Through the Tinted Glass, the Hidden Numbers reveal a secret…

The human mind is so complex. Sometimes I wonder whether we are living in a multidimensional world. Every decision we make lead us into a different path in another dimension. It’s like the web-like infrastructure of the Internet. Every path is independent, and yet inter-related to the previous path.

Sometimes when we visit a new place in another country, it seems so familiar even though we have not been to there before? Could we have passed by this new place while transitioning from/to another dimension? Could all these happen in our dreams… in our subconscious mind? Could our dreams be easily manipulated by others in the future, like the “Inception” movie?

Everything seems so profound and ‘science-fiction’. Everything seems so ‘Matrix’ like.

Take a deep breath now, and relax…

Let’s all put aside the subconscious theories and leave it to the scientists to explore further. For now, let us consciously look at what we can do without relying on our subconscious mind to give us the power of vision.

In my book Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling, I mentioned the ‘Hidden’ numbers. Like our subconscious mind, it provides some clue to the hidden traits, thoughts, and actions of a person. It also provides some clue to the person’s relationship with their mom and dad. It brings out the ‘hidden traits’ of a person.

Let us look at Michael Jackson’s birth chart, with the hidden numbers displayed.

When MJ was with his father, they are always talking about something, perhaps about his singing.  The hidden number also provided some indications that MJ was a talented person who was good at expressing himself, either through his songs, dances, or music writing. It also denotes duality, feminine, and soft nature. When MJ was with his mother, both of them can be independent; they may take lead/charge or delegate tasks and so on.

Like a tinted glass, we can only observe the external characteristics of a person – the glossy reflected side. What lies beneath the tinted glass is a mystery to us. But once we removed the tinted glass, we see the “hidden numbers” of the person, revealing the internal and subconscious traits of a person.

With EON, you only need to look through the tinted glass of any person without entering into their dreams, to understand their subconscious traits.

Regards, Ron


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