EON Bits on the Lightning Number

One FEN student posted the message, “Anybody knows what is ‘lightning number’? My colleague learned this, and I am curious what the term is about?” on the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group. Soon, there were some replies, “I heard about it too… is it numbers that break the chart in half?” and “is this an example (screenshot of sample chart) of a lightning number chart? What are the characteristics of this chart?

There were subsequent replies like “Actually, most 96 and followed by Root 6 has lightning in that situation” and “96-6-36 is known as a lightning number?

So, the question is, “What is LIGHTNING NUMBER?

Frankly, I don’t really know. As the term is coined by other trainers for students attending their courses, it isn’t possible for me to recognise what the term is all about. Unless someone showed me sample charts and explained where the ‘lightning’ pattern is located.

If you are a student who learned about the lightning number, and posted a search for it on this site (yes, someone searched for the lightning number recently, and some time back), why not take a moment of your time and email me with you sharing some information. The reason you visited this site is because you wanted or hope to gather more info on it. Unless I’m aware of such terminologies or my own set of terminologies associated with certain patterns, I would not know and could not help you either. Can share and email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com? Thanks so much in advance.

Based on the assumptions from the students who participated in the discussion on the lightning number, and the sample charts, I’m still puzzled why these trainers termed it as a lightning number. Is it only when numbers 1 and/or 6 are at the specific locations – arranged like a straight line cutting the charts into two – is then known as lightning numbers? Why “lightning” when the numbers are 1 or 6 (Metal element)? Shouldn’t it be Fire element (numbers 3 or 8) since lightning is about fire flashes? On the other hand, are they associating the “lightning number” with the metal rod, the lightning conductor found in many high-rise apartments, shopping malls, and office buildings.

It doesn’t matter in any case, and unproductive to debate the naming of the lightning number. What’s more important, is to interpret the potential vibes that might happen when certain numbers reside in the specific locations? And there can be either a leftlightning” and a right “lightning” as well. Possibly, that could be the approach the trainers from other methods like to emphasise on – the ability to compete who has the most set of number patterns, and boast they have more than what I’ve taught in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class. There is nothing wrong, but at least the trainer should spend some time to explain more in details, on the positive and negative effects to their students. Otherwise, they’d be let down when they visited this site, and couldn’t find the answers to their searches.

Thankfully, some FEN students have heard about it, and gave some info. Look at the sample screenshots. When both charts are assumed to have the “lightning numbers” pattern, then there’d be different implications in the chart, from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective. And the implications might vary, depending on whether the lightning pattern is on the left or right position.  It could influence the self-beliefs or the perceived thoughts. Either way, while one side could take longer than usual to change and adapt, the other position would face constant challenges that might affect the person’s emotions and mental stability.

I have shared my opinions with students in the FEN COMMUNITY group, and explained the reason why or how either side could impact the person differently. These opinions are based on a practical understanding of the essence of the elements and numbers in the locations, and applying the visualisation technique to associate the locations with the human body structures.

Thinking wild… instead of calling it a lightning number or pattern, I could connect the numbers in the pattern with my favourite comic book super heroes, like:

  1. The Superman number
  2. The Wonder Woman number
  3. The Flash number
  4. The Fantastic Four number
  5. The Thing number
  6. The Thor number
  7. The Aquaman number
  8. The Atom Ant number
  9. The Hulk number

Jokes aside, there’s an underlying reason associating the specific superhero to the individual number. Some of you might notice the connections – and if you do, you are on the right track towards better visualisations. For the rest who’re still puzzled and confused, don’t worry as help (from me) is around. Here’s a more down-to-earth representation:

  1. Spiking number
  2. Twister number
  3. Flaming number
  4. Creeper number
  5. Stonewall number
  6. Hurricane number
  7. Tsunami number
  8. Burnout number
  9. Forest number

Still confused? Come to my class and I’ll explain more. As stated earlier, there are hidden meanings and reasons behind the naming.  If you can correlate them, the influencing effects can be similar to what the terms are. Eventually, your reactions and actions to the influencing vibes would impact your behaviours, thoughts, habits, and feelings. In turn, it could affect your health, wealth, academic, career, and even your perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes.

Go ahead and chase the lightning number if you have to. At the end of the day, always asked yourself what’s next once you have identified the pattern. What else can you see, and how would these sets of patterns affect you? You have paid a considerable sum to go to class, and you deserve the best from the trainer. If you are in my FEN COMMUNITY chat group, then you could get more clues and answers quickly. Else, try chasing for the replies from your trainer…

So, is it a Lightning number or Superman number? Is it a bird, a plane, or just a person’s chart? It doesn’t honestly matter how you address it – getting the underlying facts correct and understanding its implications is significantly important. When you pursue knowledge in a fun, interactive, and experiential way – like what FEN students did – you could easily speed up your understanding and observations, and profile better!

Have a fun time profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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