Analysis – especially when you’re stuck midwaythrough your profiling analysis and couldn’t figure out the signs – as it provides additional clues to a person’s conscious behaviours. If you attended PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest and other PON-style of courses, the NSQ Profiling is a must-know technique as it can complement your analysis easily. It is more straight and less confusing as all you need to do is to check if a specific number is present on the chart. For example, if Peter has the 1-5-9 numbers in his NSQ birth chart, there is a substantial likelihood that Peter is a very determined and gung-ho person, who can pursue his goals and targets with persistence, enthusiasm, and patience. Yet, since he has no number 5 in his NSQ birth chart, Peter might lack the patience and excitement midway through the process. This implies there is a disruption flow in the strength of his determination aspect, which slowed down his relentless pursuits. And when we combine the EON/FEN principles, Peter might be experiencing the fear/flight symptoms – not wanting or hesitating about taking risks and challenges, fearing about failures more than successes. And these could aggravate and worsen his mental health because of excessive mental worries. Since the numbers 5 and 8 are missing, it further strengthens his emotional sensitivities, meaning a likelihood for Peter to get hurt easily because of his too sensitive nature as he fears taking up the challenge, and worries about the responsibilities to complete his goals.

The analytical steps in NSQ is more straightforward and clear – just find the missing number in the chart and find a replacement (of similar number) quickly to harmonise the energies. That is to say, Peter needs to act on the attributes related to the number 5 to restore his Determination strengths and strive towards reaching his goal in a forward-looking, and focused manner. At the same time, he could as well work on the attributes of number 8 to strengthen his Emotion Plane – to manifest and strengthens the understanding and empathetic nature, and the feelings of compassions and emotional balance.

There is one key area that makes the NSQ Profiling method stands out from the other nine-square chart analysis that you might have heard, read, or experience. That is the “Behavioural Impulse Chart,” a unique chart that’s exclusive to NSQ. I have prepared and formulated the steps to plot the chart while researching on enhancing the NSQ profiling techniques. The “Behavioural Impulse Chart” allows me to find out on a person’s key attributes immediately – like Responsibility, Confidence, and so on – by simply looking at a line-chart diagram. Click here to read past articles on the NSQ Profiling techniques. As the NSQ Profiling is unique and fast, you can use the techniques to check on a person’s behaviours and impulsive at one go, and determine the likely tendencies of a person having certain cumulative traits, anytime.

It’s been a while since I have used NSQ to complement my EON/FEN Analysis. Michelle is observant as I hardly mention it in my recent articles for some time. Coincidentally, that was the period when I had to set aside, conducting any FEN/NSQ class as I have to focus and complete my higher-priority project then.

The chance for you to improve your profiling knowledge is here now. Start by understanding and applying the extended EON/FEN visualisation techniques. Register early.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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